AI Partner

According to the GamesRadar feature Gaming's Most Important Evolutions this was the first game with an AI partner.


It's interesting to note that the main character's animation in this game (and its Game Boy sequel) is exactly the same as in some of David Crane's earlier games, such as Pitfall! and The Activision Decathlon.

Cancelled Sequel

A sequel to this game, titled A Boy and His Blob: Jelly's Cosmic Adventure, was announced for release on the Game Boy Advance sometime in 2002. The title, also designed by David Crane, was never completed and ultimately cancelled.

That seems familiar...

The splash screen logo paired with the opening riff of the theme music deliberately evoke the Indiana Jones franchise. The game's title, on the other hand, evokes the 1946 movie A Boy And His Dog, a title later revisited by stories by Harlan Ellison in the '70s and their film adaptation.

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