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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - My Life as a King Screenshots (Wii)

User Screenshots

Wii version

Title screen
Sir Dewey talks of the lands he has visited.
Mogroe and his brothers have delusions of grandeur.
Praying at the shrine of strength.
So it begins.
Chime in morning audience
Additional content
New of horrible monsters are brought in my your loyal warriors.
Chime does this pose _constantly_.
What a cute little monarch.
Hugh defends your stupidity.
Builing a house.
The inhabitant, though confused, is grateful.
Building selection screen
Placing a building.
Conversations are available with people who have green faces over them.
Darryl wants to serve.
Everyone's favourite FF:CC moogle makes a return.
Travelers visiting the city can be found in the local Inn.
The Dark Lord reveals himself.
A wandering merchant she
The moogle brothers are at your service.
Checking on your adventurers stats.
Visiting the peasantry.
Personal information
A mysterious puffin
Detailed reports
The king in his "holiday" clothes. This is sure to please the peasants.
The world map
Talking to your underlings will fill them with pride and stat bonuses.
A nice park
Moogle bards make for lovely song...
The armor shop is out for investors.
This citizen doesn't quite trust you with his tax dollars.
An alternate costume for Chime, and a screen for viewing your bonus medals.
Reports on the monsters
A vision of the old king... Epitav.
Etta has become a black mage.
Battle report from a party of adventurers