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The Video Game Critic (Sep 27, 2006)
While certainly shallow, Waterworld's gameplay somewhat reminded me of Defender. The graphics are sharp, although they do become choppy in later stages. The beautiful but desolate musical score perfectly matches the original soundtrack of the film. Perhaps the game's most glaring flaw is its single difficulty level. It's not as challenging as one would like, so the games tend to run a bit long. That's not good for a system that advises you to "rest" your eyes every fifteen minutes! Overall I had a pretty good time playing this. Like the movie, Waterworld is no classic but if you're in the mood for some action it delivers the goods.
GamePro (US) (May, 1996)
A bad film makes for an even worse game is this boring shooter. Waterworld is a Virtual Boy's wet nightmare.
Defunct Games (Mar 19, 2005)
It's pretty funny to see "mild animated violence" on the box when all you see when the sharks eat an Atoller is a scull rising up as the shark disappears. I don't dislike this game like a lot of people do, it's a nice try at this genre, it's just too average. I had lots more fun watching the movie, which most consider a flop too.
Retro Game Reviews (Dec 29, 2015)
Waterworld has outdated gameplay mechanics, many technical issues, barely any features and it doesn't cater to the system whatsoever. It has the stench of an early tech demo that was rushed to release and after a few minutes you'll be ready to move onto something with more substance.
Levels all look the same with the exception of a few additional dangers to make it more difficult (a shark will appear after a few levels, for example). There are no additional objectives or missions to complete, zero power-ups or ship upgrades, you can't fight boss characters, it never feels like you're traveling over water, and the 3D effect is non-existent. It is precisely titles like this that make gamers shudder whenever they hear the words "movie-licensed game."
Nintendo Life (Jun 22, 2009)
There’s not necessarily anything wrong with having to do the same thing over and over in a game (works a treat for puzzle games) but when it’s this dull, the game will be lucky to hold your attention for the duration of your first play through. With severely flawed visuals it can’t even gain points for impressing technically. Waterworld is one of the more expensive Virtual Boy games to pick up these days, but it’s still affordable meaning some people may be tempted to give it a try. Don’t.