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Volfied Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The short intro
The first level is not so crowded
Blowing up the house
You get an extra life for certain percentages
The second stage, with a battleship firing in the cardinal directions
Now it's only you and I, space battleship thing
That's the biggest hand I've seen in a long while
A clenched fist shooting blindly
Only 24 percent to go...
I ran into the big baddie
Watch out for his deadly beams
Uncomfortably cramped, mostly for him
What a cute bug!
If only it didn't shoot all over the place
High scores

Arcade version

Game starts
Sometimes, You can shoot to enemies
Time to BOOM!
Round 2
Big hands
Snowy terrain
Game in progress
Giant robot ladybug

Atari ST version

Title screen
The short, Arkanoid-style intro
Destroyed by a centipede
Level clear
The area covered gives different kinds of bonuses
Level 2, with a big battleship
Ran into one of the small nasties
82% covered
Level 3 with a giant hand
The hand fires in six directions at once
Giant insects and lots of powerup blocks
Got an extra ship
Another insect-themed level
Closing in
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The introduction sequence
Gameplay on the first level
Slowly filling in space
Avoid the giant fly!
I have 46% of the screen claimed
Be careful of the many creatures wandering about

DOS version

Title Screen
Introduction Sequence
Stage 1
Stage 2
Time Stop - a nice touch
Stage Complete
Time for your bonus
I'm about to explode.
Using the Laser power up.
Seperating the two bosses in level six.
You need to surround these squares to release the power up's
Battling marine forms of life.
With the star power up you can shoot down a boss.
Inside some veins.
And, of course, a huge brain.

FM Towns version

Title screen
First level
I've trapped the poor guy in this one square
Beware of this rotating guy
Almost complete...
Time stop!
The giant blue hand tries to kill me
Bug aliens are determined to annihilate me
That's it! Stage complete!
Careful of that ladybug
Mmm... purple...
I got shot by the pesky little guys
Revolving purple wheel and hard-to-avoid little starlets

Genesis version

Title screen
Game start
Wprking my way around the edges gradually here
Done it - the explosions are my reward
Bonus points
Level 2
Almost finished this
Level 3
Game over

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
The short intro
The first, easy level
Score calculation
The PC Engine version doesn't entirely match the other versions when it comes to levels
The famous bug, known from other Volfied versions
She folds out her wings and fires
A centipede-like enemy
The cricket level, difficult because of the haphazard movement of the enemies
Boss of the first world
A short interlude between worlds
And on to another snakey level