Waku Waku 7 Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Character select
Nice kick
Tesse uses power
Tesse's nurse mode
Clean-up rivals
Tesse's winner-tekst
Arina - next enemy
Long push
Spinning jump
Like in Street Fighter
Electric attack
Power punch
Bonus Kun - fight
Energy attack
Slash starts harahara attack
Slash stunned Tesse
Spinning hit
Flames on Tesse
Painful jumping
Mirror match
Final battle
Om om om om! (he eats Tesse)
End scene
Game Over
Whip attack
Time to slash
Dark power

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Tutorial "How To Play" section.
Choosing a fighter.
Tesse accurately connecting the current 5 non-stop-damaging hits of her Chikuchiku Attack in Slash.
In an attempt to block Rai's projectile-based move Inazuma Cannon, Tesse decides to use her parasol.
Through some attempts, Slash gets to use successfully his 4-hit combo move Slash Dynamic in Marurun.
While Arina runs in direction to Politank Z, the king-size robot performs a flaming-spit offensive.
Politank Z walks in direction to Marurun, that in a defensive attitude, performs his Guruguru Punch.
Now, with part of his energy, Rai is damaged by Dandy J's move High Hissatsu Rope Gouin Teikiatsu...
In an attempt to hit Politank Z during his recovering, Slash performs his ES Attack Slash Barrier...
Arina attempts to hit-damage Dandy J using a Super-Mode-activated Hop Kick, but her strategy fails!
While Marurun counterattacks through his ES Move Body Press, Slash only awaits a moment to block it.
Aiming to hit-stop Rai's kickin' counterattack, Marurun performs his HaraHara attack Miracle Voice.
Demonstration battle: Politank Z uses his defensive pose against Rai's DokiDoki move Gourai Tempest.
Post-match screen.
With Dandy J's approaching attempt, it's time to Tesse strike back with her ES Attack Denshi Kousen!
After taking advantage of Rai's open guard, Arina starts a combo through her ES Move Arina Tornado.
Without more counterattacks in mind, Politank Z and Tesse perform simultaneously their Strong Kicks.
With Marurun's approaching attempt, it's time to Dandy J strike back using some kickin' offensive...
Arina performs accurately her HaraHara Attack "Arina Special" and, with this, gets to defeat Tesse!
Rai striking back Arina through his air-spinning-based WakuWaku Attack Dai Kaiten High Jump Touge...
Suddenly, Rai's approaching attempt is hit-frustrated accurately by Slash's "Super Mode" activation.
Arina's ES Move "Arina Beam" versus Dandy J's HaraHara Attack Tai Shoumetsu Ryuushi Kasoku Ken...
Dandy J begins his fight against Politank Z performing his ES Attack Kyou Ijin Karada Hatsu Hi Ken.
To beat Marurun, Tesse takes advantage of a last resource... her HaraHara Attack Chou Denshi Eraser!
Marurun getting to knock-out Arina through four massive hits of his move Bunbun Copter (ES Mode)...
Could Politank Z's HaraHara Attack Bikkuri Dokkiri Dan be stopped by Slash's ES Move "Slash Shot"???
Slash uses accurately his sliding move and avoids Dandy J's DokiDoki attack Dai Youryou Seiden Ken.
Unfortunately, Dandy J's was hit-stopped by Bonus Kun's DokiDoki move Chou Arata Netsu Dai Sharin...
Politank Z's offensive maneuver is suddenly grab-stopped by Makaitaitei Fernandeath's tongue move...

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