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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.7
Overall User Score (10 votes) 4.4

Critic Reviews

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Aftonbladet (Sep 09, 2015)
Mellan känslan av tabu och tanken på att vara den nye Shigeru Miyamoto hinner det passera ungefär fem minuter.
Gaming Age (Sep 14, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is one of the best titles the House of N has created in years. Fans of the world's most popular plumber will play and create for months to come. We have to wait a while for Mario titles, but they are definitely worth the wait… most of the time.
Giant Bomb (Sep 07, 2015)
Super Mario Maker lets you make your own Super Mario Bros. levels and if that isn't enough for you then you're probably beyond help anyway.
USgamer (Sep 02, 2015)
What better way to commemorate three decades of Super Mario Bros. than to put the tools for creating Mario games in the hands of fans? The series has long since become a part of the medium's vocabulary, and Super Mario Maker turns the act of creating new Mario adventures into a process as intuitive as the play mechanics it reproduces. Whether you're a serious student of game design, looking to kill a few minutes with your friends' creations, or an avid enthusiast of sadism through game design, you'll find something to love in Super Mario Maker.
Nintendo Life (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is so much more than a simple level creation tool, as Nintendo has clearly invested great time, resources and thought into making it greater than its core concept. The user interface, the creativity of the tools that feed the player's imagination and the overall polish are a testament to the development team's efforts. Whether creating, exploring or just playing, Super Mario Maker provides an exceptional experience. If you've ever enjoyed a 2D Mario game and have a creative, playful spirit, then you should have already decided to buy this. It has plenty of tough competition, but this is the definitive Wii U game.
Nintendo-Online.de (Sep 02, 2015)
„Super Mario Maker“ ist ein Meisterwerk. Der Level-Editor ist ein Paradebeispiel für zugängliche und ansprechende Gestaltung und zugleich ein mächtiges Werkzeug für praktisch unbegrenzten Levelnachschub. Die einzelnen Teile des Gesamtpakets sind perfekt ineinander verzahnt, und es zeichnet sich durch eine unfassbare Liebe zum Detail aus. Das Problem, dass es auch haufenweise schlechte und unfaire Level geben wird und Meisterwerke in der Masse untergehen könnten, hat Nintendo geschickt und bestmöglich kaschiert. Wir sind und bleiben sprachlos über die Möglichkeiten, die „Super Mario Maker“ eröffnet!
Gaming Target (Sep 15, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is without a doubt the most fun I've ever had with an editing toolset. The game handles the task of making the creation process fun and intuitive with aplomb while also providing a deep enough experience to create very intricate courses. The Makers are the lifeblood of this game and the Star system ensures that the very best stuff rises to the top without burying the other "up and coming" stages and Makers. No other game I've played on Wii U has better demonstrated the full potential of the gamepad and given me as much reason to keep coming back. With the exception of only a few missing object types (such as desert stages) there's virtually no limit on the kind of courses you can expect to see from the world’s best Makers. This is a game you can reasonably expect to see something new every time you play it and if you don't...just make it yourself.
ingame.de (Sep 11, 2015)
So simpel und so einfach der Super Mario Maker auf den ersten Blick scheint, so genial ist er auch. Nicht umsonst sind die Abenteuer des Nintendo-Klempners stets ein Muss für Hardcore-, Gelegenheits-, ja sogar Nichtspieler und nun dürfen wir selbst die Inhalte entwickeln. Die einfache Bedienung, der gigantische Umfang und der nahtlose Übergang zwischen Bau- und Spielmodus sorgen dafür, dass der Super Mario Maker in all seinen Facetten unkomplizierten Spielspaß bietet, egal ob ihr nun außergewöhnlich kreativ seid oder nicht! Eigene Kreationen online zu teilen oder die Level anderer Spieler zu testen war selten so einfach und wenn die Community mitspielt, erwarten uns frische Inhalte im Minutentakt. Nintendo bringt hier alle Stärken aus 30 Jahren Super Mario mit den Features der Wii U zusammen. Krönender Höhepunkt zu Marios 30. Geburtstag und ein Must-have für alte und neue Fans!
Super Mario Maker’s a glorified level maker, but it’s a good one. Though it’s a little short on content, there’s plenty to play around with, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the community can make with it. In the meantime, it’s easy to learn, it’s fun to play, and it’s packed with enough Easter eggs to put the Easter Bunny out of business.
Polygon (Sep 02, 2015)
SUPER MARIO MAKER IS A HANDS-ON HISTORY LESSON. Where other publishers might release a making-of documentary of their golden era, Super Mario Maker does the unthinkable: It lets you do the making of. I have had a tremendous amount of fun playing Super Mario Maker, but the way it developed that newfound appreciation for something I've known my whole life was the game's biggest accomplishment. Sure, there's touches of fan service here and there, like a startling number of references to Mario Paint, but that's not how it won me over. Super Mario Maker wooed me because it's a hands-on history lesson.
God is a Geek (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker feels like the game Nintendo’s Wii U was designed for. It’s harsh to wonder if fortunes could have been different if it had been a launch title, but it’s also a stark reminder that Nintendo is out there taking risks. An online third-person shooter involving Squid came earlier this year, and now we have something that you’d assume was some crazy ROM-hack. Only it’s not. This is real, and brilliant. It’s the possibility of a thousand new Super Mario World levels, hundreds of mini-sequels to Super Mario Bros. 3. It’s the chance to challenge yourself and try to match the master of platforming with his own tool-set. It’s magnificent, it’s crazy, and it’s for everyone to enjoy. Truly inclusive, Super Mario Maker is the game you’ll smile the most at this year, and worth every penny.
Impulse Gamer (Sep 14, 2015)
What we have here is something special. A celebration of the Mario series in a way that lets us re-experience it all over again, and with an infinite amount of levels to play. The customization options are beyond what Nintendo has done with their own levels before, and allow us think outside the box and give these new levels our own personal flare. If you’re still not sold, there’s no convincing you. While you’re reading this, I’m probably playing Super Mario Maker. I’m hooked. You could be too.
PressStartToPlay (Oct 30, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is an excellent and fun game! Having the ability to create your own stage and play stages made by other players is a blast, adding replay value which will last for a very long time. If you always wanted to create Super Mario stages, now you can!
GIGA (Sep 10, 2015)
Der Super Mario Maker ist ein exzellenter Level-Baukasten, der eurer Kreativität freien Lauf lässt!
Games TM (2015)
Super Mario Maker takes one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history and gives it one of the most intuitive level editors ever seen, one flexible enough to allow for countless possibilities. It’s bursting with charm, contains some real laugh-out loud moments and is essential for any Mario fan.
Retro Spirit Games (Sep 21, 2015)
But shoddy online search tools aside, Super Mario Maker is an utterly essential purchase for any fan of classic 2D Mario gameplay. It's not as satisfying to play as the original games that it's based on, due to a lack of a cohesive adventure mode and the aforementioned shoddy user levels, but it's unrivaled in its role as a creation tool (and the only one I have ever wanted to invest any serious time in - I'm actually designing stages on paper beforehand). It's an absolute blast to use and share levels and it really brings out your creative side while also making you appreciate just how good Miyamoto and his fellow game designers are at what they do. I am sure that Nintendo will listen to the fans and fix many of the current flaws in the future, meaning that Super Mario Maker can only get better as time goes on. If you own a Wii U then you need this game in your collection.
FNintendo (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker é aquilo que para muitos pode ser um sonho tornado realidade, mostrando um editor de mapas extremamente competente e intuitivo, um interface fluido e provavelmente o melhor serviço online que a Nintendo já criou. Existem ainda assim algumas falhas a apontar cuja gravidade só será conhecida quando o jogo chegar à comunidade, não deixando de ser uma compra obrigatória para qualquer fã da série.
Power Unlimited (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is het toegankelijkste, coolste en verrassendste levelbouwprogramma ooit. Daarnaast kun je als speler ook nog eens genieten van honderdduizenden van de mafste levels ooit gemaakt.
The Jimquisition (Sep 16, 2015)
Essentially Nintendo’s take on LittleBigPlanet, Super Mario Maker allows you to craft your very own Mario stages using items, monsters, traps and backgrounds from a range of classic games, -from the original NES platformer to the New Super Mario Bros. titles. Created levels may be uploaded and shared online (provided you can beat them yourself), where they’ll be served to the masses.
Girl Gamers UK (Sep 16, 2015)
As perhaps expected, Super Mario Maker is polished to an extreme, with everything from the menu systems to the quirky little sound effects designed to create a joyous experience for any player or creator. For the creative or imaginative, making levels almost without limitation is available. And for the gamer, an almost unlimited selection of levels are ready to be mastered. Either way, Super Mario Maker is a Wii U essential.
Digitally Downloaded (Sep 14, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is a remarkable game that only just falls short of what many have been dreaming of for 30-odd years. Anyone, regardless of skill and creative talent, can play and enjoy Super Mario Maker, and that is a rarity for creation tools. All I ever wanted to do back in the day was recreate Super Mario levels with interesting twists. Super Mario Maker encourages me to do so much more and try and be a game designer all by myself. And for that I love it.
GameSpot (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is a game of joyous creation and fun surprises. And that's without mentioning things like the music, a highlight in every Mario game. From the familiar and joyous themes of the main worlds to the altered riffs you get when tinkering around in Make mode, the soundtrack captures that same essence of wonder and surprise as the rest of the game. Even the in-game instruction manual is incredibly useful and entertaining; it's graphically animated, written with a great sense of humor, and, for no particular reason, throws in some thoughts about brussel sprouts.
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 11, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is simple without being shallow and dense without being overwhelming. Its capabilities are limited compared to other creation games (you can only make platformer levels) but I never felt like I hit a wall in terms of creativity, and was consistently surprised by the work of others. Super Mario Maker will only grow from this point forward, but it already feels like the complete, 2D Mario creation tool we’ve been dreaming up since the first time we bounced off a koopa’s shell.
S.Mario Maker is a special video game, period. You could include all of the lengthy, metaphor-laden nonsense that your little brain can come up with as to what is and isn’t perfect about it, but at the end of the day, this is a title that allows you to create and play S.M. Bros. levels for as long as your thumbs can handle. Yes, the creation tools, while outstanding and intuitive, could be a little better if the Wii U’s touchscreen wasn’t archaic and the social functionality was a bit more robust, but that isn’t the main takeaway here. The fact of the matter is that the series with the perfect platforming mechanics has a fountain of content that won’t stop operating until its servers are shut down, and there’s an inherent magic to this that so many other games can’t dream of attaining. S.M.M. is the type of game that reminds you why video games are special in the first place, and this reminder has the perfect central face: that goofy looking, slightly overweight plumber we all cherish.
XGN (Sep 11, 2015)
Verplichte kost voor spelers en makers. Of je Super Mario Maker nu in huis haalt om het Mario level van je dromen in elkaar te knutselen, of om te zien met wat voor gekke creaties de rest van de wereld op de proppen komt; dit is ongetwijfeld een van de beste games die de Wii U in lange tijd gezien heeft, al was het maar omdat je hierdoor een oneindige voorraad aan Mario-levels hebt.
IGN (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is a great way to mark Mario’s 30th birthday, but it’s not concerned with being an overwrought history lesson. Instead, it’s a celebration that folds three decades of Mario into one accessible, powerful creation suite. The perpetual joke at the end of every 10 Mario Challenge run informing you that the Princess is in yet another castle hints at Super Mario Maker’s bigger promise: There will always be more levels to play thanks to the online creation community, and a virtually endless pool of challenges to overcome.
InsideGamer (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is in vele opzichten de droomgame waar we sinds de allereerste Mario al op zitten te wachten. Met de aankleding alleen al zit het meer dan snor, maar de echte ster is de bijzonder gebruiksvriendelijke leveleditor die ervoor zorgt dat online geniaal level na geniaal level als paddenstoelen uit de grond blijven schieten. Super Mario Maker is daarmee de Mario om alle andere Mario’s mee te overtreffen.
GamesRadar (Sep 02, 2015)
Brimming with positivity and encouragement, Super Mario Maker's brilliant toy box gives you everything you need to easily create and share some truly fantastic levels.
Netzwelt (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker ist genau das, was es sein wollte: ein genialer und simpler Level-Editor! Ihr braucht keinerlei Programmierfähigkeiten, sondern nur ein paar gute Ideen und etwas Zeit. Da es aber kein reines Spiel ist, ist langfristig auch etwas Ehrgeiz vonnöten, um irgendwann einmal in der Top-Liste der beliebtesten Kreationen zu landen. Ich zum Beispiel spiele mittlerweile lieber andere Level, als selbst welche zu bauen. Für motivierte Level-Designer ist der Super Mario Maker aber eine ganz klare Empfehlung!
Videogameszone (Sep 02, 2015)
Mit Super Mario Maker als Starttitel hätte die Wii U abheben können!
411mania.com (Sep 11, 2015)
Overall, Super Mario Maker is a great creative title for beginners, but offers enough to entertain advanced designers. While there are some questionable limitations in place, there's still more than enough to do to stay busy for quite some time. If you want to see the Wii U Gamepad used to its best, and experience some Mario levels you'll never see Nintendo make, make this game a priority.
Super Mario Maker is a game that has nearly unlimited potential, but may be slow out of the starting gate. It will take some time for many to get on board, and maybe even longer for the online communities to build up an array of amazing creations; but I don’t have a single doubt that it will happen with time. If you really sit down and take a good long look at the big picture, Super Mario Maker could go down as the greatest Mario game ever made. It bridges Mario across thirty years of platforming, and puts the power in the player’s hands to play Mario how they want. I myself cannot wait to see what the rest of the world has waiting for me to play, and I in turn can’t wait to share my creations with the rest of you.
Gaming Nexus (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is tricky to review and score. It’s a heck of a first effort from Nintendo when it comes to level editors, with a shockingly deep number of options. However its few limitations are puzzling, and its time-based content gating makes it very slow to start creating.
Gamer.nl (Sep 09, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is een waanzinnig leuke en toegankelijke manier om zelf aan de slag te gaan met dertig jaar Mario. De interface is intuïtief en in een handomdraai schakel je tussen bouwen en spelen, ondergrondse levels en kastelen. Laat je levels in de onlineomgeving beoordelen door anderen en doe hetzelfde met andermans levels, zodat je met nieuwe inspiratie verder kunt bouwen.
Computer Bild Spiele (Sep 11, 2015)
Nintendo schnürt ein vielfältiges Best-of-Mario-Paket. Der einfach gehaltene Bau-Modus ist ein vielversprechendes Werkzeug für Hobby-Entwickler und harmoniert mit dem bewährten Spielprinzip. Zusammen mit der guten Online-Anbindung entstehen neue Welten, die keine Langeweile aufkommen lassen. Der fehlende Koop-Modus und die Inhalte-Aufstückelung trüben jedoch den Spaß.
Anime News Network (Sep 16, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is one of the most fun creation tools I've used in years. The feeling of putting all the cogs of a crazy platforming level together and watching it come to life before your eyes is absolutely wondrous. But when it comes to actually sharing your crazy contraption with the world, the crowded, noisy Course World is disappointing and, even worse, discouraging – it's incredibly hard to get seen and get feedback. There's always the opportunity for an overhaul in some software updates down the line, of course, but as it stands now, Super Mario Maker's greatest joy lies solely in the act of creation.
Despite its flaws, though, and in spite of those players who build stages that seem to have been designed primarily as some sort of torture device, Super Mario Maker has endless potential and should keep Super Mario fans busy for as long as they want to spend hopping and bopping in the Mushroom Kingdom. I love how intuitive the core tools are for creators, and I love knowing that each new stage I play could make me look at the franchise from a whole new angle. The game has a lot of rough edges, but it does so many things right that I just don't care. Here's hoping the potential DLC materializes, at least, and maybe we'll even get some official tools to make our own Zelda games at some point in the future. I'd like that...
RetroManiac (Oct 29, 2016)
Super Mario Maker’ es la mejor manera po- sible de rendir homenaje al fontanero italiano en su trigésimo cumpleaños.
4Players.de (Sep 10, 2015)
Super Mario Maker ist eines der besten Argumente für das Wii-U-Gampad. Das Basteln von Jump-n-Run-Levels geht mit dem Stylus so traumhaft leicht und schnell von der Hand wie noch nie! Ein paar Striche, Tupfer und Verbesserungen – und schon wuseln Koopas und Kettenhunde durch Marios charmante 2D-Welt. Mit einem Tippser kann man sogar die komplette Kulisse oder das Spieluniversum ändern. Dank genial einfacher Testspiel-Werkzeuge können sogar Anfänger in rund einer Stunde ein erstaunlich geschliffenes Werk abliefern – daher macht es hier auch viel mehr Spaß, in Nutzer-Levels zu stöbern als anderswo. Die Kehrseite der Medaille sind aber Nintendo-typische Restriktionen. Wer ein wenig aus dem Mario-Schema ausbrechen und selbst kreativ werden möchte, kommt hier nicht auf seine Kosten.
Destructoid (Sep 11, 2015)
Super Mario Maker is a charming little creation tool, and I'm sure fans will come up with some amazing levels for years to come. However, it feels a bit more constrained than it needs to be, and is in dire need of updates or DLC to keep it going long term.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 02, 2015)
Playing levels in Super Mario Maker definitely depends on the talents of the players making them, but creating and toying with levels is way more compelling than I could have ever expected. The limitations might be bothersome, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because crafting your very own Mario levels makes for an incredible feeling, especially with how easy-to-use the interface is. Super Mario Maker is a supreme early leap into the world of game-making software for Nintendo, and I want to see them make more fascinating games like this, even if I can’t place a Charging Chuck on screen.
Digital Spy (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker already has so much potential, but its true brilliance will only be apparent once it's out and it starts to create prodigies. Whether Super Mario Maker is a gateway to infinite Mario levels or an outlet for your creativity, you will still find unlimited value within. If Mario means anything to you, this is absolutely essential.
Lazygamer (Sep 02, 2015)
Super Mario Maker makes creating levels an easy, effortless exercise – letting true design shine through rather than hindering ideas by muddling with software. It’s just a pity that it takes too long to truly wrestle that power from Nintendo’s strict hand-holding. Super Mario Maker was reviewed by Alessandro Barbosa on a Nintendo Wii U
Retro Gamer (Oct 08, 2015)
Mario Maker will live or die by its community, so creative sorts would be advise to get involved early. If you're mainly looking to play, though, we'd advise you wait a bit.
Cubed3 (Sep 03, 2015)
For all its drawbacks in terms of relying on the gamer to actually put in the effort to enjoy the experience, Super Mario Maker is a fresh approach to the old 'RPG Maker' mould, taking the key elements that any 'build-a-game' title requires and then making sure that there are sufficient in-built goodies to give those less inclined to while away the hours making new content a sense of value for money. Additionally, the online element for stage sharing, as well as potential for new extras to be unlocked via DLC, ensure that Nintendo's anniversary project will certainly not be resigned to a fate of 'dust collector' or 'drinks coaster' anytime soon.

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