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Voyager I: Sabotage of the Robot Ship Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen (Disk version)
Title screen (Tape version)
Wandering the hallways.
I found an elevator.
Consult the map to see where you are.
An alien attacks!
Hmm, it's a shuttle.
Lots of doors here; which way to go?
Found a generator.
Game over; try again?

DOS version

Waiting while the random game world is procedurally generated
Spawned next to an elevator
Caught unarmed by a guardian robot
...which has rendered me prematurely deceased
Fortunately, it's possible to respawn at a random location
Found a laser rifle - now that's more like it!
Map says I'm on level 3... and here's that robot we met before
Wandering the ship's hallways...
A few laser bursts making short work of a robot
Taking out one of the ship's generators
Level 2 is fully explored - what's next?
Escape shuttles will be found on the very lowest level of the ship
Self-destruct countdown in progress... better get outta here
A messy end for all involved

TRS-80 version

Title / game loading
Game start
Game map starting on level 0
Found a Laser Rifle
Hallways of the Robot ship
One of the many Generators on the ship
Destroying generators to activate the ships self destruct
Mapping level 1
Protection Robot attack!
The Robot kills me!
You can respawn but in a random spot on the ship
The Elevator
Level 0 mapping - Robot two rooms away marked RO
Destroying another protection Robot!
Escape shuttle pod

TRS-80 CoCo version

Intro screen
Game play - wandering the maze
Level map at game start
Generator - several are located throughout the ship
One of the many elevators
Destroying another generator to activate the ships self destruct
Shuttle pod used for escape
Long hallway - the ship has 4 levels of 36 rooms
If you are killed by one of the on board robots you can respawn but in a random location
Laser rifle - handy for when the one you have is low on charge
One of the ship protection robots!
Map level 2 with many hallways
Destroying another protection robot!
Almost all generators destroyed and down to 1 robot left.
Destroyed the last generator.... self destruct activated and I must find a shuttle pod to abandon ship!
Ahhh.... finally a shuttle pod... I'm out of here!
Game over... ship and robots destroyed.