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Mag'64 (Dec 10, 2009)
Blazing Lazers ist zwar kein besonders innovativer Shooter, aber all das, was ein guter Shooter mitbringen sollte, wird hier in einer mehr als ausreichenden Menge geboten. Das leicht zugängliche Gameplay, die optische Darbietung und die mitreißende Sounduntermalung ergeben ein hervorragendes Gesamtpaket, dass jeden einzelnen seiner Wii-Points wert ist und sich kein Shooter-Freund entgehen lassen sollte. Zudem dürfte der günstige Kaufpreis jedem die Kaufentscheidung zugunsten dieser TurboGrafx-Perle versüßen.
Nintendo Life (May 21, 2007)
Debate still rages about which shooter is the best. Many fans feel that the aforementioned Super Star Soldier improves on Gunhed, others feel the opposite. Whatever viewpoint you might have, there's no denying that Gunhed stands out as one of the finest shooters money can buy and ranks as a truly essential download.
IGN (May 29, 2007)
And it holds up today. Blazing Lazers is another strong entry into the already diverse array of options for shooter fans on the Virtual Console. It might not have the power to dethrone some other options, like Gradius III or R-Type III – but, at the same time, it's two dollars cheaper than those. It's certainly the most validly valuable of those titles available at the 600 Wii Point pricetag, and the best shooter available to have originally come from the TurboGrafx. Give it a look – just be prepared to be confused at first at its perplexing path to powering up.
GameSpot (May 22, 2007)
From start to finish, the game clocks in with nine stages that each take roughly five minutes to get through. Extra lives are easy to earn, and you get four continues on top of that. Of course, while you can theoretically finish the whole thing in 45 minutes, you'll likely need a few practice runs before you're good enough to overcome the last couple of stages. Unfortunately, the game doesn't offer a two-player option, and there aren't any extra modes (such as a score attack or boss rush) to kill time with. Since you can't play along with a friend and there's just the one play mode, Blazing Lazers probably isn't going to captivate you for weeks at a time. For at least a few days, though, you'll spend a sufficient amount of time blowing stuff up and working your way through the final hellish stages that you'll ultimately feel that the 600 Wii points ($6) you paid to play Blazing Lazers on your Wii was worth it.
60 (UK) (May 25, 2007)
Weapons upgrades are plentiful - often boosting your firepower every few seconds - but enemies are comparatively sparse and put up little resistance. Compared to the hardcore reputation of some titles, Blazing Lazers is a disappointingly sedate walk in the park.