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Atari Gravitar
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Everyone 10+
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36 people (13 developers, 23 thanks)

tons of bits

ProducersIvica Aracic, Bogac Sariaydin, Steve Welz
Game DesignIvica Aracic, Bogac Sariaydin, Steve Welz


Lead ProgrammmingIvica Aracic
Programming TeamDenis Sinner, Gio Coloma Heidel


Creative DirectorBogac Sariaydin
Graphic AssistanceChristine Emrich, Marcel Stobinski

3D Modelling

3D ArtistSteve Welz

Quality Assurance

Lead TesterNora Schwarzl
Additional Testerstons of bits team

Audio - Dynamedion

MusicAlexander Röder
Sound FXCarsten Rojahn


Translation4-Real Intermedia

Special Thanks

Corncobmaaaan + Piñata VoiceBeyce Sariaydin
Special ThanksAndrea, Carmen, Chiara, Dieu, Edu, Elena, Gonca, Kitty, Koy, Marco, Margit, Mari, Maria, Markus, Mero, Miho, Mischa, Sven, Tâm, Vincent, Xiaoying, Yicao, Ying

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (257787)

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