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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The introduction
Starting your search in Russia
Interrogate witnesses
Choose the next location to fly to
Hmm, you seem to be on the right track!
Use the computer to keep track of clues
The suspect has been found!
Winter time at the Acme Agency.
Please log in.
The hall of fame.
The detective roster.
Where to next?
Another V.I.L.E. thug!
Big Ben in London.
Now your down under in Aussie.
The chase moves to Egypt.
Haul the crook away to jail!
In jail!
Carmen's file.
Nick Brunch's file.
Ihor's file.
These V.I.L.E. guys keep popping up...
Watch out! He's got a gun!

Amstrad CPC version

Company title screen
Your employers
The chase will begin
More of the characters
Title screen
Game start
Going to Greece
Historical-looking setting
Bangkok now
Possible clue buildings in Bankok
Intersting locations in Rio
Historical background
Possible combinations
And some more

Apple IIgs version

Title screen.
Carmen's gang has pulled another caper!
Log in.
The ACME Detective Roster.
Starting the case in Buenos Aires.
Which place to go to look for clues?
A V. I. L. E. henchman!
ACME Crime Lab computer.
Choose where in the world to go next.
Getting info.
Caught the crook!
The crook is in jail!
Clicked on the show connections button to see where I can travel to from my current location.
Carmen Sandiego's dossier.
Nick Brunch's dossier.
The ACME Hall of Fame - reserved for detectives who have managed to catch Carmen.

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Brøderbund presents...
A.C.M.E. (S.R.B.I.) office...
Introduce yourself...
Starting investigation in Singapour...
Tennisman comments...
Flying to Paris...Map view...
Eiffel Tower in Paris...
Computer Analyzer..
Carmen's file...
The list of V.I.L.E. members...
Véronique Edavina's file...
Suspect was spotted in Budapest...
Guide's comment...
Suspect stole something in Kigali and he(she) was spotted...
Suspect tries to defend himself in Baghdad...
Suspect was arrested...
Suspect is guilty and you've got a promotion...
Table of Detectives
Hall of Fame...

DOS version

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
The Acme Dectective Agency.
Signing in.
The crime lab.
Carmen Sandiego's file.
Ihor's file.
Mexico City
Look out! He's got a gun!
There he goes!
Got him!
The crook is now in the slammer!
Where do you go in town?
Port Moresby
Lima, Peru.
Moscow - the capital of the SOVIET UNION. (1991 version of the game)
Moscow - the capital of RUSSIA. (1993 updated version of the game)
Broderbund Software Presents... (EGA/TANDY)
Carmen's gang has pulled another caper! (EGA/TANDY)
Title screen. (EGA/TANDY)
Sign in. (EGA/TANDY)
Select which building to visit. (EGA/TANDY)
A V. I. L. E. Henchman! (EGA/TANDY)
Carmen's file. (EGA/TANDY)
Bangkok. (EGA/TANDY)
Moroni. (EGA/TANDY)
India. (EGA/TANDY)
New York City. (EGA/TANDY)
Sydney. (EGA/TANDY)

Genesis version

"Log in"
Starting the investigation
World map
Sri Lanka
Talking to a bank official and getting clues
...including Carmen herself
It WAS Soviet Union...
Warrant data
The urchin in Thailand doesn't know much
The Great Wall
Rio de Janeiro
The Acropolis in Athens
Some less known cities...
Now, where might THIS be?.. :)~
Oops. The investigation took too long...

Macintosh version

Title sequence.
Carmen's gang has pulled another caper!
Sign in.
Starting a case in Turkey.
A V. I. L. E. henchman!
Crime lab.
World map.
Getting some clues.
Ihor's file.

SNES version

Title screen
Carmen's gang has struck. It's up to you to stop them.
Select language
Identify yourself
Get your case info from ACME HQ
Your starting city
A list of dossiers
Places in the city to investigate
Interrogating a witness
Travel to other cities after the suspect
Once you know who your after, issue a warrant so when you catch up to them you can arrest them.
The suspect is apprehended. Good job!

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
You start in Oslo
Okay, now that's a clue!...
Airport menu. It's basically "choose the right answer of four"
Arriving at Tokyo
Looking at suspects...
Alright... and how exactly does this help me?
Every city contains a brief educational description
They've sent an assassin to Bangkok!
The trail leads to Baghdad...
There are some lesser-known places
Bamako, the only city in Mali
Why would you go to Sports Club, of all places, in Moscow?..
Welcome to the Big Apple!
No clues in China...
Talking to a palace guard in Istanbul
What? There is a library here?..
Those are the only places to visit in London?..
Cute lion :)