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Game Shark (Oct 20, 2010)
As a single-player title, Guilty Party is ideal for kids; however, as a party game for the whole family, this is nothing short of delightful. If you're a parent who happens to be looking for something that you can play with your kids without getting bored, then don't hesitate to pick this up.
The Game Hoard (Sep 26, 2020)
Viewing Guilty Party just for its gameplay shows that the core mystery solving and the design surrounding how you investigate each case still does a wonderful job of making a game out of the detective work, the minigames and ability cards a lovely cherry on top that adds interesting complications and more typical play to the process. The degree of personality infused into the plot and characters though is where Guilty Party evolves beyond just being a fun way to make mystery solving into a family friendly multiplayer video game. This truly feels like something deserving of the Disney name, the style and story delightful and the quality of the gameplay shining through because of it.
Destructoid (Aug 30, 2010)
Despite some sticking points in the mini-game department, its quirky personality and replay value make Guilty Party one of the best multiplayer party games to hit the Wii. If you regularly play games with your family or friends, Wideload’s “whodunit” shouldn’t be missed.
Nintendo Life (Nov 10, 2010)
Glowing with personality and charm and utilising unique logic-based sleuthing gameplay that any classic Carmen Sandiego fan will enjoy, Disney Guilty Party is humorous, addictive and very fun. The mini-games are entertaining and accessible and the game includes enough customisability to suit any player, even dynamically altering the level of challenge to meet your gamer needs. Story Mode is a bit on the short side and each round of Party Mode is similar at its core, so things will get a touch stale after extended play, but otherwise this is the perfect game for a get-together or a family night. Indeed, this is just the type of title for which the Wii was designed.
IGN (Aug 31, 2010)
Overall, Guilty Party is a great game for families and more casual players. The characters and gameplay both have an all-ages appeal that’s hard to come by in most games today. Since it plays more like a board game than a traditional videogame, it’s accessible to gamers of all skill levels. At the same time, nothing feels particularly dumbed down in order to make this happen. There’s not much of a single-player experience, but it’s one of the best multiplayer games I’ve played on the Wii.
Game Informer Magazine (Aug 25, 2010)
Though they’re hardly compelling, the minigames are at least numerous and easy to learn. I never repeated the same tasks often enough to get bored with them, but I also never found myself confused when new mechanics were introduced. They basically operate as a minor and inoffensive distraction for families and friends. If you’re a fan of board games or enjoy gathering people around the TV to play together, Guilty Party will have you scouring for evidence and unmasking crooks for weeks.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 19, 2010)
Overall, Guilty Party is an impressive party/family game. A lot of effort was put into creating an experience where both young, inexperienced players and older, advanced players could join together and not feel alienated by the concept. The ingenuity behind the cases mixed with the ability to play every part of the game with four players and tweak difficulty settings make Guilty Party a title worth pursuing.
Worth Playing (Sep 27, 2010)
As a single-player game, Disney Guilty Party is merely good. The mysteries are good, but the game's pacing suffers due to the lack of other detectives who want to thwart or help your case. As a multiplayer game, it has the trappings necessary to be as frequently played as one of the good Mario Party games. While the minigames aren't too exciting, the ability for multiple players to solve the mystery cooperatively or competitively offers something different and more intellectually stimulating in comparison to similar games on the market. For a game in a genre that is so easily dismissed by most gamers, Disney Guilty Party turned out to be a very good title. Disney Guilty Party is a must-have for any Wii gamer.
Joystiq (Sep 08, 2010)
So while more hardcore players may scoff at the very idea of party games, and Guilty Party definitely doesn't necessarily avoid the inherent pitfalls of the genre, it's still some of the most fun you'll have on your Wii with a crew of interested buddies. Go get 'em, gumshoes.
Game Revolution (Sep 01, 2010)
Despite several artificial restraints, Guilty Party is proof that you can turn a board game, a detective story, and mini-games - if just by combining them all together - into a title that doesn't incite collective yawns. The industry needs more titles like this, not only to convince parents and kids, but also to convince developers that educational, 'E' for Everyone games can actually be fun. And Disney, once again, is leading the charge.
If you’re looking for a family friendly whodunit game, Guilty Party is likely your only alternative. Fortunately, it is a good one with its zany characters, humorous antics, ridiculous story, and easy to get into gameplay. However, if you’re looking for good gameplay, you may find the included mini-games to be a letdown, as most aren’t exactly fun or particularly challenging. In the end, although Guilty Party could simply be labeled as just another mini-game compilation, its charm, humor, and story make it feel significantly more substantial than the plethora of soulless “fifty games in one” titles that continue to crowd store shelves.
Armchair Empire, The (Nov 19, 2010)
Although not much of a gameplay challenge for anybody over the age of 10, the Clue-like gameplay structure of Disney Guilty Party provides a nice little mystery party for wannabe detective Wii gamers.
Even when it’s at its worst, though, Guilty Party is saved from mediocrity by the fact that you can play with friends. After you complete the amusing Story mode, you can revisit familiar locations and solve remixed mysteries that are as convoluted or as simple as you like. If there are a lot of young sleuths in your household, rent the game and see how much fun everyone has. As the Commodore might say, the proof of the pudding is in the playing. Okay, so he probably wouldn’t say that…