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That's a bit of water you've there Wallace.
Gromit guards the house and Mrs. Flitt argues with Mr. McBiscuit
Nice floodlight.
Each of these could be real.
Wallace has to take a side in the fight between Mr. Dibbins and Major Crum.
Wallace's To-Do-List.
Finally holiday restort in the basement is finished.
To entertain the guests: The Punch & Judy Show.
Mr. McBiscuit doesn't like sand castles.
Change the ambient music in the basement.
Three more to go...
Gromit doesn't like to make the supper.
That's one angry dog.
Mr. Dibbins has a big dog problem.
Wallace likes his candy.
Wallace even remembered to include a water slide.
Mr. McBiscuit really loves the water slide.
Major Crum re-enacting a famous battle I've never heard of.
All visitors rallied for some food.
Mr. McBiscuit has been thumbed and buried!
This machine will solve the mystery behind Mr. McBiscuits attacker.
Mr. Dibbins asks the important questions while the attendees watch in fear.
Dress the dogs.
Gromit also likes some candy.
It's pouring outside.
Mr. Dibbins questions Mr. Paneer about the situation.
Major Crum saw who did it.
The identikit picture of the supposed criminals.
The show-dogs taunt Gromit.
Give Mr. Dibbins a hint.
Rain, everywhere rain.
Gromit has found the perfect disguise.
The first of three key parts of the mysteries has been solved.
Everything is going down the drain - literally.
Gromit trying to save Wallace.
Wallace tries to stop Gromit from doing the right thing.
The day is saved.
The criminals are finally behind bars.
Gromit finally finds the time to rest.