Donkey Kong Country Returns Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Title screen
Main Menu
Opening FMV
Out pops this little thing
And this big guy
The little guy starts hypnotizing the animals
And using them as steal all the bananas no less!
Luckily Donkey Kong can't be hypnotized, and he won't stand for this crap
Overworld (full view)
Overworld (zoomed)
Smashing stuff for bananas
Falling pillars
DKCR has some very impressive backgrounds
Bonus room
This **** is bananas
Diddy Kong returns. This time he rides on Kong's back at all times and can be used for a boost thanks to his jetpack
Barrel blasting is back
..and Boom goes the Dynamite
Post stage statistics
Inventory menu, similar to Mario Bros. 3
Climbing some treacherous territory
Familiar piranha plants...
Taking out a bird with Kong's roll attack
Cranky Kong is back, this time selling you goods in exchange for coins found throughout the game
For the win