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Back of Box - TurboGrafx-16 (US):
    Stay alert! Don't blink! You're in the fight of your life! The defense of Planet Earth against the Dark Squadron hangs on your hair-trigger shooting and superior strategy.

    But win or lose, you and your 80-ton lazer gunship are going to make things HOT. Increase destructive capabilities by powering up, and battle your way to the Supreme Alien Leader. What you do to him if you catch him won't be pretty!

    Number of players: 1

    Levels: 6 regular + multiple bonus

    Ages: 8 years to adult

    Contributed by ryanbus84 (32095) on Oct 13, 2014. - Wii:
    If you owned a TurboGrafx-16 there's a pretty good chance you played Blazing Lazers. And if you've played the game there's also a chance that you still wake up humming that really catchy theme song! We understand, and share your love for this old school shooter. That's why Hudson is re-releasing Blazing Lazers on Wii™ Virtual Console™!

    Strap yourself into 80 tons of mechanized firepower and take on the Dark Squadron that threatens the Earth. "How does one ship take on an entire armada armed with 8 super weapons aimed directly at the planet?!", you ask? Simple. Shoot first, ask questions later.

    The controls are easy to master, like most shooters. The soundtrack is awesome. The gameplay is frantic. But where Blazing Lazers really shines is in the power-up department. The varieties and combinations of weapons available are staggering! You begin with four simple weapons which are each creatively destructive in their own right.

    As the game progresses these basic weapon systems can become five times more complex and powerful (sometimes taking up a better part of the screen)! And that's not even counting the super bombs, wing-man pods, shields, and homing missiles.

    The game takes you through 8 different stages as you face off against the Dark Squadron Super Weapons and their minions. Each stage will test your reflexes, nerves, and twitchy gaming thumbs more than the last! Ultimately, the goal isn't just to beat the last boss, the challenge lies in 100% kill ratios, ridiculous high scores, and zero lost lives! So rocket jockeys of the world, are you game?

    Get Blazing Lazers for your Wii™ Virtual Console™ today, and see if your nerves are as fast as they used to be. Or experience it for the first time and play a shooter people say is still as awesome as its next-gen decendants!

    Contributed by DreinIX (10663) on May 25, 2008. - Wii:
    Blazing Lazers is a vertical-scrolling shooter that was praised for surpassing the limitations of the hardware of its time. Players control the extraordinary firepower of their Gunhed Star Fighter to take on the Dark Squadron that has begun its invasion of Earth. Collect power-ups to increase your ship’s battle strength so it can cut through enemies and defeat the bosses in all 9 areas. Of course, as part of the “Soldier” series, the game contains a good combination of fast-paced speed with catchy, drum-propelled background music, coupled with the Field Thunder that can be used to destroy enemies in one fell swoop for the ultimate sense of satisfaction! With its fine-tuned difficulty levels, Blazing Lazers is a shooting game that anyone can enjoy!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65800) on May 23, 2007.