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Let's go to Nintendo Land! krisko6 (819) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.1
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.7

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EL33TONLINE (Dec 10, 2012)
This is probably the longest review I’ve ever written. That’s because Nintendo Land is a massive, massive game. I could play the Donkey Kong game on its own for five hours or more, let alone the really big games like Metroid Blast. It oozes personality, love and care – the music, the Mii costumes for each game, the graphical style that somehow gels 12 different worlds perfectly together, the Miiverse integration (little messages appear, for example, whenever you finish a game of Donkey Kong’s Crash Course which have been posted by people in that exact spot too), the new types of gameplay, the variety on offer whether you’re playing solo or in a group of 2, 3, 4 or 5. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves games and for my mind it’s the must-have game on the Wii U.
It's not the sort of game that will satisfy a traditional gamer looking for deep, lengthy experiences, but it is the kind of game that will repeatedly be brought out to show friends how the system works while delivering some all-ages fun and no shortage of laughs for the family that owns it.
Nintendo Life (Nov 30, 2012)
Nintendo Land is both a wonderful celebration of Nintendo's past and an exciting glimpse into its future, but more importantly it is incredibly, riotously fun. It's one of the best local multiplayer experiences ever crafted, and playing with friends is a guaranteed great time. There's also a surprising amount of depth to the single-player offerings, and Miiverse integration means you're never really on your own. It definitely taps into the nostalgia vein - and this is fan service par excellence - but it's also just pure entertainment. Nintendo Land will make you feel like a kid again. Welcome home.
Darkstation (Jan 09, 2013)
As I go about my day, I have to stop and wonder why I’m not just staying in and playing Nintendo Land. The game is more fun than I ever thought it would be—it smartly adds to the games as you get better at them, providing you with a greater challenge as you progress through and giving you so much more to play and experience. The multiplayer is something special as well, giving a great experience when you bring together a bunch of people competing or working together. If it wasn’t for a few duds, this game would be incredible, but even still, it’s the best game to show off your WiiU and a great experience to play with some friends.
Se você é do tipo que sempre curtiu passar tempo com os amigos no multiplayer local, certamente já os reuniu para relembrar os velhos tempos de Super Mario Kart, Mario Party 2 ou até Super Smash Bros. Melee com a galera. E certamente se divertiu muito. Nintendo Land se encaixa nessa mesma categoria de jogos atemporais que os citados. Não é difícil imaginar que ele será um dos mais jogados títulos da biblioteca do Wii U até o fim da vida útil do console, e além. Em uma época de Call of Duty e afins, ele prova que existe no multiplayer local algo de especial que não pode ser recriado no ambiente online.
Wiiloveit (Dec 27, 2012)
It is to be admitted that one or two of the included games behave like fillers or questionable rehashes of games gone by, but collectively, Nintendo Land's attractions present meaningful gameplay experiences that expand tastes like no other for a game of this style. Loaded with bells and whistles, the game is wonderfully directed and sets a new standard for the face of party games, even though it doesn't broaden the face of gaming as we know it. While Nintendo Land's implementation of the GamePad and constitution of a purposeful offering doesn't appear as showman-like as Wii Sports, it is just as easily acceptable and intuitive, yet far more invigorating. All said, it will serve as a symbol of iconic Nintendo brand values for a long time to come.
Impulse Gamer (Dec, 2012)
Nintendo Land highlights the potential of the Wii U console, especially when it comes to the capabilities of the GamePad that is definitely a very impressive gaming controller. By combining elements of the 3DS and a Tablet with streamlined Nintendo controls, this game not only plays well but gives the player and players some great single and multiplayer excitement. Add in high scores, trophies and lots of unlockables and this may be the future of gaming! Brilliant!
Jeux Vidéo Network (Nov 15, 2012)
Pour statuer sur l’intérêt de Nintendo Land, il faut tenir compte de l’utilisation que va en faire son acquéreur. Un loup solitaire risque de se lasser relativement vite, d’autant plus qu’il ne pourra logiquement pas jouer à l’intégralité des jeux. À plusieurs, et à condition d’avoir suffisamment de Wiimote, le jeu gagne véritablement en intérêt et en durée de vie. Et ce, même s’il est regrettable que les attractions compétitives ne disposent que de peu de niveaux. Nintendo Land fait une démonstration efficace et exhaustive de ce que permet la Wii U en termes de gameplay.
No game at the launch of the Wii U does a better job of displaying the potential for the console than Nintendo Land. The twelve quality mini-games, support for multiplayer with up to five people and ranking system that encourages you to beat other people's high scores will keep you coming back for a long time to come. Nintendo Land is a family-friendly affair that will appeal to young and old alike. It's the most fun I've had on the Wii U so far.
Digital Chumps (Nov 30, 2012)
For all its similarities, Nintendo Land is a wholly different experience from the Wii and Wii Sports—and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While the presentation and concepts still exude a casual shell, the real meat of the experience is deceptively deep and unmistakably challenging. It’s no “killer app” launch title, but it’s no slouch, either.
Giant Bomb (Nov 18, 2012)
If you want to find out exactly what that big new Wii U controller is good for, Nintendo Land is your best bet right now.
Gamegravy (Apr 21, 2014)
As a pack-in game with the deluxe Wii U model, it is a no-brainer to pay extra to pick this up with the Deluxe package. For a Nintendo fan this game is exactly what you would expect at launch from the Big N. It captures in a tech demo sort of way the different uses of the new GamePad. It also has some great multiplayer experiences and a load of unlockables. No online or DLC definitely hurt this title but it isn’t negative enough to keep me from a solid recommendation.
GamesReviews (Aug 18, 2013)
Whether you’re shooting a blaster, driving a futuristic race car or swinging a sword, Nintendo Land gives you a brief look at the future of the Wii U, and does it in a way that’s addictive and fun. It should have been included in each and every console, exactly like Wii Sports, but even on its own it could represent tens of hours of fun. On the Wii U, that’s something that you absolutely can’t take for granted.
80 (Nov 20, 2012)
Nintendo Land does what it sets out to do: showcase the GamePad. There are a few stinkers among the games, but even they are a lot of fun when the competition and party starts on the Attraction Tour. If you’re looking for a way to take advantage of the multiplayer potential of the Wii U, this will be right up your alley. If not, there are better options for you in the launch lineup.
80 (Nov 25, 2012)
Mit „In Nintendooo Land, Nintendooo Land phantasies come true – it’s a happy-whuppy do.” greifen wir abschließend noch ein Mal die einleitend verwendete Adaption auf und halten fest: „Nintendo Land“ ist eine Minispielsammlung, die über ihre genrespezifischen Grenzen hinausgeht und als Party-Titel mehr als tauglich ist. Für Einzelspieler gewiss kein Pflichttitel, aber dennoch einen Blick wert. Résumé: Gelungener Einstieg mit „Wii Sports“-ähnlicher Suchtgefahr.
GamezGeneration (Nov 30, 2012)
Nintendo Land ist eine lustige Mehrspieler-Gaudi, die die Fähigkeiten des Wii U GamePads wunderbar herausstellt und für einige gesellige Stunden an der neuen Nintendo Konsole sorgen wird. Leider kann das Spiel für Einzelspieler nicht vollends punkten und verschenkt zudem mit einem fehlenden Onlinemodus sowie teilweise schwachen Minigames für Solisten einiges an Potenzial. Als Tech-Demo und Mehrspielerspaß dient der Titel aber allemal. Für Käufer des Wii U Premium Bundles ist Nintendo Land übrigens bereits kostenfrei enthalten, Käufer des Basic Pakets müssen rund 55 Euro für den kurzweiligen Partyspaß berappen!
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Nov 16, 2012)
Visst kommer det att finnas de som säger att Nintendo Land bara är en minispelssamling. Vårt svar på detta är: Detta är en samling välgjorda minispel som alla kan njuta av, särskilt de som spelar med vänner. Nintendo Land erbjuder ett unikt nytt perspektiv på TV-spel och våra tummar är väldigt lyckliga efter några timmar med spelet.
God is a Geek (Nov 27, 2012)
It’s a no-brainer that you’ll be picking up Nintendo Land, as it’s a pack-in with the premium model that most people will be buying, but to those that decide to pick up the ZombiU pack, don’t discount just how much fun this simple, colourful title is. The Motion+ requirement may turn some people away, but there are plenty of different attractions that don’t require that accessory, that are just as fun.
Ja, auch ich war ziemlich skeptisch, als Nintendo Land damals für die Wii U angekündigt wurde. Schon wieder eine Minispielsammlung? Sicherlich lässt sich diese Prämisse nicht verbergen, doch hinter dem Namen und der kindgerechten Aufbereitung versteckt sich doch ein ziemlich gut unterhaltendes Videospiel. Die einzelnen Minispiele wurden wirklich ausserordentlich toll in Szene gesetzt, wenngleich sicherlich nicht jeder Part so überzeugen kann wie das erwähnte Metroid Blast. Allerdings bekommt man hier viele verschiedene Mehrspielermodi geboten, die aufzeigen, wie man fünf Spieler sinnvoll in den Kontext des Titels einbauen kann. Wer die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten des Controllers ausprobieren möchte und zudem über mehrere Wiimotes verfügt, um auch gegen andere Freunde antreten zu können, sollte sich Nintendo Land eigentlich nicht entgehen lassen.
Nintendo Difference (Nov 27, 2012)
Avec ses douze attractions partagées entre le jeu solo ou à plusieurs, Nintendo Land ferait passer Wii Sports pour une simple démo. Parfait ambassadeur du fameux gameplay asymétrique de la Wii U, le jeu est un concentré de bonnes idées et de fun qui ne se révèle toutefois qu'en multijoueur dans des titres comme Mario Chase ou Zelda Battle Quest. En solo, le jeu montre vite ses limites, sauf si l'on est un acharné du high score. Nintendo Land est donc un titre indispensable, à condition d'avoir quatre amis et autant de Wiimotes.
80 (2012)
Nintendo Land est une production très habile. Désireux de mettre en avant les fonctionnalités du GamePad, ce party game apporte un peu de renouveau au genre, et permet de replonger dans certaines licences bien connues de Nintendo. Une bonne introduction à la Wii U, surtout à plusieurs.
WiiDSFrance (Dec 04, 2012)
Victime malheureuse de l’E3 2012, Nintendo Land s’annonce comme un premier jeu de choix pour tout possesseur de Wii U. Encore plus vrai pour les joueurs qui ne jurent que par le multi (local) et qui possèdent déjà un certain nombre d’accessoires Wii, Wiimotes et Nunchuk essentiellement. On pourra toujours pester contre l’absence remarquée de Fox McCloud – oui oui, on se répète ! – mais la douzaine d’attractions valent décidément le coup d’œil, chacune montrant à sa manière ce que le Wii U GamePad pourrait apporter au monde du jeu vidéo salon. Et puis bon, ce n’est pas comme si les prochains The Legend of Zelda, Metroid et consorts sortaient l’année prochaine !
80 (Nov 16, 2012)
Si vous voyiez en Nintendo Land le nouveau Wii Sport / Wii Play, vous vous êtes trompé. Voilà un jeu qui sait parfaitement mettre en avant toutes les fonctionnalités du GamePad sans pour autant faire seulement office de simple démo. Des attractions très complètes, des heures de jeu en perspective, du scoring et du multi délirant en font un très beau cadeau de fin d'année pour toute la famille ou une bonne façon d'égayer une soirée entre amis.
Bajo esa apariencia de recopilatorio de minijuegos, Nintendo Land se destapa como un gran entretenimiento. Cada una de sus propuestas es muy divertida, está llena de posibilidades y lo mejor de todo, tendremos juego para rato. La pega es que para aprovecharlo como se merece deberemos invitar a nuestros amigos con sus Wiimotes para disfrutar de su variante multijugador, auténtico devorador de horas a poco que lo mostremos. Claro que jugarlo en solitario supondrá reducir sustancialmente su potencial, por lo que estamos ante un detalle que deberemos considerar para su adquisición. La otra cosa mejorable es que sean solamente doce las pruebas, pero ahora que en la gran N ha empezado a considerar los contenidos descargables, no sería extraño que se animaran a realizar una ampliación de este prometedor parque de atracciones. Una estupenda primera piedra de toque de las experiencias de juego que nos aguardan con Wii U.
New Game Network (Dec 13, 2012)
Nintendo Land has a great sense of identity and, though a bit lacking in substance, makes for a very versatile set of games which give a clear and positive impression of the new Wii U console.
GamerGen (Nov 27, 2012)
Si nous faisions rapidement le tour de Wii Sports vu le peu de jeux proposés, Nintendo Land propose quant à lui une diversité plus grande afin de contenter un maximum de joueurs et nous apprend à assimiler toutes les fonctionnalités que la Wii U et son GamePad peuvent nous proposer.
70 (Nov 16, 2012)
Grâce à un intelligent mariage des genres, Nintendo Land propose une expérience fun, accessible, tout en restant exigeante et riche. Il ne s'agit donc pas simplement d'une démo technique comme pouvait l'être Wii Sports en son temps. Nintendo Land renoue quand même davantage avec les valeurs de la firme du plombier moustachu, un symbole important au lancement de sa nouvelle machine. Si tous les mini-jeux ne sont forcément très poussés et les parties solo vites lassantes, le gameplay asymétrique propre à la Wii U prend tout son sens en multijoueur. Il s'agit donc d'un bon moyen pour découvrir les capacités de la Wii U dans l'univers coloré de Nintendo.
Edge (Nov 16, 2012)
Could Nintendo have made similar cuts, sliced out singleplayer, and left us with the perfect party game? The shadow of missed opportunity occasionally looms over Nintendo Land, but as with any good theme park, there are moments where you’ll yell, scream and laugh yourself silly. Just add friends.
Splitkick (Dec 05, 2012)
As a pack-in for the Deluxe Set, it’s a great starter title that will introduce you and your friends to the potential gameplay possibilities made available through the Wii U. Any sort of disappointment from its staying power are offset by the the other spoils that come with the premium package. As a separate investment, its short shelf-life is a real detriment.
I wish I could split out and score Metroid Blast and Mario Chase on their own terms. As downloadable games with online multiplayer, both would be solid winners, and I’d play them relentlessly. As is, half of Nintendo Land offers brief, creative fun in bite-sized chunks without ever constituting a full meal. The other half features dismal time-wasters and watery versions of great franchises that won’t appeal much to casual or core gamers. Put another way, Nintendo Land epitomizes the minigame-compilation genre — occasional flashes of brilliance surrounded by things you just don’t want to exist.
Gaming Age (Nov 26, 2012)
But I didn't find a whole lot in Nintendo Land to really grab my attention. I still gravitate towards Donkey Kong's Crash Course as a single player event, so much so that I'd love to see a fully featured game built around this in the future. And certain events are definitely worth playing through with friends involved, but Nintendo Land just doesn't quite do it for me when it comes to other games in the line-up. It's certainly a game that can be fun with a group, but as a single player experience I found it lacking. It does a great job of showcasing new system elements, but also comes up short in fully realizing that theme park look Nintendo was going for. So in the end, it's sort of a mixed bag for me, and not something that I'd suggest rushing to pick up if you're buying the basic Wii U model.
66 (Nov 30, 2012)
Nieten wie das stupide Pikmin-Geholze und die öden Zelda-K(r)ämpfe tragen ebenfalls nicht dazu bei, sich in dem virtuellen Vergnügungspark rundum wohl zu fühlen. So reicht es vielleicht für einen geselligen Abend mit Freunden, die beim nächsten Treffen aber sicher wieder Wii Sports oder besseren Minispielsammlungen den Vorzug geben würden. Einen Solo-Ausflug ins Nintendo Land würde ich mir sparen: Zwar werden einige Attraktionen geboten, aber keine von ihnen konnte mich länger als fünf Minuten an den Bildschirm fesseln.
Gamekult (Nov 29, 2012)
A la frontière du mini-jeu et du jeu complet, les activités proposées par Nintendo Land ne sont pas toujours palpitantes, mais certaines sont insolemment amusantes et d'une grande inventivité. Beaucoup de choses sont pensées pour retenir l'attention des joueurs, eux-mêmes mis en scène à travers les Mii, mais on ne fera au final que de courts séjours dans cet enclos à attractions virtuel. Comme dans un véritable parc, le prix d'entrée est élevé si l'on veut profiter de tout et chaque attraction n'occupe pas très longtemps, mais si l'on apprécie l'univers, les balades et les montées d'adrénaline, on ne devrait pas avoir du mal à passer du bon temps et repartir avec quelques souvenirs.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 30, 2012)
Nintendo Land isn’t a bad game, for free. As something that is included with the system, as long as you bought the deluxe model, this makes for an interesting tech demo, letting you and your friends try out different methods of how a game can be played on the Wii U. There is some fun to be had, but it’s short lived, mainly due to lack of content, and not all of the content will be fun to everyone. If you bought the regular version of the Wii U and find yourself forced to spend 60 dollars on this game, as if it was a full release, take my score and halve it.
60 (Nov 29, 2012)
As the Wii U's showcase title, designed to demonstrate the new console's touchscreen controller working in tandem with a TV, Nintendo Land does a decent, albeit uneven, job. If you're likely to get together with at least two friends and have the required extra hardware, there's enough here to warrant a purchase - just know that you're essentially buying the game for three incredibly fun party games. If you're going to be playing solo, there are better options available for the Wii U.
50 (Nov 29, 2012)
Kvaliteten är med andra ord ganska blandad, och om detta hade rört sig om en digital titel eller något från lågprissegmentet hade jag nog ändå kunnat rekommendera detta. Så är inte fallet, då du vackert får lägga upp lika mycket pengar som om du skulle köpa Far Cry 3 (9/10) till konsol. Om du köper Nintendos premiummodell av Wii U följer detta spel med "på köpet", och då kan jag se en framtid där flera spelgalningar under en kort stund vill tävla mot andra. I övriga fall - undvik.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 05, 2013)
Nintendo Land is a nice way to get acquainted with your brand new Wii U, but it won't sell systems like Wii Sports did for the original Wii. None of these games could stand alone, but taken as a whole it's not a bad package, especially if you have kids.