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Written by  :  Matthew Broussard (7)
Written on  :  Oct 25, 2004

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Incredible game that was ultimately under-appreciated.

The Good

Fantastic. Not enough people know about it, though. It's really, genuinely fun, simple tennis action with Mario and friends. Not much else to say.

The Bad

Not much to complain about, really.

The Bottom Line

If you ever have a chance to buy an old Virtual Boy, do you yourself a favor and don't think twice about it. The system was shunned by the public because it cause "head-aches", and hurt people's eyes, but really the entire problem was that they weren't reading the precautions that Nintendo included in every manual and IN EVERY GAME: which was that you're SUPPOSED to take a break from playing it every 15 minutes. In fact, that's the standard recommendation for all video game-play, and yet no one listens. Please don't believe the hype --- Virtual Boy was an incredible system, and without a doubt one of the most fun toys (yes, TOYS -- it's all about fun, isn't it) that Nintendo has ever produced. It's a shame that Gunpei Yokoi later left the company because of it's failure. Ah, well. It's all history now. This is a fun game, and if you were a fan of any of the Mario Tennis games for N64, Gameboy Color, and GameCube, chances are good you'll find this pretty decent, too.

I give it a 85/100.