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The Video Game Critic (Jun 15, 2012)
Keep in mind that some games can last as long as two hours. Even so, time seems to fly when you play Fortune Street. My friend Steve and I missed the entire seventh game of the Stanley Cup because of this!
The A.V. Club (Dec 12, 2011)
Whether playing against computer opponents or friends, Fortune Street is unrelenting and unpredictable, balancing controlled calculations with dice luck and opponents scooping properties from under you, while sinister music plays. The game has a pronounced rhythm, occasionally interrupted by annoying, extraneous fodder. Each board has an arcade square where you play mini-games like dart-toss, which award or punish net worth in totally random ways. Plus, it’s difficult to maintain a consistent strategy when it’s a chore to simply look at the whole board at once—a task way less intuitive than it should be. And just in case the game couldn’t speak for itself, computer avatars taunt you with vague, repetitive threats, like when you take over a district and Bowser says, “Now I totally want to beat [your name]!” Still, it’s a small price to pay for that hectic race back to the bank, when multiple players have reached the target amount and everyone’s just lookin’ for a little luck.
Game Informer Magazine (Dec 02, 2011)
Whatever its minor quirks, I can’t overstate my satisfaction with Fortune Street. Though it’s technically developed by Square Enix, Nintendo’s choice to finally publish this series in North America shows some awareness on its part. The publisher seems to have heard the persistent whining of board game fans bored to death with brain-dead Mario Party releases. With the addition of both local and online multiplayer, Fortune Street is a much smarter, infinitely more playable title. If you’re a fan of board games, it deserves your support.
1UP (Dec 02, 2011)
Really, Fortune Street only suffers from a few small issues. As I mentioned in my recent preview, the lack of thematic applications for individual board spaces is disappointing and makes the licensed tie-ins seem essentially superficial; buying a generic bake shop is a lot less interesting than buying Princess Peach's Cakery Bakery would be. And the uneven single-player experience is a letdown, though perhaps that's to be expected from a board game. They are, after all, inherently social experiences. And Fortune Street excels as a social experience: The sort of thing that fosters knock-down, drag-out competition over the course of long, grueling hours. Just the thing for the holidays, really.
Cubed3 (Mar 29, 2012)
It is a shame that this debut of Square Enix’s unsung hero will probably fall between the cracks of traditional board game lovers and video game players. Boom Street is an original game that deserves to do well in the West. It is well presented and provides a big challenge for single players and lots of game time for board game aficionados.
Quarter to Three (Dec 06, 2011)
Fortune Street has online play against complete strangers, but who’s that desperate, especially when the AI is good. However, this is an ideal hotseat game, since there aren’t any hidden pieces (I’m still astonished at how poorly Culdcept fumbled this). But if you’re planning on introducing Fortune Street to the family, good luck. A simplified rule set is available, but this ain’t no Mario Party any more than it’s a Monopoly clone. If your kids/wife/girlfriend/parents can grok a finicky numbers game, this will be right up their alley. But otherwise, this is a videoboardgame for hardcore strategy nerds. Who don’t mind playing with Miis.
Wiiloveit (Jan 11, 2012)
In summary, Fortune Street is by no means a system seller, and the gameplay itself will create a divide amongst players for its love-hate premise. It's a very odd crossover to begin with, but because of the pace and the setup of the entire package, I wouldn't blame anyone who quickly remarks that game wouldn't be for them. While it won't resonate with everyone, its solid gameplay mechanics and strong focus on enterprise and strategic undermining ensure that Fortune Street won't soon be forgotten.
NintendoWorldReport (Dec 05, 2011)
Fortune Street is a deep board game experience that is great if you have people to play with, but it can overstay its welcome in single-player. If you have friends that love Monopoly, or if you want a deep and lasting experience for the Wii, Fortune Street is one of the best of its genre on the system.
Nintendo Life (Dec 07, 2011)
Taken on its own merits, Fortune Street offers some tremendous potential for fun. The experience is hampered somewhat by its complexity, but that's nothing that can’t be overcome with a little bit of practice. Your mileage will depend entirely upon the patience of those you play it with, and not all gamers will stick around long enough to learn the nuances of the game's strategy. Those who do, however, will be glad they did.
GamezGeneration (Jan 17, 2012)
Die Straßen des Glücks lässt sich wohl am Besten als eine Mischung aus Monopoly und Mario Party beschreiben. Minispiele spielen hier eine untergeordnete Rolle, denn vielmehr geht es darum das ganz große Geld durch kluge Entscheidungen und eine gehörige Portion Glück zu scheffeln. Die Spielpartien bleiben lange durch die Glückskomponente spannend und können mitunter auch für Frust sorgen, wenn ihr kurz vor dem Sieg doch noch alles verliert. Dank charismatischer Charaktere und der kunterbunten Aufmachung eignet sich Die Straßen des Glücks als lohnenswerte Party-Anschaffung, die einige Zeit motivieren kann!
Inside Gaming (Jan 09, 2012)
Though a handful of lacking options ding the game’s value, Fortune Street is still a blast to play. It marries the classic sensibilities of a board game while embracing the complexity afforded by video games. If you have a stack of board games in the closet, this game is made for you.
75 (Jan 19, 2012)
Hoewel de verpakking anders doet vermoeden, is Boom Street geen variant op Mario Party. In plaats van simpele minigames speel je in dit geavanceerde bordspel een uitgebreide variant van Monopoly. Ondanks het onnodige Nintendo-sausje is Boom Street een sterk bordspel.
Impulse Gamer (Jan, 2012)
If you're looking for a game for the whole family to play or you're a lover of well made board games, than you really should investigate Boom Street for the Nintendo Wii. Not only do the developers pay homage to the board games of yesteryear but it has this real 21st century feel to it, especially with the smooth animation and fun characters.
Tech-Gaming (Dec 09, 2011)
It’s little wonder that Nintendo opted to publish Fortune Street during the holiday season. With a household full of eager gamers, the title has the potential to cultivate animated matches reaching far into the evening hours. Although the game’s boulevards may not be bountiful enough to sustain solitary players, there are enough captivating mechanics and depth to warrant a walk down Fortune Street’s avenues for table-top game appreciating troupes.
Worth Playing (Dec 08, 2011)
Whether or not Fortune Street would be a good game for you depends on your answers to a few important questions. Do you enjoy playing lengthy board games? Do you have at least one other friend who enjoys playing those board games with you? Do you not mind a game that only opens up as you spend more time with it ? Are you looking for some depth to your board games? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you'll like Fortune Street as a multiplayer experience. Even fans of the genre will find the somewhat unfair single-player experience to be off-putting, despite the new boards and characters. For everyone else, it'll be a solid rental as long as you go through the options and tailor each game to last about an hour.
At the end of the day Fortune Street is an interesting game to say the least. It offers up two gaming universes coming together to provide one original videogame board game experience. The depth of this title is much more than I had expected it be, but that being said, the depth Fortune Street offers is also one of its main weaknesses, as the game sessions take a long time to play and there is not a lot of interactivity for the multiplayer component. At the end of the day, should you be a true board game fan, and you have friends who are the same, I can’t see any problem recommending this game to you; however, those looking for the next great party game may want to stay away, as this is far from a true party game experience. Is Fortune Street a bad game? I would say definitely not, but it does seem to be aimed at a particular audience that’s for sure.
Boom Street is an interesting little title that certainly won't appeal to everyone, but will please fans of traditional board games. It adds enough changes to the standard Monopoly formula to make it feel unique and the Easy Rules option means family members of all ages can get involved. An interesting addition to the Wii library.
So, where does Fortune Street ultimately stand after all of its strengths and flaws are considered at length? That depends almost entirely on how many friends you have who are willing to play old Wii games with you. If you’re fortunate enough to have a gang of experienced players that regularly gets together to enjoy this sort of game, or if you take the game online and find an interesting group of strangers or meet up with Internet friends, you can hardly hope to do better. If you’re playing alone, though (either because you have no friends or because you’re trying to unlock more maps), you may eventually find yourself wondering why you’re even bothering.
GamesRadar (Dec 02, 2011)
Fortune Street is one of those games that isn't going to appeal to everyone, but those it does appeal to will be totally enthralled with it despite its handful of annoyances. If you like Monopoly but wish the strategy were a little more robust, Fortune Street is game you've been waiting for.
Vandal Online (Dec 26, 2011)
Sin querer meternos en más charcos de los necesarios, un título muy peculiar y único en su especie que merece la pena probar, por momentos adictivo, aunque con un ritmo especialmente lento y pausado, no apto para todos, y que si no vamos a jugar en compañía, se puede hacer un poco aburrido.
Games TM (Dec 28, 2011)
A handful of minor niggles, like the inability to pause outside the start of your own turn, and the rather cautious approach of CPU competitors, detract little from an uncommonly smart and genuinely tactical game. It might have fared even better without its primary-coloured fripperies but Boom Street remains good enough to turn a blind eye to its rather untimely celebration of capitalism.
70 (Jan 05, 2012)
Lasst euch also nicht von der bunten Aufmachung täuschen: Straßen des Glücks ist kein billiges Fuchtel-Party-Spielchen für Gelegenheitsspieler. Schön, dass es diese, immerhin von Dragon-Quest-Vater Yuji Horii erdachte Reihe endlich in den Westen geschafft hat. Auch wenn es dieses Mal eine Weile gedauert hat.
Destructoid (Jan 11, 2012)
Fortune Street is so dense, complicated, and time consuming that it's hard to imagine that your average mini-game fan will be able to get into it, especially if they were expecting a short and shallow series of 30-second competitions. Factor in how dry and personality-free the game can be, and you have a real tough sell for those looking for anything less than the most complex multiplayer finance-based board game on the market. That said, if you like the idea of an online-enabled Super Monopoly Streets Fighter II Turbo, then this game will more than do the job for you.
Gamekult (Jan 12, 2012)
Il s'agit simplement d'une alternative au Monopoly, en plus tactique, grâce à un système de placements qui récompense la ruse. Si l'on oubliera rapidement les "règles simples" mises au point pour cette version Wii, vraiment sans intérêt, le titre devrait combler les amateurs de jeux de plateau. Seules conditions : opter pour la vitesse de jeu la plus rapide, sans quoi Course à la fortune se joue à un rythme de tortue, et surtout se réunir à plusieurs, à moins d'aimer vouloir laisser l'ordi imposer sa loi, celle de la gruge éhontée. Précisons également que le titre plaira surtout aux joueurs patients et cérébraux, prêts à assimiler les règles avant de se lancer dans de (très) longues sessions de jeu. Le mode en ligne reste une alternative de premier choix, même si le faible nombre de joueurs et les déconnexions intempestives risquent de rendre l'expérience bien amère.
70 (Jan 18, 2012)
Alla luce di tutto questo, il gioco offre sicuramente soddisfazioni a chi è appassionato del genere. Se l'interfaccia fosse stata un po' più chiara (in alcuni casi è difficile capire a chi appartengano le proprietà) e fosse stato inserito qualche mini gioco in più, magari virando un po' più verso lo stile Mario Party, sicuramente La Via della Fortuna avrebbe potuto ottenere una valutazione superiore. Se in ogni caso possedete un Wii e vi siete stancati di giocare al Monopoly ufficiale (disponibile ormai da tempo sulla console Nintendo), l'ultimo arrivato di casa Square Enix rimane comunque un acquisto consigliato.
XGN (Jan 13, 2012)
Dat moeten ze zeker doen, want Boom Street is een stuk leuker als je het met zijn vieren speelt, ongeacht hoe oud je bent. Speel je alleen, dan moet je gapend toekijken naar de acties die de computer maakt en dat wordt op den duur saai. Doodsaai zelfs. De game had dit goed kunnen maken door extra spelopties als mini-games toe te voegen, maar die schitteren helaas door afwezigheid. Boom Street is daarom vooral aan te raden in een goed gezelschap dat wel in is voor een (on)vriendelijk wedstrijdje totale dominatie. Kun jij al die macht aan?
Boom Street is a pleasant and surprisingly enjoyable board game for those who have the time and patience to actually be able to sit through a few games.
IGN (Dec 02, 2011)
It’s a clever take on the Monopoly formula, and playing online offers a great option for people who can’t find a buddy to play with at home. If you love lengthy board games, or are looking to take a chance on a very different gaming experience, Fortune Street might be worth your investment. Otherwise, just stick to the Nintendo version of Monopoly and look to the Wii’s other offerings for your video game needs.
GameFocus (2012)
Fortune Street is a game that is doomed to end before it’s supposed to. To many, the learning curve can be far too headache-inducing to enjoy for an extended amount of time. Getting used to the rules is one thing, but continuing to play these incredibly long game sessions is both tiresome and not rewarding in the least bit. Mini-games and free play modes certainly aid in giving the experience more variety, but still does not cure the large amount repetitive gameplay. The classic property-stealing nature of this board game may appeal to some, but when it all comes down to it, there’s not quite enough here that gives reason to put away Monopoly on family game night.
GameTrailers (Dec 22, 2011)
There’s a lot of strategy to explore in Fortune Street, but it can drag on with games averaging two hours long, and it’s a bit dull even if you like this sort of thing. In the right circumstances, it can be rewarding, but you really need a group of like-minded friends to make it worth your while.
Spazio Games (Jan 16, 2012)
La via della fortuna è un titolo estremamente divertente solo se si è appassionati di giochi in scatola e di lunghe serate in compagnia di amici. Il titolo potrebbe essere erroneamente scambiato per il classico party game di turno, invece Nintendo e Square Enix hanno confezionato un prodotto che strizza l'occhio al grande Monopoly. Quindi, se siete giocatori che non rientrano nella categoria sopracitata, vi consigliamo una prova preventiva, per capire cosa aspettarvi dal titolo.
65 (Jan 26, 2012)
Monopoly è un grande gioco, e sicuramente merita più di 6,5; proprio per questo motivo, se non lo conoscete, aggiungete diversi punti al voto qui a fianco. La Via della Fortuna tuttavia ne è una versione elettronica, e dobbiamo valutarla in quest'ottica: l'online c'è (limitato e con pochi utenti, purtroppo), i tabelloni sono molti e ci sono i personaggi di Super Mario e Dragon Quest, ma l'essenza è quella di Monopoly, immutata. Non ci sono aggiunte degne di nota, e l'interazione è minima. Un grandissimo gioco da tavolo, ma "solo" un discreto videogioco.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Jan 20, 2012)
En tant qu'agence de notation de jeux digne de ce nom, JVN se voit obligé de faire baisser la note de Course à la Fortune. La faute à des perspectives de jeu limitées en solo, ainsi qu'à une réalisation indigne d'un éditeur habitué aux productions AAA. Dommage, car son concept et son intérêt à plusieurs auraient pu lui assurer de rejoindre les grandes puissances du Party Game.
60 (Jan 05, 2012)
Ultimately, Fortune Street is still largely random, and it’s not a shining example of mechanical greatness like those unplugged games we like so much. But it’s way better than Monopoly, and similar enough to it to get people to take the step.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan 31, 2012)
Boom Street is zeker niet slecht, maar het saaie karakter, de hoge prijs en de '60 Hz' verplichting maken dat deze game een erg mager beestje is vergeleken met recente Wii toppers.
60 (Jan 03, 2012)
Mario turns property tycoon in a relatively successful alternative to Monopoly, but a very disappointing crossover.
60 (UK) (Jan 10, 2012)
Even if you work your way through the option menus to select the speediest settings for everything, I'm not entirely sure who the audience for this game is meant to be. Kids drawn in by the licensed characters are going to be disappointed that they're getting a crash course in personal finance and supply and demand curves rather than a trip through the chocolate factory, while those looking for a properly complex board game probably don't want to have to faff about with the Wii in order to enjoy themselves. Boom Street's left, then, to capitalise only on the love and appreciation we all feel towards our global banking overlords.
60 (Jan 28, 2012)
Che La via della Fortuna sia un gioco particolarissimo va ribadito ancora una volta. Non è un clone di Mario Party, ma la precisa trasposizione videoludica di un gioco da tavola, con tutti i pregi e i difetti che ne derivano. Le regole sono interessanti, rendono le partite avvincenti, e possiamo dire che funzionano; non funziona la poca anima infusa nel titolo, le poche variazioni nel gameplay, decisamente troppo rigido anche a fronte della tipologia peculiare di gioco. Come prevedibile, il meglio di sé la produzione Square Enix lo dà nella modalità multigiocatore, preferibilmente locale; in singolo, è decisamente difficile che qualcuno ne riesca ad apprezzare pienamente le qualità.
GameOver (Greece) (Feb 09, 2012)
Το Boom Street διαθέτει κανόνες έξυπνους, με στρατηγικό βάθος που αναδεικνύουν το επιχειρηματικό δαιμόνιο των παικτών. Είναι κρίμα λοιπόν που αυτοκαταστρέφεται από παιδαριώδη σχεδιαστικά λάθη. Τα γνωστά σύμπαντα της Nintendo και του Dragon Quest δεν προσθέτουν απολύτως τίποτα στην εμπειρία και δεν γίνεται καμία απολύτως προσπάθεια για να συμβεί αυτό. Η αναγνωρισιμότητά τους μπορεί να τραβήξει κάποιο ανυποψίαστο κοινό, αλλά θα το τραβήξει για τους λάθους λόγους, ζημιώνοντας τελικά τους πάντες. Είναι λίγο δύσκολο λοιπόν να προτείνουμε το παιχνίδι στον οποιονδήποτε πέρα από τους φανατικούς του είδους, αλλά ταυτόχρονα είναι αδύνατον και να το απορρίψουμε ως κακό ή ανεπαρκές. Αυτόχειρας, είναι η σωστή λέξη υποθέτουμε…
60 (Jan 13, 2012)
De prime abord, Course à la Fortune ressemble à une version hardcore du Monopoly. L'aspect spéculation a une très grande influence sur la partie, pouvant faire de vous un prince ou un mendiant en quelques tours. Malheureusement, les dés ont visiblement encore plus d'impact sur ce que vous faites et vous êtes régulièrement réduit à un rôle de spectateur de votre fulgurante victoire ou défaite. De plus, les parties auraient gagnées à être plus courtes en retirant les nombreuses bulles informatives (ou de confirmation) qui vous ralentissent. Bref, s'il est possible de s'y amuser, le titre de Square Enix rate un peu le coche.
GameSpot (Dec 07, 2011)
Fortune Street is a serviceable board-game-style experience, but it comes with plenty of caveats: a slow pace, some initial complexity that's hard to ease new players into, lengthy single-session play times, and a lack of interaction with your opponents. It's certainly fun to snatch property up and reap rewards from unlucky foes, but it requires a great deal of patience and time commitment. If you and some friends are willing to make the investment, you might find rewards on Fortune Street; otherwise, you're better off sticking to something more immediately fulfilling.
Digital Chumps (Dec 05, 2011)
Fortune Street is a good board game in terms of premise but as a videogame, it suffers in many areas that we would expect would be enhanced by being a virtual experience. From a slow interface to being bogged down on a console, Fortune Street finds little time for you to spend with your friends aside from marathon gaming sessions or parties (though it's not the light-hearted affair you would expect from similar experiences such as Mario Party). As a 1-player experience, the 2+ hour rounds are far too lengthy to keep a player interested by him/herself and the unlockables are not enticing enough to push the player through the game. Finally, at $49.99, the price is too high for the small amount of content available.
50 (Jan 16, 2012)
Sí que sirve, en cambio, como un claro ejemplo de que lo realmente relevante en el triunfo económico y el éxito, lo relevante en el comprar, el adquirir y el vender no es nuestro propio enriquecimiento, sino el inevitable e intrínseco fracaso de los otros. En ese sentido, Boom Street es un bonito homenaje al capitalismo y una vía rápida para entender sus bases.
Level 7 (Jan 22, 2012)
Boom Street kan lättast beskrivas som en digital version av Monopol. Du och upp till tre vänner deltar på något av spelets många bräden i en kamp om att få tag på mest pengar. Det görs genom att köpa aktier och fastigheter som de andra spelarna ska råka hamna på så att de måste betala till dig. Upplägget är väldigt enkelt och det blir till slut även spelets fall. Det är inte tillräckligt varierat och det finns inte tillräckligt många inställningsmöjligheter för att konkurrera med brädspelen som dessutom kostar mindre. Vi kan kräva mer av ett tv-spel till fullpris.
50 (Jan 13, 2012)
Mixen av Mario och Dragon Quest känns också minst sagt forcerad och även om vi faktiskt haft några roliga stunder med Boom Street känns det svårt att rekommendera det. Det finns en hel del spel av den här typen med betydligt högre kvalitet vid det här laget och den verkliga förebilden är fortfarande att föredra.
Joystiq (Dec 02, 2011)
I really wanted to like Fortune Street. I looked forward to this game. I went into the experience assuming I would love it. I was as receptive an audience as Nintendo was going to find. But the game-breakingly slow pace of a game that isn't that exciting to start with took its toll. Fortune Street has no respect for players' time, turning what should be a breezy pastime into a languid, dull experience. Or, in honor of my friend Slime, a "lan-goo-id" experience.
40 (Jan 13, 2012)
Long, mou, décevant, Course à la fortune disposait d'idées et d'un bon casting, mais le titre manque clairement de dynamisme et de rebondissement. Le joueur n'a aucun moyen pour se défendre si dame chance est contre lui. Les mini-jeux n'ont aucune interactivité (ou presque) avec les participants et les parties sont interminables. Les personnages qui commentent chaque action et les maladresses liées aux déplacements (même si notre dé affiche "1" et qu'on est en ligne droite, on devra confirmer notre déplacement alors qu'on n’a aucun autre choix...) augmentent la durée d'un tour sans pour autant le rendre intéressant. Bien qu'un mode multijoueur permette enfin d'incarner un des personnages de l'univers de Mario et de Dragon Quest, et que ce dernier est également disponible en ligne, cela ne suffit malheureusement pas à relever l'intérêt du jeu. Une prochaine fois peut-être...
Fortune Street will appeal to an extremely select group of players. Its nuanced strategy requires brain-bending critical thinking and the ability to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. The game is captivating from a cerebral level only. The graphics seem outdated; and there is no other content to keep players entertained. There is one space on the board that lets players compete in a mini-game, but there are only four mini-games to cycle through. This is definitely a no-frills game. For those who appreciate the deep and complex gameplay style, it can be a fun and entertaining experience. For anyone else, which is probably a much larger audience, the game's hours-long, turn-based, complicated presentation will be off-putting and not worth their time.

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