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5 Spots Party Credits (Wii)

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5 Spots Party Credits

Cosmonaut Games

Executive ProducersJosé A. Giacomelli, Joan Sanahuja
Game DesignJoan Sanahuja, José A. Giacomelli, Miguel Angel Tartaj
Game ConceptMiguel Angel Tartaj
Code MasterDavid González Pérez (Braben)
Concept Art and LayoutsPablo Vietto
MarketingEnric Sanahuja


DirectorJulio Moruno
ProgrammingRoberto Granado Samaniego, José Manuel Ruíz Blanco, Jorge Biedma (Jobi)
Graphic DesignIsrael Sánchez
AnimationJulio Moruno


5 Spots is an original concept fromMiguel Angel Tartaj
Party Mode is an original idea fromCosmonaut Games

Brands and Copyrights

Cosmonaut Games and its logo belong to46 to Shinjuku Medialab S.L. and its logo belong toKatana Games S.L.
5Spots and its logo belong toKatana Games S.L.
All photos are licensed byKatana Games S.L.
Music and Audio Effects are licensed toKatana Games S.L., except Fun Classic Theme
Fun Classic Theme is an original score fromCosmonaut Games
EnjoyUp logo belongs toEnjoyUp Games S.L.


Special ThanksEnjoyUp Games, Sergio Traver (Roy), Fernando Escalera (Ferkys), David Bermúdez (Bermu), Loren Alcaide (Tributes), Xavi Puig (The Lawyer), ...and the trains from Hamburg to Paris and its wifi connection
BetatestersEva Fernández, Frank Leon, César Crespo, Maria Muñoz, Mireia Prous, Marisa Gonzalez, Asun Mármol, Isabel Gallego, Romina López, José Luis Pérez, Mónica Morales, Cristina Emeric

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