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GamingEvolution (Feb 23, 2010)
Just another day filled with boredom, not knowing what you want to do changing games every other minute… You pop in Tetris, solitaire, minesweeper, all games you have played mastered many times. The drag of just another ordinary day slipping by, well fear not, now there is Bittos+, a twist to the classic Tetris. With a style all its own, the creators of Bittos+ took an old, ordinary puzzle game and with some modification and innovations, made it their own.
Nintendo Life (Jan 27, 2010)
Please welcome bittos+ to the growing ranks of quality puzzle games on the Wii. Beneath the "yet another Tetris" façade lies a fast-paced, original puzzler that offers plenty of arcade action with nary a lull in sight. Despite the fact that you'll occasionally find it hard to see what you're doing the gameplay is very tight and addictive; though it would have been nice to have initials or Miis rather than generic names against high scores. If you're at all a fan of the genre you should definitely give it a go!
Game Revolution (Mar 05, 2010)
Bittos+ is an engaging puzzle experience and worth 800 Wiiware points. However, it's impossible to ignore the missed potential: It could have been bigger and more attractive without too much extra work. As it stands now, this is a concept for a puzzle game that I look forward to seeing refined for a more polished release in the future. That might truly be doubleplus good.
The A.V. Club (Feb 08, 2010)
The difficulty level of bittos+ desperately needs a middle ground. This puzzle game boils down to a Tetris look-alike where you can stop the block formations anywhere on the screen, clearing them away by forming squares. Standard play puts no limit on how long you can rotate your pieces and decide where to land them. The catch is that if a piece of a block isn’t used quickly enough, it solidifies and can only be removed by forming squares nearby. Leave solid blocks alone for too long, and they start replicating and filling up the board. The game offers two difficulty settings: “Mellow” lacks challenge, while “Wired” is a desperate battle. Given that the game prizes high scores and leaderboards, it’s a huge oversight that you can’t use your Mii; bittos+ only allows play with pre-made profiles…