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Dreamcast 11 3.4
Nintendo 64 11 3.8
Windows 11 3.5
Combined User Score 33 3.6

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Nintendo 64GameSpot (Jun 11, 1998)
Wetrix offers hours of engaging play, with a frustration level that falls just short of being annoying and more in the range of inspiring you to continue until you've accomplished what you want to. The title offers an amazing amount of competitive challenge, but a four-player mode would potentially add hours of group play in either co-op mode, team battles, tournaments, or two on two. The only things it's perhaps lacking when compared to its N64 puzzle brother Tetrisphere are some graphical sheen and overall depth, though it's still of course a great game that really stands on its own. Perhaps we'll see all of this should there eventually be a Wetrix 2.
DreamcastIGN (Jan 10, 2000)
As the first Dreamcast game to start off the century, Wetrix+ is, unfortunately, one of the most underhyped. Hopefully, the word will get out about just how good the game is. Anyone looking for a fun puzzle-based diversion ought to look into Wetrix+.
Nintendo 64IGN (Jun 15, 1998)
Wetrix is another hiqh quality puzzle game that can proudly stand next to its N64 competition, Tetrisphere and Bust-A-Move. The camera and control problems and the slightly flawed multiplayer mode knock it down in our final rating, but if you're looking for another game that you can just pop in and play anytime, this is it. Wetrix is an addictive waste of time for one player and shows that there is still room for innovation and originality in the puzzle genre. Couple that with its low sales price and you've got another Infogrames/Ocean classic and a splashing debut for British developer Zed Two. Buy it, but don't expect to immediately like it. It takes time.
Nintendo 64Video Games (May, 1998)
Blut und Wasser habe ich geschwitzt, bis ich endlich meine ersten 100.000 Punkte beisammen hatte. Wetrix verschenkt Erfolge im Spiel nicht einfach - ob dies ein Vor- oder Nachteil ist, entscheidet allein die Frustbeständigkeit des Spielers. Sobald man sich aber warm gespielt hat, geht die Wasserschlacht recht flüssig von der Hand. Der einzige größere Wermutstropfen, der mir aufgefallen ist, ist die immer etwas ungenaue Plazierung der Bausteine. Ihr dürft die Ansicht zwar in drei Stufen zoomen und drehen und könnt Euch am Schatten der orientieren, kleine Pannen passieren aber immer wieder. Schnell ist der „Graben“ voll und Euer Spiel gelaufen. Mit einiger Übung umschifft Ihr aber auch diese Klippe und erfreut Euch an den Punktefluten auf Eurem Konto. Wetrix ist eines der Spiele, die sich perfekt für „den kleinen Hunger zwischendurch“ eignen. Einen ganzen Regentag mit Wetrix allein zu verbringen, dürfte dagegen etwas eintönig sein.
Nintendo 64Game Informer Magazine (Oct, 2005)
Regardless, once you get the hang of things, Wetrix is hard to resist. With simple goals and short games, it's easy to play a dozen games in one sitting. It may not be a truly timeless puzzler, but it's close.
Nintendo 64Mega Fun (Jul, 1998)
Daß es kein langweiliges Tetris gibt, ist wohl klar. Das trifft auch auf Wetrix zu. Im Gegenteil: Wetrix bietet zur Abwechslung gegenüber allen anderen Tetris-Clones endlich mal was neues. Durch die verscheidenen, teilweise ziemlich gemeinen Bausteine wird die Wassersammelei nie langweilig. Das wirkt sich natürlich auch auf den Schwierigkeitsgrad aus: Gerade in den späteren Levels steigt dieser bedeutend, da immer schwieriger zu plazierende Teile Eure ganze Aufmerksamkeit fordern. Von der technischen Seite her erwartet uns allerdings nur Mittelmaß. Die isometrische Grafik bietet nichts herausragendes, auch die Musik gehört eher in den Bereich „Standarddudelei“. Doch auf den Spielspaß hat das keinen Einfluß. Mein Fazit: Kurzweilig und als Pausenfüller ein absolutes Muß!
DreamcastNowGamer (Dec 31, 1999)
A great game that puzzle fans should own. However, if you have the original then there’s little here to warrant your consideration.
Nintendo 64Game industry News (GiN) (Dec 02, 1998)
The bottom line is that the better you become at Wetrix, the more you'll smile. The more you smile, the more you'll want to play. The more you play the more addicted you will become. Before you know it all your other games will be collecting dust least for a little while. Despite it's plain backgrounds and pascal colors, overall Wetrix is a great game for anyone who loves a good mental challenge. I give this game 4 out of 5 GiN Gems.
Nintendo 64GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Even with these annoyances, Wetrix works. It might not click with every puzzle fan at first; but after a few hours, the addiction?s pretty potent, and Wetrix starts to show itself as more than a mere digital water demo. If Tetrisphere didn?t float your boat, catch the next wave with Wetrix.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide (2007)
There's nothing terribly special about the presentation of Wetrix, it's a title that relies solely upon its gameplay, and it's obvious from the start that ZedTwo knew exactly what they were doing in this department. A plethora of interesting and enjoyable play modes are provided, but it's the sheer simplicity and great design of the Classic mode that will keep players firmly entrenched in front of their television sets in search of that elusive high score.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast (Jan 20, 2000)
Wetrix+ is about everything you'd want from a puzzle game. It's a great diversion, easy to learn but hard to master, and has a bunch of different modes to suit your skill level or mood. Plus, the multiplayer is actually pretty fun. If you're looking for something besides another fighting or racing game, give Wetrix+ a try, dam-it.
Nintendo 64Nintendojo (Jun 12, 1998)
Another solid effort by Ocean. It's tough to go up against Tetrisphere but Ocean managed to do quite a nice job of dealing with the puzzle concept. Great work.
Nintendo 64Gaming Age (Sep 19, 2004)
So to finish up, Wetrix is quite a unique puzzle game with excellent and addictive gameplay elements that are sure to get people hooked for hours. However, hard core fans would be very quick to point out that the important details have been left out, which will easily turn off most puzzle enthusiasts. Otherwise, mainstream gamers will probably like it.
Nintendo 64X64 (Jun, 1998)
Un peu plus de piquant et le jeu aurait été parfait !
Nintendo 64Gamezilla (1998)
All in all, this is a decent puzzle game. It may be a bit too complicated for some puzzle fans (like my girlfriend). Don't get me wrong. If you want to spend the time to get to understand the concepts and ideas, anybody can get the hang of it. The question is will you want to spend that time? It was nice to see somebody come up with an original game idea for a change so the developers should be commended for this. Personally, I would rent this game for the weekend and try it out first. That is the beauty of a puzzle game. If you like it and go buy it, you won't lose anything from when you rented it because the game always starts from the beginning if you lose.
WindowsIGN (Jan 25, 1999)
For all its presentation drawbacks, Wetrix is still a brilliant puzzle game that is sure to keep anyone who's willing to learn how to play busy for hours. If you've been waiting for something a little bit different to keep you challenged, this is the game for you.
WindowsGame Over Online (Sep 12, 1998)
This game is really one of a kind and is also pretty fun when you understand how to play. You don't see games like this come often so its definitely worth a try. I'll be playing this game for weeks because of how challenging it is and when the Multiplayer patch comes out it will be even more fun. You might not like puzzle games but this is really fun, it's not too hard to understand HOW to play, but it is challenging when actually going in Wetrix Classic or Pro mode. It should only take you a short time to actually understand it fully and to make it to at least level 2.
With a key mix of originality, a challenging (almost hair-raising, literally) puzzle, some down to earth gaming entertainment, and a hint of addictiveness makes Wetrix a rather enjoyable title. The only thing to point out is that you really need to take the time to let Wetrix grow on you at first. I must reiterate this statement again as I'm trying to throw caution into the wind: before you decide to buy this game, please check out the demo first.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Land (2003)
With a little bit more spit'n polish to the way this plays, Wetrix might become much more than it is now. And it would be ever so nice to see that happen, as developers Zed Two have pulled off the admirable task of dreaming up something really rather original. As it stands, though, it's tricky to whole-heartedly recommend Wetrix to just anyone. There are better puzzle games out there, that offer more absorbing and addicitve bouts of rapid, simple fun. Wetrix aims for a different kind of puzzling experience, and does it's thing quite well, but it can't match up against the compulsive thrills of quick thinking that most other succesful Tetris-alikes give. It's not for everyone, and not an essential must buy, but if you -really- dig novelty value (or puzzlers in general), or if you can pick this up cheap, Wetrix is quite worth a look.
Nintendo 6464 Power / big.N / N Games (Jun, 1998)
Wetrix wäre vielleicht ein Mega-Hit, wenn es nicht so verdammt schwierig wäre! So macht es nur zum Teil Spaß und frustet nur. Selbst meine Freundin, die ein großer Fan von Puzzle-Games ist, hat nach drei Anläufen wütend die Cartridge aus dem Schacht gerissen. Schade, daß der Schwierigkeitsgrad so unausbalanciert ist...
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany) (Apr, 1998)
Grundsätzlich ist Wetrix ein gelungenes Game mit vielen schönen Spiegel- und Transparenzeffekten. Auch das dreimdimensionale Darstellungsvermögen des N64 wird gut ausgenutzt. Durch die vielen verschiedenen Modi (von denen die wenigsten echten Spaß bieten) und ihre Variationen entsteht bei Wetrix jedoch der Eindruck eines etwas unausgegorenen Spielprinzips. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt leider viel zu schnell an und sorgt daher bei Anfängern schnell für Frustration. Wenn Ihr allerdings Puzzlespiel-Fans seid und auf extrem hart zu knackende Nüsse steht, liegt Ihr mit diesem Game absolut richtig.
Nintendo 64Consoles Plus (Jul, 1998)
Encore un dérivé de Tetris. Certains s'amuseront, d'autres pas du tout.
75 (May 16, 2000)
Voilà enfin une alternative aux jeux d’arcade et d’actions pour cette bonne Dreamcast, qui ne s’empêche toutefois pas de délivrer une nouvelle fois quelques atours de sa grande technique, au service d’un casse-briques / stratégie vraiment original et prenant.
DreamcastDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Jan 03, 2006)
Many puzzle games can, with enough time, be played on autopilot - the phrase "in the zone" can apply to Tetris or Mr. Driller. But Wetrix+ is different. It's hardcore. It's intense. Even the slightest of mistakes will result in a leak that will very quickly lead to "game over." For those willing to make the effort, Wetrix+ can lead to fun flood of Biblical proportions. Recommended for hardcore puzzle fans.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Power Magazine (Aug, 1998)
This is perhaps the most interesting puzzle game on the N64. Less abstract than Tetrisphere, Wetrix is equally hard to turn off. An original concept that works well, but stop with all the bombs!
Nintendo 64Just Games Retro (Jun 01, 2014)
Overall, Wetrix isn’t a must-have game that your N64 collection would be truly incomplete without, but it is a well-done puzzle game with a pretty unique concept, that makes for a pretty good time-waster. To use one of my favorite analogies, Wetrix is a lot like a Fig Newton. It’s not going to get you entirely full, and it’s not an explosion of bold flavor, but it’s tasty and never disappoints.
DreamcastPower Unlimited (Aug, 2000)
Wetrix is op die vreemde aardbevingen na best een leuk en verslavend spel. In de budget zou ik hem zeker kopen.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Sep 01, 1998)
Wel, verslavend is Wetrix ook niet echt. Leuk voor een tijdje, maar na enkele dagen hield ik het toch voor bekeken. Wetrix was dan ook een stille dood gestorven, ware het niet dat mijn collega's op de redactie er een erezaak van maakten om mijn topscore keer op keer te verpulveren. En vanaf dat moment barstte de hel los.
WindowsGameSpot (Feb 12, 1999)
The frantic quality of Wetrix has its charm, though, and the game is fun. The water graphics look great, the sound is good (with a booming voice telling you how many lakes you have, which is even more fun if you set French or German as the language). The overall effect is a bit like playing Tetris when your blocks are illogically stacked and you're nearing the top - it's immensely frustrating, but equally satisfying when you succeed.
DreamcastVideo Games (Apr, 2000)
Was geht ab? Anfangs dachte ich noch, was für ein lahmes Game da auf mich zukommt – nach einigen Runden, wenn man dann mal ein paar Strategien checkt und relativ weit kommt, wird’s aber ganz schon funny – und endlos hektisch! Was mich am ansonsten ganz netten Gameplay allerdings wahnsinnig gestört hat, ist die oft herrschende Unübersichtlichkeit. Dadurch, dass ihr das Iso-Spielfeld nicht drehen könnt, ist die Sicht nach hinten oft durch einige Gebirge versperrt und ihr könnt nur erahnen, wo ihr aufbauen bzw. einstampfen müsst. Auch die eingeblendeten Schriften, wenn ihr Boni erhaltet oder ein Ereignis (Erdbeben, etc.) angekündigt wird, verwirren sekundenlang. Trotzdem, ein nettes Game das zwar nicht annähernd Classic-Qualitäten besitzt, Genre-Liebhabern aber doch einige Zeit Freude bereiten wird.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy (Sep 30, 1998)
Overall, I'd recommend renting Wetrix to see if it's your cup of tea. If you like it, then there are enough play options to keep you playing for weeks. However, if it's not your bag, then you'll grow bored quickly. Caveat emptor.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Dec 31, 1998)
I wish there were more games like this coming out: cute, simple, easy to understand, yet challenging to conquer. The variations in strategies seem almost endless here. Who needs all of the audio/visual bells-and-whistles when you have a creative game idea and fun execution? Despite its obvious limitations, I would rank Wetrix right up with Magnet Interactive’s Icebreaker and SegaSoft’s Lose Your Marbles as among the top recently-released action-puzzle games around. Why not dive in and get your feet wet?
DreamcastGameSpot (Feb 07, 2000)
If it weren't for that silly earthquake thing, Wetrix+ could have been a great puzzle game. It has different modes, including multiplayer options, and all the bells and whistles you could ever want in a puzzle game. But the earthquake really prevents the game from reaching its full potential. Still, considering the Dreamcast's lack of domestic puzzle games, Wetrix+ fills a gap, and puzzle fans should at least check it out.
DreamcastConsoles Plus (Aug, 2000)
Ce jeu est vraiment difficile et ne propose aucun véritable challenge : l'eau tombe sans aucun répit, et la surface de jeu est beaucoup trop étroite pour créer le nombre de puits adéquat. De plus, alors que dans Tetris ou Mario Picross, il y a un objectif à atteindre, ici, il n'y a rien.
WindowsPC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
In practice, it all seems rather pointless and far too contrived to be truly entertaining. It holds your attention well enough while you're playing, but the moment you stop, there's little to no incentive to return to it. Unlike Puzzle Bobble you won't be coming back to this one in a hurry. Basically, Wetrix is just staggeringly ordinary. Colourful and flashy on the surface, certainly. Just empty of any meaning. Well, if you play it you'll see exactly what I mean.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Feb 05, 1999)
If Wetrix doesn't grab your attention from the start, it won't probably grab it at all. Sure, it has a few sporadic moments of entertainment, but for the most part it's a deluge of frustration and a drought of fun.