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GamesReviews (Aug 28, 2013)
If you love Disney characters, action platformers, toy collecting, and building your own levels (or just screwing around in a free play sandbox) then Disney Infinity is a no brainer. This is no mere Skylanders clone. Where Skylanders is a Gauntlet-style action RPG, Disney Infinity is something like Ratchet and Clank meets Little Big Planet with Disney characters. It’s a true family game that everyone can play and have fun together, whether you are doing missions in the play sets or just messing around in Toy Box mode. Even when some of the play set missions got a bit repetitive, and even though the difficulty is clearly tailored for someone younger than I am, I didn’t spend one second playing with my kids and my wife that I wasn’t having pure fun. Isn’t that what gaming is all about?
IGN (Aug 18, 2013)
Ostensibly toys are brightly coloured pieces of plastic – that’s true of the three bundled with Disney Infinity – but I’ve always regarded them as something more. They’re catalysts of imagination, letting children picture new worlds with the help of an initial spark. At its very best, Disney Infinity fuels that process but introduces the added fun of video game tropes and genres into the mix. In fact, it’s an excellent primer for kids embarking on a life playing games – it’ll teach them everything they need to know about barrel-rolling in a third-person shooter, power-sliding around corners, or judging line of sight in stealth games, and so much more too. It’s an enchanting experience that succeeds in adapting one of the richest fictional universes into a surprisingly rich game.
Nintendo Life (Sep 04, 2013)
Getting the most out of Disney Infinity is both an investment of time and money. Between collecting Play Sets, character figurines, and Power Discs, it can indeed be an expensive venture, but it’s also an investment that has the potential to pay off in a huge way. It’s not a perfect game with its occasionally flaky controls, long load times and low difficulty level, but it more than makes up for these flaws with its fun and engaging gameplay. Whether you’re more interested in the structured style of the Play Sets or the unhinged nature of the Toy Box, this game absolutely contains a little bit of something for everyone.
77 (Aug 27, 2013)
Natürlich ist das Konzept der zu virtuellem Leben erweckten Sammelfiguren nicht neu. Und auch wenn Disney Infinity nicht ganz so restriktiv mit den innerhalb des Startersets zur Verfügung stehenden Möglichkeiten umgeht wie seinerzeit Skylanders, hat man nicht das komplett uneingeschränkte Vergnügen zur Verfügung. Will man z.B. offline zu zweit in den Abenteuern antreten, sind Zusatzanschaffungen nötig. Doch letztlich bekommt man bereits mit dem Einstiegspaket ein abwechslungsreiches, wenngleich selbst für Kinder viel zu leicht zu bewältigendes Spielerlebnis in drei thematisch sowie mechanisch unterschiedlichen Welten mit je etwa vier bis sechs Stunden Unterhaltung.
XGN (Oct 23, 2013)
Dan rijst de vraag: is Disney Infintiy dan alleen voor kinderen? Nee, zeker niet. Iedereen die van gamen en Disney houdt, vindt Disney Infinity leuk om te spelen. Een feest van herkenning. Het spel straalt pure liefde uit. Warmte, kriebels, plezier: dat is Disney Infinity in een notendop. Wel kan de marketing daarachter niet genegeerd worden. Het is zonde om te zien dat de co-op voor de verhaallijnen niet gespeeld kan worden met het starterspakket en jammer dat de powers discs verkocht worden zonder te weten wat je daadwerkelijk koopt. Zoek je een uitdaging? Dan is Disney niet voor jou weggelegd. Heb je genoeg geld, beschik je over verzameldrang en ben je Disney liefhebber, dan is Disney Infintity zonder twijfel jouw spel. Al moet gezegd worden dat Skylanders zeker niet onderdoet voor dit Disney avontuur. Sterker nog: dat is de basis waarop Disney Infinity nu op voortborduurt, met succes.
Gamegravy (Mar 11, 2014)
I will start this conclusion by saying this: It is a good game to have fun and it isn’t much of a game for challenges. If you are a hardcore gamer than you will probably think very little of this game. If you have a child or a family, then this game is definitely worth picking up and enjoying as a family.
NintendoWorldReport (Aug 23, 2013)
I’m completely taken by aspects of Disney and Avalanche Software’s opening toys-to-life salvo. More so than any other game, it feels like you’re playing with toys in a whimsical and nostalgic sandbox where you can fool around in whatever way you want. I wish it had more variety, as the available Play Sets are from three Pixar movies and two live-action movies starring Johnny Depp. Even still, Disney Infinity is the game, and potentially the platform, for Disney fans. And hopefully these Disney fans have some money to spend.
I wish that I could have enjoyed Disney Infinity. There’s plenty of potential in the concept. I’d love for a sequel to address the many problems with the current experience, but only time will tell whether that happens or not. For now, I’ll hold off on buying any more figures. I can find no incentive to expand a core experience that proved so very disappointing. It’s cool that other people seem to be having so much fun with all of it, but I think I’ll stick to other games that feel to me like they were put together with proper attention paid to both the concept and the execution.
Nintendojo (Sep 05, 2013)
But that’s the problem. The game cuts its own legs out from under it by locking content so many different ways– whether it’s via toys or play sets. And possibly the worst offense is the lottery system within Toy Box, which holds back cool items like helicopters or assets from Tron (can you tell I like that universe yet?). Disney Infinity shows a spark of brilliance with the Toy Box mode, but everything else in game is rough, raw or boring.
Nintendo Master (Sep 09, 2013)
Disney Infinity, c'est avant tout un jeu qui a trop d'ambition. A vouloir plaire à tout le monde, le titre risque bien de provoquer l'effet inverse. Trop d'aspects sont exploités pour que le gameplay se montre suffisamment poussé et plaisant à jouer. On se retrouve donc avec un titre qui fait tout juste passer le temps et qui se fera bien vite oublier dans l'armada des jeux à licences. Cependant, là où l'on se montrera particulièrement intransigeant, c'est sur sa politique tarifaire scandaleuse ainsi que sur ses promesses non-tenues au profit de stratégies marketing. Des décisions fort préjudiciables, tant le potentiel du jeu s'en retrouve sous-exploité.