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RPGamer (2008)
Those who require palette swapping and an eternally increasing level to acknowledge progress between dungeon excursions will likely find other faults in Baroque. Define audio by how catchy or memorable the score is, graphics by texture density and anti-aliasing, story by clarity and linearity, enemies by how huggable they appear, and battle systems by depth and complexity, and Baroque is definitely a total failure of a game. For these people, a new Final Fantasy remake is surely on the horizon. For everyone who wants a new, different, and challenging experience, and, of course, all fans of rogue-likes, this is an excellent and rare opportunity to try an underrepresented and addicting genre.
RPGamer (2008)
Baroque is not a game for everyone. Its focus is on the danger of exploring a deep dungeon where anything can happen at any moment and not really on the story or the interactions between the characters. It is all about the creepy nature of what is there as well as the convoluted storyline that keeps the player guessing. It is well suited for players that love rogue-like games or simply love delving deeper into games to discover what has to be done on their own. Of course, playing by a FAQ will get the player through the game much quicker, but a lot of the feeling of accomplishment dissipates by doing so. For those that are looking for an intricate storyline, or a game that just feels epic, this game is definitely not for them.
63 (May, 2008)
Concluding...this game is made for a very specific group of gamers—the hardcore gamers who don't mind hours of pointless wandering. If you can put up with that, then you can put up with this game. I'm not in this niche of players, so I don't like the game that much.
Cubed3 (Aug 25, 2008)
Baroque is an odd one, even by roguelike standards. It has all the elements of the genre that will put off 'regular' players – random dungeons, deadly difficulty spikes, loss of items and experience on death – but it also suffers from technical shortcomings that even roguelike fans won't enjoy. And yet, despite all that, its unique method of storytelling, great characters, and simple-but-addictive gameplay allow it to offer a truly absorbing experience for the select few gamers that can look past its flaws and enjoy its quirks.
IGN (Apr 28, 2008)
Baroque is unique in concept but lacking in fun. That idea that you have to die in order to put the pieces of your life together is interesting and could work, but you still have to give the player a sense of direction and accomplishment. At the very least, running around the world and engaging in combat should be fun -- here, it isn't. There are plenty of people out there who don't know what to do with their own lives. I doubt very many of us want that lack of motivation recreated in our games. Unless you consider yourself a hardcore roguelike adventurer, Baroque will prove more convoluted than refreshing.
Overall it’s not a bad game, but then again it’s not a great game either.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 26, 2008)
Investing time and money into Baroque comes down to your tolerance for the genre - those experienced with ‘roguelike’ dungeon crawlers should find a lot of hidden depth here mixed in with an engaging story. For everyone else, Baroque is a more often than not, distant, vague and unfairly difficult experience you could probably do without.
Cheat Code Central (Apr, 2008)
Despite all of its problems, there are still a few redeeming aspects that hardcore hack-and-slash RPG fans may appreciate. It's a really tough game with decent replay value, and while the controls are poorly done, there's no denying the potential that Baroque has. It's unfortunate that a game with this much promise turned out to be a rather poor title. Let's just hope that Atlus and Sting have learned something from this outing and produce a much better RPG sometime in the near future. Until then, though, most people are going to want to avoid Baroque.
30 (Sep 23, 2008)
And so then, with forty long and irretrievable hours of my life behind me, I pressed the Wii eject button on Baroque for the final time. What relief! I promise you, pushing one little white button has never felt so good.