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Destructoid (Mar 29, 2009)
All in all, the game is must-play for anyone studying game design and/or fans of high-pressure gameplay. Bit.Trip Beat feels like a an intentional deconstruction of videogames as a whole, with all forms of complexity stripped away in favor of delivering a simple, concentrated experience. This lack of pretense isn't totally new; WarioWare and Shadow of the Colossus both went for it in their own ways, but never to this extreme. All hoity-toity analysis aside, the game is just really fun, filled with catchy music, interesting design decisions, and both "eureka!" and "oh shit!" moments to spare. The only people I'd advise to stay away from the game are those who hate everything about gaming pre-1985. Everyone else will find at least $6 worth of fun here.
Nintendo Life (Mar 17, 2009)
BIT.TRIP BEAT takes the basic idea behind Pong and carefully crafts a more modern and musical version of the game that somehow retains all the easy-to-pick-up gameplay of the original, yet adds in just enough new elements to make it appealing to a whole new generation of gamers. Sure it would have been nice to have had a few more levels to play through and possibly a competitive multiplayer mode, but it's still difficult to fault the developers given the inexpensive 600 Wii Point price tag. About the only downside to having a game as much fun to play as BIT.TRIP BEAT is that with only 3 levels, you'll definitely be left wanting more. Of course, that's if you can finish it.
NintendoWorldReport (May 09, 2009)
Bit.Trip Beat is one of the best WiiWare titles available, featuring simple, fun, and addictive gameplay. Gamers interested in unique and original games should definitely download this title. Hopefully the rest of the Bit.Trip series will be as good as this title or better.
GameFocus (2009)
Bit.Trip Beat is my favourite reason to turn on my Wii recently and is a great showpiece to bring out at a party or when friends are visiting. The controls can be a little intimidating and it’s easy to get frustrated but it can also be really addictive. Bit.Trip Beat is a cheap, beautiful looking game that encapsulates what WiiWare should be.
True Game Headz (Mar 24, 2009)
Overall, “BIT.TRIP BEAT” accomplishes its mission, “to make a game that used the tools of today to inspire the fun of yesterday,” quite well, and, as an added bonus, at an affordable price of 600 WIi Points. The price also makes it pretty easy to overlook some of the game’s shortcomings. This is one WiiWare title that comes with fresh gameplay, an awesome soundtrack, and some stunning, yet possibly seizure enduing graphics, and if you’re up for the challenge you should definitely download, what will hopefully be, the first entry into a long “BIT.TRIP” series.
IGN (Mar 13, 2009)
Overall the experience is pretty entertaining, and at a price point of $6 it’s tough to pass up. With that being said, players expecting too much might be let down, as the game is three tracks total (basically 200 points a song, which is the same as any Rock Band DLC really), and it’s all about replaying them and getting better scores. If you’re into retro gaming though, and if the style and sounds of Bit.Trip Beat have intrigued you enough to follow the game – or if you find yourself interested now – it’s a great buy. There are some oddities to it, considering its simplistic nature and very basic visuals, but it’s also a great game to boot up for a few minutes between other titles, and a great first step for the Bit.Trip franchise.
UOL Jogos (Jul 17, 2009)
"Bit. Trip Beat" já era um dos melhores games para download o Wii e "Core" consegue de maneira incontestável superar essa honra. Mais bonito, desafiante e criativo, é um jogo que faz valer os 6 dólares do preço, ainda que seja uma experiência tão curta.
GameSpot (Mar 20, 2009)
Despite some bizarre setbacks, Bit.Trip Beat is a fantastically fun game that challenges your hand-eye coordination and pattern-recognition skills to the extreme, all while dazzling you with its bright, retro visuals. Though it's an all-too-brief experience and suffers from some debilitating quirks, its fun and addictive gameplay, catchy tunes, and captivating visuals make Bit.Trip Beat a decent value at only 600 Wii Points.
70 (UK) (May 26, 2009)
For that reason, the game's brevity is a positive, ensuring Bit Trip Beat burns brightly without having to grind on after it's extinguished its best ideas. The result is a brisk, radiant creation, presenting a nostalgic celebration of the medium's beginnings as well as a bold testament to how those narrow compulsions that inspired people to play videogames thirty years ago are, in fact, timeless.
Game Revolution (Apr 03, 2009)
Going past its flaws, Bit.Trip Beat is a solid buy for 600 Wii Points. It's a fitting revival of one of the oldest, yet most memorable, games ever - this time for the 2000s.