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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.4
Overall User Score (6 votes) 4.4

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Game Shark (Nov 12, 2009)
Like last year’s WarioLand: Shake It, only with more depth and characters that are actually appealing, A Boy and His Blob proves that hand-drawn 2D design is far from dead – and not necessarily relegated to the downloadable game realm. It may be a little out of left field, but if you have love for puzzles, platformers, or excellent blob-based fantasy realms, you’ll almost certainly enjoy it. The Wii needs more games like this one.
Nintendo Life (Oct 19, 2009)
With this update of A Boy and His Blob, WayForward have somehow been able to accurately capture the unique gameplay elements of the original title and wrap them up inside one of the most beautiful and polished Wii releases to date. To say that this game is an improvement on the original would be a gross understatement: not only does the game add an almost endless amount of depth and playability to the original gameplay idea, but it does so in a way that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you're a fan of the original NES release or not, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give A Boy and His Blob a try as you'd be hard-pressed to find a more rewarding gameplay experience available on the Wii console.
90 (Nov 11, 2009)
Sadly, I fear that A Boy and His Blob will be overlooked by the market in favor of games with flashier boxes and larger marketing budgets. WayForward and Majesco have produced a top notch title that carries the spirit of the original game and brings in plenty of new material. This is an entertaining, semi-challenging, adorable adventure for the ages that you must not miss. Do not overlook A Boy and His Blob. It's one of the best puzzle platformers you'll find on the Wii and stands way forward of its competition.
AceGamez (Jun 18, 2009)
This is a fitting tribute that removes all of the negatives from the original game and builds upon its positives, but the only downfall of A Boy and Is Blob is that it has simply arrived at the wrong time, as it is sure to be smothered by the triple-A barrage of the pre-Christmas season. If you are a platform fan, retro nut, or if you want something that won’t insult your child’s intelligence, then you will be hard-pushed to find a title that exudes the same level of charm and finesse.
NintendoWorldReport (Nov 22, 2009)
A Boy and His Blob looks and plays great, and at forty stages it doesn't wear out its welcome. The main game is just long enough to be satisfying, but there's enough bonus content that you'll be coming back to unlock extra stages and concept art. It's truly meant for all ages and is a must-own title for the Wii. A Boy and His Blob is a game that does almost everything right, and serves as a shining example of how to make an all-ages game.
DS-x2 (Nov, 2009)
A Boy and His Blob was a title that definitely deserved attention back in its original form because of how good it was and this is no different. This re-imagining brings with it almost unparalleled levels of presentation, with a visual style that pushes the boundaries of what is cute and charming, and will leave you smiling the whole time, and a score that oozes atmosphere. Couple this all with an imaginative form of gameplay and you have a real gem on your hands. This is the kind of game the console was made for and I hope we see more of this kind of thing. A Boy and His Blob certainly shows that 2D platformers are far from dead. A must have for anyone with a Wii.
Cubed3 (Nov 30, 2009)
WayForward has pulled off what Good Feel was unable to with Wario Land: The Shake Dimension - they've crafted a 2D platform title that looks stunning, keeps the gamer hooked throughout thanks to its perfectly executed gameplay and clever mix of puzzles, as well as offering a wealth of extras to unlock along the way. A Boy and His Blob is in the upper echelon of Wii titles in terms of quality and is a must buy for anyone looking for a fantastic gaming experience. An unforgettable experience.
86 (Dec 03, 2009)
Es gibt sie in letzter Zeit gefühlt häufiger, diese inspirierten Spiele mit Seele, die nicht das Hetzen zum Levelende, sondern das Erkunden, das Grübeln und das Forschen in den Vordergrund stellen. Das Spielprinzip ist gemütlich, entspannt, alles andere als hektisch - und doch bietet es Anspruch und Tiefe, verlangt und belohnt Experimentierfreude. Was man nicht zuletzt daran erkennt, dass es kein Tutorial im klassischen Sinne gibt - Ausprobieren ist angesagt. Und Liebhaben, was aber auch gar nicht anders geht, wenn man nicht gerade ein Herz aus Sauron hat: Alleine das spielerisch völlig nutzlose, aber wunderschön in Szene gesetzte Umarmen von Blob ist so niedlich, dass man heulen könnte. Klar, technisch dürfte das Spiel keinen Shooterfan aus den Socken hauen, ganz besonders, da es nur auf Wii erscheint. Aber in jedem einzelnen Pixel steckt eine Menge Liebe und Herzblut - und das dürfte weitaus wertvoller sein als ein möglichst hoher Polycount.
GameTrailers (Oct, 2009)
Though 2D games are by no means rare on the Wii, A Boy and His Blob manages to stand out. Its visual style is reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon, and it's easy to get sucked into its cohesive, HUD-less world. There are some definite high points, like the night time stages that showcase some great lighting effects. As for the low points, you'll encounter a couple of stages where it's rather difficult to differentiate between the foreground and background imagery. The soundtrack is also very subtle, relying on ambient noises with soothing tunes in moments of downtime, but quickly picking up during the more intense segments. A Boy and His Blob is a slow burn that requires patience, so those looking for a bit more action should stay mindful of this. However, if you're hankering for a great 2D platformer with clever, inventive puzzles, you'll find plenty to love here.
Gamervision (Oct 23, 2009)
As a child, A Boy and His Blob was one of my favorite Nintendo games, but it always frustrated me that I could never seem to get anywhere. Now that I realize it wasn’t me, but the gameplay, that was the problem, I am glad that Majesco and WayForward decided to breathe new life into the game with this re-imagining. It may be a little too simple for most gamers, especially those old enough to remember the original, but it never stops being fun. Those who enjoyed A Boy and His Blob twenty years ago will love this new take on an old classic, and even if you aren’t familiar with the source material, this is definitely a game worth playing.
GameZone (Nov 02, 2009)
Though it’s not necessarily a problem, a boy and his blob uses an old-school format for level completion: collect a few treasure chests and reach the goal. It works really well the first time you play through each stage. But after that you may not have the urge to play through them a second time. This is one of the drawbacks of a puzzle-based adventure game; the act of solving each scenario is so difficult that you remember the solution long after it has been found. Thus, when you go through a stage a second time, the fun of trying to figure out the solution is lost because you already have it. This in no way means a boy and his blob is without replay value. It just means that this is the kind of game you’ll play through once (or twice at the most), put it away, and want to come back to in a year (or five) when you’ve forgotten the coolest parts. An excellent and highly original puzzle-infused joyride of near-epic proportions.
1UP (Oct 13, 2009)
There's a stigma attached to hand-drawn games these days, a pervasive dismissal among gamers that anything 2D should probably be a cheap WiiWare game. But there's nothing cheap about A Boy and His Blob -- not its production values, and not its difficulty, which it builds the hard way through clever design. Just don't make the mistake of writing it off simply because it looks like a children's book come to life: It's a first-rate puzzle platformer. And it's so charming that you won't be able to help but make frequent use of that hug button.
It's good to see this NES classic making a comeback on the Wii. With a heartwarming story and neat visuals, it's worth a spin!
Games Finder (Nov 23, 2013)
If you’ve ever wanted to own your own blob as a pet (who loves to eat jellybeans) then the updated A Boy and His Blob game for Nintendo Wii will finally make your dreams come true (the game is based on the 1989 NES game).
80 (May 27, 2010)
„A Boy and His Blob“ ist ein gelungenes 2D-Jump’n‘Run, welches für jede Altersstufe geeignet ist. Es ist keine Fortsetzung oder ein Prequel zu den Vorgängen, sondern stellt eher einen Neuanfang der Serie dar. Die wunderschön gezeichneten Settings und die orchestralen Klänge fesseln den Spieler dabei schon zu Beginn, während ihm die gut angelegte Steuerung nicht den Wind aus den Segeln nimmt. Trotzdem hätte man aus dem Spiel mehr machen können, finden wir. Der sehr niedrige Schwierigkeitsgrad hätte nicht sein müssen und eine fehlende Veröffentlichung in Deutschland ist mehr als unangemessen. Alles in allem hat es sich von uns die acht Punkte redlich verdient. Auf eine mögliche Fortsetzung darf man derweil gespannt sein!
A Boy And His Blob is without doubt one of the most artistically accomplished games on the Wii. A few frustrations prevent us from recommending it wholeheartedly but if you're willing to see past its irritating little quirks you'll still be in for a treat.
Game Informer Magazine (Oct 13, 2009)
Despite these problems, there is something undeniably magnetic about the game. The lush environments, charming characters, and the infinite power of the hug button make it impossible to stay upset for too long. Like its namesake predecessor, a couple of days after setting the controller down, it’s hard not to look back on A Boy and His Blob and smile.
80 (Oct 21, 2009)
Pur con i suoi difetti, quindi, A Boy and His Blob è un gioco buono, di quelli che meritano di essere conservati nella propria collezione e di essere caricati ciclicamente, anche solo per godersi l'amore trasmesso da ogni abbraccio virtuale fra il protagonista e il suo amico alieno.
GamePro (US) (Oct 21, 2009)
Yet, no one says that a game has to move fast to be entertaining, and those blemishes are easily made up for by the title's creative use of strategy when attempting to solve its numerous platforming-puzzles. This again is a credit to this game's ingenuity and is something it shares with the original A Boy and His Blob, whose legacy is only strengthened by this great title.
GamesRadar (Oct 21, 2009)
With highly inventive gameplay and outstanding story-book visuals, the updated adventure of A Boy and His Blob is absolutely worth checking out again or for the first time. However, it’s the tender, subtle and often touching relationship between the two characters that’s ultimately so captivating. Whether it’s the boy calling his pal in alternately playful and impatient tones or the blob obediently hopping along, awaiting his next jellybean snack, this tale is as much about friendship as it about adventure. Nothing drives this point home more than the addition of the hug button that serves no other purpose than to make the boy snuggle his blob like a favorite teddy bear. Simply put: you’d have to have a frigid, icy heart to not love this game on some level.
GameSpot (Oct 20, 2009)
The 40 stages can take 10 hours or longer to play through, but there is even more to do after you finally vanquish the evil king. Each stage contains three hidden treasure chests, and if you find them all, you unlock a bonus stage. It can take quite a while to find every hidden chest and make your way through all 80 levels, and the game continually presents obstacles that will force you to make use of your jelly beans in clever new ways. The lovable protagonists are so endearing, and the levels so beautifully designed, that it's a pleasure just to make your way through these worlds and see everything they have to offer. And though the puzzles start off easy enough, they slowly ramp up in difficulty, tossing a number of imposing obstacles in your path before you figure out how to get around them. This is a great update to the NES original, a charming and rewarding game that stands tall alongside modern platformers.
Giant Bomb (Oct 23, 2009)
There's an unassuming thoughtfulness to A Boy and His Blob that, in an odd sort of way, has the feel of some of the better children's programming you might see on public television. It's not educational per se, but it values subdued atmosphere and elementary puzzle design over flashy, merchandise-friendly mascots with prepackaged catchphrases. Like public television, some might find it a little too sincere and slow-paced, but even if it doesn't suit your tastes, it's hard to deny the craft at work in A Boy and His Blob.
80 (UK) (Nov 04, 2009)
That's the game in a nutshell. There's no sense of urgency or pressure to break the mood. It's a game that invites you to wallow in its languid depths, wriggle your toes, stretch your brain a little and take in the view. So satisfying and immersive is this distinctive experience that even some rather ill-advised boss battles can't ruin the autumnal ambience. Gently challenging without being frustrating, and quietly ingenious in its construction, A Boy and His Blob is one of the Wii's sweetest surprises.
This unique, challenging and innovative game is a bit of a diamond in the rough and hopefully won’t fall away into obscurity again. WayForward Technologies have captured all that was good of the original, whilst perfecting what needs perfecting. A brilliant title, with only a few, that’s fitting for any gamers shelf.
D+PAD Magazine (Nov 18, 2009)
That said I’m loath to criticise A Boy and His Blob too much, such is the frequency with which it successfully hits its notes of wide-eyed innocence; the message of friendship and co-operation is delivered with a grace and an absence of pretension all too rare in gaming. To see WayForward’s lovely creation as a mere respite from the messy business of warfare and killstreaks is almost an insult to what they’ve achieved here. A Boy and His Blob deserves to be in everyone’s Wii collection, whatever their age.
79 (Nov 12, 2009)
There are certainly some frustrating moments in Boy & His Blob, however it is a fun and wonderfully designed platform game which can stand proud next to the likes of Super Mario Bros. The puzzles and the presentation are a joy to behold and while the load times are frustrating, there is no doubt that this is one of the most unique and charismatic games that the Wii has to offer. Boy and His Blob is a both a unique and wonderfully designed title. It's no Mario Bros but it's still a title worth considering.
Cheat Code Central (Oct, 2009)
On top of the campaign, there are an additional 40 challenge stages for even more gameplay. A Boy and His Blob is packed with a lot of content, and there's one thing it has more of than nearly any other game around: heart. It's a sweet, well-meaning game that manages to elicit an emotional response more effectively than most so-called art games. The relationship between the two main characters is remarkably real - so much so that the ending of the game comes off as bittersweet. Thankfully, the moment it ends you can return to the game, and the adventures of the boy and the blob can continue for as long as you'd like them to.
That we mainly remember the few bad moments from a meaty 40 levels of good bits is indicative of A Boy And His Blob as a whole. In the gorgeous art style, dialogue-free story and clever morphing there's lots to love, but the game's too much of a wimp to seize you by the lapel and demand you love them. We wanted a passionate embrace; we got a safe, snuggly hug. Forget jelly beans, A Boy And His Blob is a family-sized tin of Roses: several kilos of nondescript pleasantness.
IGN (Oct 09, 2009)
A Boy and His Blob is a fun and oftentimes beautiful 2D puzzle platformer that complements other Wii efforts like Muramasa and New Super Mario Bros. very nicely. I love the hand-drawn presentation and brain-teasing challenges, all of which revolve around the blob's 15 unique transformational abilities. And some of the run and jump obstacles and boss fights are entertaining, too. That said, I don't like the die-and-retry nature of the level designs, the overly complex control scheme, WayForward's decision to ignore all Wii remote functionality, and the jarring load times between and in levels. Despite its shortcomings, Blob's got charm and style, so if you consider yourself a fan of 2D games, you'll want to check this one out, especially since it's $10 cheaper than your average Wii purchase.
Gamekult (Nov 04, 2009)
Connu pour son amour de la 2D léchée et son travail du pixel, le développeur américain WayForward ne s'est pas contenté d'un simple remake du jeu original de David Crane, il l'a en grande partie réinventé en découpant son univers et son gameplay en petites portions taillées pour le public actuel. Ce nouvel A Boy and his Blob conserve pourtant un univers très uni, ainsi qu'une relation forte entre le garçon et le blob, palpable dans chacune de leurs interactions. On pourra bien sûr reprocher au titre une grande facilité et une prise en main parfois un peu raide, mais ces reproches ne pèsent pas suffisamment dans la balance pour faire oublier le plaisir visuel et les émotions positives qu'il procure. Aussi cliché que cela puisse paraître, se lancer dans l'aventure équivaut à vivre quelques heures dans une bulle d'innocence faite de complicité et de friandises qui ne peuvent faire de mal à personne.
Edge (Nov 06, 2009)
These later developments bring to the fore a dilemma in which many Wii developers find themselves: stuck between a rock and a hardcore place. An elegant, intuitive front end and adorable art style are a warm embrace to the newcomers, a hug in a landscape of sternly tutting fitness trainers. But what of the gamers who have paid WayForward’s bills, the Contra lovers and Shantae fan clubs? They're rewarded with extreme difficulty spikes, enacted by the amorphous lovelies of a Miyazaki film. A Boy and his Blob panders to the Wii’s unique audience all too well, dividing itself, and its impact, in the process.
70 (Nov 25, 2009)
The game's not going to get your adrenaline pumping. It's not Generic Shooter X on steroids, or By The Numbers RPG on speed. It's the kind of game Postman Pat would have made had he tried bedroom coding as a kid. It's like a long walk on a Sunday afternoon: There's no rush because the beef's got at least another hour in the oven and the football won't be on for another two. I've got an idea. I reckon 15-year-old chavs should be forced to play A Boy and His Blob after they put videos of themselves having a fit over Modern Warfare 2 on the internet. I wonder if David Crane would approve.
N-Europe (Nov 26, 2009)
Mario may be monopolising the classic platformer this season, but A Boy and His Blob definitely fills a gap on Wii with its brain-bending challenges. A gorgeous visual look to boot makes it well worthy of gem-status on the market.
DarkZero (Dec 04, 2009)
Had it not been for some of the more frustrating developments further along the line A Boy And His Blob would undoubtedly be coming with a full-on recommendation. Unfortunately it’s let down by a handful of issues. If you are a Wii owner looking for something a bit different, and incidentally if you’re a twenty five year old man who misses the days he could sit in his pants watching Going Live, then A Boy And His Blob is still definitely worth a look-in.
Gamestyle (Dec, 2009)
Clearly A Boy and his Blob has been lovingly created by a team who appreciate the original and overall have done a tremendous job. History is littered with resurrected retro games that fail badly on all counts yet this is a Nintendo Wii title that will appeal to all ages and the challenge levels will keep the more adventurous players transfixed. Finally Gamestyle has a genuine reason to dust down our Wii and experience something memorable.
The A.V. Club (Oct 19, 2009)
Unfortunately, these levels are all too brief, and the trial-and-error guesswork is nonexistent, since signs indicating exactly what to do are posted through most of the game. More of the unforgiving 8-bit logic has been cleared away, too, granting you an unlimited number of jellybeans, and only outfitting you with the ones necessary for every level. Without that sense of urgency or exploration, most of the levels feel completely interchangeable, no matter how charming they are. Additional, more challenging levels can be unlocked, but those also prove too short—and the imprecise controls can kill you even when you know exactly what you’re supposed to do. That frustration of knowing what’s needed but being unable to pull it off is much like the well-intentioned developer trying to reproduce this game’s source material, but falling short.
The Video Game Critic (May 14, 2011)
Thrill seekers should avoid this, but cerebral gamers should appreciate the innocent charm of a Boy and his Blob.