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Weird Park: Broken Tune Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title / main menu
Intro Clown performing
Falling to his death
Fairy Gate Park entrance – game start
Missing poster of the person we are hoping to find
Park entrance booth - objects
Rummaging through a car you think you see the clown in mirror
Front area of Fairy Gate Park
Fountain - objects
Another quick glimpse then he vanishes
Ferris wheel puzzle
Ferris wheel - objects
The evil little joker is trying to pull something away
Clock hands puzzle
Merry-go-round - objects
Found Flatter’s license (the reporter)
Shooting gallery puzzle
Hand cart - objects
Another glimpse of the clown in Pharaoh’s Treasure
Roller coaster ride
Fairy Gate Park managers office
Finding and putting the Broken Tune record together
Maintenance room – objects (too many wrong clicks)
Inside Pharaoh’s Treasure exhibit
Pharaoh’s Treasure – objects
Pharaoh’s Treasure floor puzzle
Spirit room
Ouija board
Found Flatter’s the reporter
Portal appears
Salvador Dali inspired clown portal dimension
Very weird dimension