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Warlords II Deluxe Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen got replaced with animated intro...
If it's going to make you wait, it has at least the good grace to be polite about it.
...apparently made using Terragen
Configuring the game for your system.
Where are the scenarios?
Main menu
Starting one scenario among... a great many!
Scenario options
Setting up the computer opponents.
The game begins, but not yet for me.
There you go, now I'm geing called in.
What a way to get things started!
City activity menu
Hero explorations of ruins can yield units.
Also they can find magical artifacts.
The newfound units are about to take on a neutral village.
Setting up the combat...
It was a bit of a lopsided match-up, to be sure.
Conquest options
City menu
Changing what the local specialties are.
Out of movement points, but remembering where he's going for next turn.
Reading the small print on a signpost.
Hero inventory and item effects
Keeping tabs on how you're keeping up with the Joneses.
My hero lies slain in ruins too dangerous for her to survive. Her objects rest there to be claimed by some other.
A unit takes to the sea!
Sitting back and watching computer opponents duke it out during their turns.
We're starting to be able to build blue-chip unit types!
The battles get larger and more involved.
Expanding the contents of a passing unit stack.
Eliminating a rival by taking his last city.
A unit is enhanced through success!
More long-term analysis
Decisions, decisions
I'll let them off easy, this time.
Options for starting a game with randomly-generated map.

Official Screenshots

  • Warlords II Deluxe Screenshot
    SSG website, 1997
    New 256 colour SVGA graphics for all scenarios
  • Warlords II Deluxe Screenshot
    SSG website, 1997
    Warlords II Scenario Builder
  • Warlords II Deluxe Screenshot
    SSG website, 1997
    Different Army and City Sets
  • Warlords II Deluxe Screenshot
    SSG website, 1997
    New Underground Scenarios and Terrain Types
  • Warlords II Deluxe Screenshot
    SSG website, 1997
    New Fractal Rendered Strategy Maps