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  • In the particle vortex cannon's description, there is a little quote; "eat electric death, alien scum!". This is clearly a reference to Tempest 2000, which contains the same line.
  • One of the artifacts you can find is the Golden Canister, which contains a golden disk called the Voyager Golden Record. The description says: "The significance of this important find is obvious. The golden disk contains startling information and songs from a distant Earth, yet your only thoughts are that you wish they had sent more Chuck Berry!" This in an obvious reference to the famous Saturday Night Live segment, in which Steve Martin portrays a psychic named Cocuwa, who predicts that the cover of Time Magazine for the upcoming week will show the message "Send more Chuck Berry," which had supposedly been sent from aliens to Earth the week before.

Contributed by mulayim (111) on May 30, 2006. [revised by : mulayim (111)]. -- edit trivia