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Whiplash Credits

49 people

Gremlin Interactive

ProducerMark Glossop
ProgrammingGraham Stone, Damian Hibbard
Lead ArtistDamon Godley
ArtistKevin Crossley
Game DesignAdrian Carless (& The Fatal Crew)
3D Texture Map RoutinesLaurent Noel
Creative DesignLes Spink
Music and SFXNeil Biggin
SFXPat Phelan
Production AssistantsMick Sheehan, Tony Wills
Quality AssuranceRob Millington, Mick Sheehan, Tony Wills, Lee Campbell, Sim Furniss, Tony Howe, Carl Bilby
DocumentationMartin Calpin, Adrian Carless, Malchick Nostra, Graham Stone


Creative ManagementPat Phelan
Track DesignKevin Crossley
Original ProgrammingGraham Stone, Timothy Randall, Steve Camber

Spanish Localization

Spanish translationRandall Mage

Interplay Productions

Executive ProducerAlan Pavlish
Director of Action/Arcade DivisionMark Nausha
ProducerRobert Pardo
Announcer VoiceLarry Huffman
Voice MasteringChris Borders, Craig Duman
Intro Music and SFXGregory R. Allen
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Assistant Director of QAJim Boone
Administrative AssistantDavid L. Simon
Lead TesterDarrell Jones
TestersChad Allison, Henry Kahng, Christian D. Peak, Frank Pimentel
Compatibility CoordinatorJohn Werner
Marketing ManagerGraig Owens
Compatibility TechniciansAaron Meyers, Aaron Olaiz (as Aaron Oliaz), Dan Forsyth, Derek Gibbs, Jack Parker, Marc Duran
Tech. CoordinatorDarren L. Monahan
I.S. TechniciansJohn McGinley, Bill Delk
Graphic DesignSalma Asadi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Randall Mage (120), Benjamin Tucker (297) and Freeman (65174)