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Nintendo Enthusiast (Nov 27, 2015)
In the end, Ascent of Kings is a neat little love letter to retro adventure-platformers. It’s simplified use of the Metroidvania-style will give newcomers a decent crash course to the genre, allowing for deeper experiences to be better enjoyed in the future.
Brash Games (Jan 11, 2016)
The entire experience is very reminiscent to Nifflas Games’ Knytt Underground. The platforming gameplay and design is very similar, even down to the zoomed-out view and the small, charming characters. Perhaps this is why Ascent of Kings is such a fun game to play. With a bit more challenge, perhaps with another area or two, or puzzles with a bit more depth, the gameplay could have been extended a little. But as it stands, the price is so low and the game is so fun and relaxing, Ascent of Kings is certainly worth your pocket change.
Nintendo Life (Oct 30, 2015)
Full 100% completion, for us, took roughly 45 minutes. At $2 USD - at launch - it's hard to say if that's worth your time or not. Responsive controls and an old-school style of teachings (without tutorials) harkens back to the "good ol' days" of platforming on the NES. Unfortunately, Ascent of Kings can at times feel sparse, and it doesn't exactly scream replayability; that's an issue for a game that can be completed so quickly.
Cubed3 (Sep 07, 2016)
A low price tag doesn't excuse the low amount of effort put into Ascent of Kings. Everything works on a technical level, but it's just so unimaginative that it can't justify a second play-through, let alone a first. It's a meandering mess of ideas taken from far better platformers, blended together in an hour-long hurricane that destroys any and all quality in its path. There's simply no appeal to the MS Paint drawn world that's been created; it's a boring and thoughtless mini-disaster that should just be ignored and forgotten.