3-D Tetris Ad Blurbs (Virtual Boy)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box (US):
    The Puzzler with 3-D Blocks and Rotating Planes!

    The mesmerizing force of Tetris returns with virtual style! This thrilling animated puzzler takes dexterity and split-second timing to the extreme with dimensional blocks and challenging planes.

    3-D Tetris propels players at a demanding pace where quick response and strategy rule. Tetris devotees of all levels will crave this latest sensation of brain-teasing fun!

    • Manipulate 3-D blocks as they descend into a well! Eliminate horizontal planes to score points.
    • Customize the challenge with three difficulty settings for players of all ages!
    • Demanding modes of play include: Regular, Center-Fill and Puzzle.
    • Battery-backed, high-score memory saves your progress!

    Contributed by Freeman (45362) on Dec 06, 2004.