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Disney Guilty Party Credits

138 people (113 developers, 25 thanks)


Studio HeadThomas Kang
Production DirectorJonathan Krusell
Game DirectorPatrick Curry
Lead WriterMatthew Soell
Art DirectorCef Grima
Lead Environment ArtistChris Cobb
Lead Character ArtistMatt Carter
Lead AnimatorCedric Busse
Concept ArtistEric Huang
Lead Minigame ArtistPavle Kovacic
Lighting ServicesPaul Chamnankit
Animation ServicesMike Antonicelli, Ted Gordon, Red Eye Studio
Concept Art ServicesKay Huang
UI Art ServicesBig Machine
Art ServicesSteve Abeyta, fxLabs, GameVision, Michael P. Hadwin
Lead DesignerAllen Turner
Senior DesignerDoug Zartman
DesignerDaniel Loane
Additional DesignJohn Williams
Design ServicesDavid Turkiewicz, Cynthia Miller
Technical DirectorFletcher Dunn
Senior ProgrammerSteve Sengele
ProgrammersNick Schrag, Pavel Krajcevski, Ben Perez, Mike Pratscher, Tom Eastman
Additional ProgrammingRaj Sharma
Programming ServicesRene Rivera
Senior ProducerRyan Snyder
ProducerJustin Fischer
Associate ProducerRyan Wiemeyer
Undergraduate Associates, QASebastian Gosztyla, Tony Perkins
OFFICE MANAGERCaroline Kang, Melissa Graves
WritingWritten by Wideload Games
Literacy and Editing ServicesOpen Books
Voiceover RecordingResolution Digital Studios Chicago, Bad Animals Seattle, Outpost Studios Inc. San Francisco, Lotas Productions New York City
Featuring the English voice talent ofTim Dadabo, John Hoogenakker, Craig Brolley, Amanda McKnight, Amy Warren, Donna Jay Fulks, Ilyssa Fradin, Elizabeth Ledo
Music byMichael Salvatori
Theme Song VocalsAmy Warren
Sound EffectsSomatone Interactive Audio
Graphic DesignSchiffman Creative Inc.
Video EditingSlack Circus
Web DesignSimply Interactive Inc.
Wideload Special ThanksThank you to all of our family and friends who inspired supported and loved us through the creation of this game. This one's for you.


ProducerKeith Michaelis
Senior ProducerShannon Monroe
Executive ProducerCraig D. Ostrander
Design ProducerDana Dispenza
Art DirectorMichael J. Casalino
Director, TechnologyGreg McBride
Director, VisualsJay Riddle
Assistant ProducerEric Chauvin
Global Brand ManagerSteven M. Dodson
Director, Global Brand MarketingTed Chi
Mgr, Consumer InsightsNarine Moradian
Sr. Mgr, Consumer InsightsSarah Cain
Manager, Public RelationsMaral Kaloustian
PR CoordinatorDianne Baker
Director, Creative ServicesDiane Levy
Senior Manager, Creative ServicesMelanie Beard
Design Services ManagerMonica Freeland
Associate Traffic ManagerJessica Klein
Creative Services AssociateBrittany Sponsler
Video Media ManagerBrian Hennessy
Senior Manager, OperationsRenci Rosas
Product Evaluation LeadStephan Reese
Assistant Producer, Creative DevelopmentSean Kearney
Director, Creative DevelopmentLuigi Priore
Manager, 1st Party RelationsJameelah Bealum, Dav Jalaf
Localization ProducerAlison Lau
Senior Localization ManagerSonia Souto-Sieiro
Senior Marketing ManagerCol Kennedy
Assistant Manager, 1st Party RelationsJen Wilder
Marketing DirectorCéline Bannino
Director, Production OperationsFlavia Timiani-Dean
Quality Assurance Project Lead - USByron Guerrero
Quality Assurance Sr. Testers - USVesper Burnett, Blake Meisenheimer
Quality Assurance Sr. Tester - LocalizationImran Göychayev
Quality Assurance Testers - USElliott J. Ehlig, Ryan Mozena
Quality Assurance Certification Lead - USKevin Chao
QA Sr. Tester - Burn LabAmir Hematyar
Quality Assurance Project Leads - EuropeAmy Bamber, Gerald Bampoe
Mastering TechnicianJohn Hegarty
Quality Assurance Certification Supervisor - USJason Furler
Quality Assurance SupervisorsLuigi Pardo, Tharlie Richardson
Project Supervisor Quality AssuranceDoug Quackenbush
Quality Assurance Manager - USKen Eaton
Quality Assurance Manager - EuropeDavid Pettit
Director of Quality AssuranceGary Stevens
Disney Special ThanksAlexander Seropian, Amy Kalson, Blair Rose McLaughlin, Cammie Dunaway, Cyndi McGarrah, Davin Ye, Debbie Shields, Fred Oliva, GlobalStep LLC, Hattie Eick, Johnette Brown, Jordan M. Albert, Logan Vasquez, Lynn Fernando, Philip Bailey, Qualitative Insights, Randy Chua, Saaren Ghazi, Suzy Tabakian, Taliesin Jaffe
Production BabiesClara Suhn Kang, A. E. Curry, Travis Hartisan Dunn, Harrison Mattias Guerrero

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Credits for this game were contributed by Daniel Loane (55)

atari breakout