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Sega-16.com (Feb 23, 2009)
Other then that it's skippable, I'm not entirely sure how to give this a fair score, since it's not intended for me. Wacky Worlds a fair title that the ankle biters will take to, but if you are above the age of six and have Revenge of Shinobi skills, then leave this in the back of the bargain bin to sit with the other Sega Club and EA Sports titles. Also, I would give this a seven, but to be honest - and I really hate to give the SNES props over the Genesis (because everyone and their cactus praises the SNES; I try to be different)- but Mario Paint is the one exception to the rule for me when it comes to the age old question of "is this sort of game better on SNES or Genesis/Mega Drive." Mario Paint is more customizable and free-form, while Wacky Worlds is more set in stone, and you can't play around as much. Sega made a valiant attempt but failed. Potential lost, but I suppose it's better to fail and learn then to have never tried at all.