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FNintendo (Oct 13, 2014)
Era difícil melhorar Bayonetta, mas a Platinum Games conseguiu esse notável feito. Bayonetta 2 corrige alguns dos problemas do antecessor, tornado-se provavelmente no melhor jogo de acção de sempre. A sucessão de momentos de acção é assombrosa e a fluidez dos combates continua a impressionar. A jogabilidade roça a perfeição, juntado de forma primorosa uma certa acessibilidade com a exigência ideal para os mais experientes. Um clássico intemporal para a Wii U.
Giant Bomb (Oct 13, 2014)
Bayonetta 2 doesn’t drastically change the already wacky formula that the first game introduced, but it’s a bigger and more nuanced version of its predecessor. It’s also the best game of its kind in years. If you’ve ever enjoyed this breed of reflex-heavy, hyperactive, ludicrous action game, Bayonetta 2 is a no-brainer.
Anime News Network (Oct 29, 2014)
It'd be nice if we could get a Bayonetta 50% less about zooming the camera into her crotch, and sure, we could do without a second game rolling credits over a strangely dispassionate, out of character, animatronic sexy dance, but Bayonetta's bread and butter is somewhere in that dissonance. For some, no amount of dense mechanics or subverted expectations overcome the allergic reaction to the character design, to the game's look, and to its sexual themes. Bayonetta is larger than life, and so are you when you're playing it: someone who can do anything they want, because Bayonetta can do anything she wants. Iteration may be a problem with sequels, but the bigger problem is that two fifteen hour games, and the insane amount of content and extravaganza between them both, just make you hungrier for the next one.
Meristation (Oct 20, 2014)
Supone un antes y un después en el mundo de los juegos y está excelentemente realizado. Dentro de 10 años se seguirá hablando de este juego como un punto de inflexión en la historia de los videojuegos. No podrás olvidar las experiencias vividas con este título. Exprime al máximo la tecnología disponible. Cómpratelo incluso si no te gusta el género.
Cubed3 (Oct 29, 2014)
The fact that Bayonetta 2 has all the same strengths that the original game has, has none of its weaknesses (Route 666), and looks fantastic proves the ingenuity of the designers when working with the Wii U hardware. Players will learn what it means to get good in the finely tuned difficulty - a game that dares the player is a game that brings out the best of the player. This is a seriously hardcore action game with the visual fidelity and genius game design that will be a very hard act to follow for many other developers. The nigh endless depth of the combat engine in this game is so full of possibilities and options, it is like staring into the graces of heaven itself. Bayonetta 2 is the nirvana of the character-action game genre and is one of the greatest sequels ever made. It is doubtful that there will be a better game this holiday season. Bayonetta 2 is a Game of the Year contender, which comes extremely recommended.
100 (Nov 06, 2014)
Both games took me about 18 hours each to finish. It should be noted that I received much better ratings in the second game than the first, despite not really having any chance to improve my skills. Part of that was not being penalized for items like I mentioned, but overall Bayonetta 2 felt more forgiving, especially when it came to recovering health between battles, resulting in far fewer continues. I would still recommend playing the original game first if you haven’t already, just be aware of that difference (or play on what that game still called “easy”). Getting the full Bayonetta experience in one package has made for an awesome week, and I believe it is one that every Wii U owner should share.
GameSpot (Oct 13, 2014)
But it's a challenge you'll want to experience again as soon as you put down the controller. Bayonetta 2's combat is so expertly constructed, and its presentation so joyously insane, that you'd have to try so very hard to get bored of it all. In a year filled with the promise of ever more elaborate experiences on all the shiny new hardware, that Bayonetta 2--a homage to classic game design and escapism--should be the most fun I've had playing a game all year is unexpected. But maybe it shouldn't have been. After all, its predecessor still stands as one of the finest games of its genre. To have surpassed that with Bayonetta 2, and to have created a game that will be remembered as an absolute classic, is nothing short of astonishing.
Darkstation (Oct 31, 2014)
Bayonetta 2 is a relentlessly entertaining ride from start to finish, with pacing meticulously designed to wring every last drop of adrenaline out of you before reigning things in with a quiet, humorous aside. Alternate costumes, weapons, challenge rooms, co-op modes and more await you after you’ve seen through the lengthy campaign, and a copy of the original – excellent in its own right – is included gratis. Action fans would have to be insane to pass this one up.
Digitally Downloaded (Oct 30, 2014)
When Michael Foucault wrote about his philosophical concept of the "limit", he was talking about how we need art that push boundares - of good taste, of sexuality, of art itself - in order to define what the limit is and why we need to have it. Bayonetta 2 will challenge some people. It will make them uncomfortable. It's transgressive in numerous ways, and with that comes the potential to offend. But in causing offence, Bayonetta 2 encourages conversation, and that's the very definition of a good work of art.
Impulse Gamer (Nov 05, 2014)
Bayonetta 2 is perfect on all levels that supports a flawless gaming engine, exceptional graphics and kick-ass female protagonist
WiiDSFrance (Oct 24, 2014)
Le battle system a été amélioré, les décors visités plus variés, les ennemis répondent eux aussi en plus grand nombre avec un design – aussi bien céleste que démoniaque – extrêmement réussi, la bande-son surclasse celle du premier épisode… Le jeu se veut aussi plus accessible qu’un certain The Wonderful 101 avec deux façons de jouer (boutons ou stylet) et une courbe de progression plus douce comparé au dernier jeu de Hideki Kamiya. La replay value est encore une fois solide avec plein de choses à débloquer, plusieurs niveaux de difficulté, des personnages jouables inédits ainsi qu’un mode multi online (également jouable en solo) venant prolonger le plaisir. Terminer une première fois l’aventure sera aussi l’occasion de découvrir de nouveaux challenges particulièrement corsés et SEGA/Nintendo oblige, les clins d’œil sont également de sortie tout au long de l’aventure. Bref, le jeu de l’année en ce qui nous concerne et un incontournable pour tous les fans du genre.
100 (Oct 13, 2014)
La Wii U tient avec Bayonetta 2 sa carte maîtresse : une reine de pique qui coupe pratiquement tout ce qui a été proposé jusqu'ici dans le genre et nous touche en plein coeur. Commençant sur les chapeaux de roue pour ne jamais ralentir, le trip proposé par PlatinumGames et Nintendo est du genre à se revivre indéfiniment pour toujours avoir en bouche ce goût inimitable. Celui d'une production époustouflante dans ce qu'elle propose à l'écran, peaufinée à l'extrême dans ses mécaniques, jamais décevante et diablement généreuse dans son contenu. Ajoutez à cela qu'elle ne se réserve en aucun cas à un public restreint de gamers furieux et vous obtenez le beat them all pour tous. Gageons qu'on n'aura pas besoin d'une manifestation pour voir un troisième épisode débouler.
Girl Gamers UK (Oct 15, 2014)
Bayonetta 2 is a masterpiece that exceeds the previous title in every way. It looks great, plays well and is pure entertainment. No one is going to suggest that it is overly clever, and it is certainly not suitable for family gaming sessions. But for anyone interested in a thrill packed, roller coaster ride of an action game, which is aimed at a more mature audience on the Wii U, Bayonetta 2 should be the first port of call. Get your witch on!
GamesCollection (Oct 13, 2014)
Grazie a Nintendo e alla sua scommessa di dare fiducia a Kamiya e soci, ci troviamo davanti al miglior action in circolazione in questo momento, e una vera e propria killer app per Wii U, migliorando ciò che di buono aveva il suo predecessore e apportando migliorie che fanno respirare un po' di aria fresca al genere. Le sole 15 ore per completare la storia principale è solo la punta dell'iceberg, ne servono molte di più per riuscire a completare in toto il gioco, sbloccando anche gli achivement (stile PS3/360) presenti, per gli amanti del trofeo, e i collezionabili nascosti. Tremate, tremate, le streghe son tornate....e con stile.
95 (Oct 14, 2014)
Haletant, rythmé, technique, fluide et décomplexé, Bayonetta 2 s’impose comme la nouvelle référence du beat’em all. PlatinumGames réussit le pari de donner à l’un des tous meilleurs jeux de ces dernières années une suite à la démesure jubilatoire et au gameplay débarrassé de tous ses petits défauts. Aussi généreux en contenu qu’hyper fignolé dans ses moindres détails de gameplay, cette suite des aventures de la belle sorcière de l’Umbra offre à la Wii U un autre hit en puissance pour cette fin d’année. Et si les détracteurs de cette exclusivité Nintendo y trouveront sans doute encore des choses à redire, il serait fort dommage pour tous les amateurs du genre de passer à côté de ce petit bijou d’exubérance assumée.
Power Unlimited (Oct 13, 2014)
Van welke ontwikkelaar of console je ook fan bent, dit is gewoon het ultieme loop-en-vecht-spel op de markt. Als fan van dat genre moet je ‘m in elk geval hebben.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 23, 2014)
The story is incomprehensible, and the bad language and sexual references are just plain unnecessary. Still, these complaints seem a bit petty considering the sheer magnitude of this game. Bayonetta 2 will dazzle your senses and leave you breathless. The fact that the original Bayonetta is also included (on a second disk no less) makes this a slam-dunk purchase for Wii U owners.
Nintendo Life (Oct 13, 2014)
Bayonetta is is a must buy for any action gaming fans. It's fast, intense and ridiculous, all with an entertaining story and a protagonist that is forever subverting and playing with her audience. It's pure Platinum Games, too, which means it'll likely be adored by its converts and ignored by too many — we hope that won't happen, as what we have here is one of the Wii U's best games, and a rare arrival on the system that's unashamedly violent, gory and mature, while still mischievously winking at the watching world. Bayonetta 2 is brilliant, brash and impossible to ignore.
90 (Oct 13, 2014)
„Bayonetta 2“ sorgt vom ersten Augenblick bis zum Schluss ununterbrochen für mitreißende Kämpfe und eine unglaubliche Spannung. Die Geschichte lässt diesbezüglich an keiner Stelle nach, ist stets fesselnd und findet in einem atemberaubenden Finale ihr Ende. Das Spiel selbst kann durch eine wundervolle Grafik, tolle Musik und ein gewohnt ausgezeichnetes Gameplay bestens unterhalten. Zudem ist der Titel vollgepackt mit vielen Extras und dem zusätzlichen Hexen-Klimax-Modus. Nur wenigen Videospielen gelingt es auch nur ansatzweise so zu begeistern wie „Bayonetta 2“. Für Wii U-Besitzer ist dieses Spiel schon fast unumgänglich; besonders da der erste Ableger gleichzeitig ebenfalls für die Konsole erhältlich sein wird.
GamerGen (Oct 13, 2014)
Envie de masturber votre cerveau ? D'éteindre vos neurones et de profiter d'une production 100 % décalée ? Alors Bayonetta 2 est, sans l'ombre d'un doute, fait pour vous. PlatinumGames sort le grand jeu sur Wii U et fait plaisir aux amoureux de beat'em all. Pour faire simple, vous ne résisterez pas à cette production éclatante. Une jouabilité au poil, complète, jouissive, des combats intenses, des graphismes à délecter n'importe quelle rétine, un univers déjanté, comment ne pas craquer ?
Gamekult (Oct 22, 2014)
Bayonetta 2 est une lettre d'amour écrite à coups de lattes, de lames et de balles pour n'importe quel amateur de jeu d'action. Aussi agréable à prendre en main qu'époustouflant à regarder lors de ses nombreuses bastons d'anthologie, le titre de PlatinumGames allie admirablement la précision à la profusion. Taillé pour le plaisir de jeu et la marge de progression, il représente le meilleur de l'école japonaise du beat'em up en arrivant à s'affranchir du recyclage intempestif ou du remplissage creux. Les rares faiblesses techniques et la pauvreté scénaristique ne peuvent pas lutter face au déluge de bons points et de gros pains distribués. Le coeur d'une sorcière a des pulsions que la passion n'ignore pas.
88 (Oct 17, 2014)
Beim ersten Teil blieb folgender Eindruck zurück: “Bayonetta ist ein fantasievolles und berauschendes Erlebnis, prall gefüllt mit überbordender visueller Kreativität, sexuellen Andeutungen und atemloser Action.” Auch ohne Hideki Kamiya am Ruder - er war nur in beratender Funktion in die Entwicklung eingebunden - hat die olle Hexe für die Fortsetzung nichts verlernt. Naja, zumindest nicht viel. Denn so spektakulär die Kämpfe weiterhin inszeniert werden und so fantasievoll das Artdesign nach wie vor ist, kann der Kampf gegen die Himmels- und neuerdings auch Höllenscharen nicht mehr die gleiche Euphorie entfachen wie noch der Vorgänger vor gut vier Jahren.
Geeks Under Grace (Apr 14, 2017)
As with Bayonetta, content concerns may give modest gamers pause, but those who choose to endure will be rewarded with a game that fits squarely among the pantheon of all-time greatest action games.
Wizard Dojo (Dec 25, 2014)
Bayonetta 2 is a game that plays like a dream. Its sense of control is up there with Nintendo’s own properties, and its so full of personality and style that there’s never a dull moment. It might be a little too chaotic or challenging for some, and the clunky narrative and forced sex appeal may be off-putting to others. But in terms of sheer gameplay, it’s as beautiful as Bayonetta herself.
Financial Post (Oct 29, 2014)
Game developers won’t fix what isn’t broken and to do so is taking a huge risk, but Bayonetta is a series of firsts and this game feels like it’s playing on repeat.
Polygon (Oct 13, 2014)
Bayonetta 2's difficulty curve is also much less harsh, and I imagine it will feel more accessible to players with less experience in this genre. There's less time spent fighting the same massive boss monster over the course of half an hour, more time spent moving forward, which eases off on the grind that Bayonetta often became. There are even more collectibles this time around, many of which unlock challenges to be played in the new cooperative mode — though, sadly, this is limited to challenges alone. The sequel is also shorter, though it feels that way in part because of the reduction in retreading and overextended boss battles. Both of these are, to me, net positives.
Game Revolution (Oct 13, 2014)
If you’re an action gamer with a Wii U or even an older Nintendo fan with patience enough for Bayonetta’s Moon River remix soundtrack, then summon the strength to face this bad hair day with both guns up. Actually, make it all four guns up. Bayonetta manages to pull it off without tucking her ankles behind her head, though you might strain something if you try it her way.
Bayonetta 2 is a brilliantly designed action experience. Easily the most visually sophisticated game yet made for Wii U, its lush and dynamic environments and intricately detailed characters rival those of action games made for much more powerful platforms. The stunningly choreographed combat is at once accessible, challenging, and deeply satisfying. Each technique is distinctive, each battle sequence memorable. As players earn more powerful abilities, the fights become even more outrageous and dazzling. Few action games can match this game's pacing, spectacle, and sheer cleverness of design.