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West Phaser Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Pick your character
Setting out on Quantrill's trail
A game of cards... and the bullets start flying
That guy at the end of the bar just perked up - I wonder why
Get that ugly bird for an ammo bonus!
Wanted: the charming Belle Starr
Sombrero guy takes a nap in the oppressive heat. Suspiciously absent: buzzing flies
The shoot-out starts
Outlaw executes a manly leap from his, baby carriage
Died with my boots on
High scores

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen (original version)
Title screen (re-release)
Monitor selection screen
Choose a character for each player - up to 6
Wanted: Billy the Kid
Prepare for the bank scene
Get that thief!
This fellow looks welcoming indeed
Don't shoot the little girl!
Jesse James offers a double greeting
Earned my first Sheriff's badge
We meet at last, Apache Kid
Boot Hill awaits
High scores

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
Pick your gunslingers...
...and set out for bounty!
Nail that sneaky little bandit on the balcony for bonuses
Too close for comfort
Jesse James exhibits adverse reactions to lead poisoning
...and somehow survives long enough to get locked up
Knocked this guy right out of his boots
Another one bites the dust
The desert stage: one of the tougher fights
Not about to pass me the peace pipe
This cactus is acting awfully *mobile* for a plant
The mines. You do not want to shoot those TNT crates
Hey, watch where you wave that thing
Game over
High scores

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Input selection (EGA)
Playing as Doc Holliday (EGA)
...and going after Quantrill (EGA)
Fighting breaks out at the saloon (EGA)
Shoot that sneaky thief for bonuses (EGA)
Outta my personal space, clown-pants (EGA)
Jesse James takes one in the chest (EGA)
Success! (EGA)
Outside the bank (EGA)
Knocked a cowboy off his horse (EGA)
Big Nose goes down! (EGA)
...but so did I (EGA)
High scores (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Heading out to New Mexico (CGA)
The wild wild West, where hard cash sprouts wings (CGA)
Shoot the dancing lady for some entertainment (CGA)
Going on up to the spirit in the sky... (CGA)