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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 7 3.1
Apple II Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 6 3.0
DOS 14 2.6
Combined User Score 27 2.8

Critic Reviews

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Commodore 64Games Preview (Jan, 1989)
Roger og alle de andre figurer fra filmen ligner sig selv, og grafikken ligger i det hele taget forbavsende tæt op ad Amiga-versionens. Musikken er en anden vigtig del af spillets atmosfære. Det er netop denne tekniske kvalitet, og så den spændende atmosfære, som spillet overlever på.
Meine abschließende Bewertung: Die Weisheit, daß viele Köche den Brei verderben, hat sich im vorliegenden Fall gottseidank nicht bewahrheitet. Ganz im Gegenteil: Das Spiel wirkt technisch wie spielerisch durchdacht und ausgereift. Es steckt voller Feinheiten, und - was wohl das Wichtigste ist - es ist gelungen, die wesentlichen Elemente des Trickfilms auch auf dem Computer hervorragend rüberzubringen. Daß dies keineswegs selbstverständlich ist, zeigt uns nicht nur das Beispiel Mickey Mouse, das ich hier stellvertretend für eine ganze Reihe ähnlich enttäuschender Trickfilmumsetzungen nennen möchte. Spiel, Spaß, Spannung - wann findet man das schon mal alles zusammen in einem Programm? ROGER RABBIT - grab it!
AmigaGames Preview (Jan, 1989)
Her er grafikken naturligvis endnu mere detaljeret og tegnefilmsagtig, end den er på 64'eren, men hvis man tager Amigaens større potentiale i betragtning (og det gør vi!), så er det trods alt ikke så revolutionerende endda. Men sjovt, og atmosfærisk!
AmigaAmiga Computing (Jan, 1989)
THE No 1 film this Christmas is making a bid to be the top selling game in the New Year. Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the movie, uses traditional and computer effects to produce an amazing film. If you have not seen it you should. And it might be best to stop reading this review because it will give away some of the plot.
AmigaCommodore User (Mar, 1989)
Would you spend twenty-five quid on a piece of software if it offered you three short games in return for hours of disk swapping? Well to quote the eponymous hero of Touchstone’s film "Only if it was funnyyy!!!" Of course it is not. It is very annoying. Expectations were riding high after I had seen the film, which (getting a bit pseudy for a moment) is a watershed in animation. These were tempered though, by the knowledge, born of years of disappointment, that software is rarely funny. Buena Vista’s game is now on release in the UK (as opposed to half a dozen imports immediately snapped up by greedy journos) but before you rush out in a toon-inspired frenzy check this. Roger Rabbit is a major disappointment. Whilst it delivers everything it claims in terms of "outrageous graphics and animation", someone has, as usual, forgotten to put in the gameplay.
AmigaST/Amiga Format (Feb, 1989)
Buena Vista is a subsidiary of Walt Disney and the superb graphics reflect the high-standard you'd expect from them. Joystick controls are likely to take a lot of mastering and with only three levels you could find that the addictive factor doesn't stand too much battering. The game strongly resembles the film so it'll be as well received.
What's there is good, and is bound to appeal to fans of the film, but in the end I was left with the distinct impression that Buena haven't fully capitalised on this golden opportunity. With the addition of a few more levels of the same quality, Roger Rabbit could have been transformed from a good game to a brilliant one.
Commodore 6464'er (May, 1989)
Die Idee zu „Who framed Roger Rabbit?“ klingt wesentlich besser als ihre tatsächliche Realisierung. In den einzelnen Spielteilen ist viel zu wenig los. Sie sind durchweg langweilig. Der Sound ist simple und eher nervtötend. Ein paar Bonuspunkte erhält Roger Rabbit für die teilweise ganz nette Grafik. Seine schlechte Seite zeigt dieses Spiel am Spielende: Es steigt einfach aus. Wer jetzt glaubt, ein einfaches „RUN“ oder eine Ladeanweisung startet Roger Rabit neu, der irrt. Erst nach Ein- und Ausschalten kann es neu geladen werden – kein Zeichen guter Programmierkunst.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK) (May, 1989)
A glossy package includes a "gag factory catalogue" and a full-colour poster. A lovely presentation let down by a feeble game - sorry Roger.
AmigaPower Play (Jun, 1992)
Die Amiga-Version des Disney-Dramas um Roger ist etwas angenehmer zu spielen als das PC-Vorbild. Der langohrige Held muß zahlreiche Levels überwinden, um Baby Hermann zu retten. Dazu kann er in kleinen animierten Sequenzen Gegenstände manipulieren.
It just doesn't cut the mustard. Not only are the games boring, but there are too few of them. Roger Rabbit fulfils the old adage 'Graphics alone do not a game make'.
AmigaZzap! (Apr, 1989)
It's a sad, sad day for the inhabitants of Toontown. The proprietor, Marvin the Gag King, has left for that great animated feature film in the sky, leaving behind his last will and testament, which bequeaths the whole of his sprawling metropolis to the Toons who inhabit it. The trouble is, the silly old huffer declined to tell anyone where his will was…