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GameZone (Sep 01, 2009)
With everything explained, G.I. Joe does have its flaws but don’t look past it on the shelves of your favorite store. This game has a refreshing, classic style gameplay that long-time gamers and new gamers may find enjoyable. G.I. Joe is very iffy at times, but it is a decent game that will grow on you.
Impulse Gamer (Sep, 2009)
In conclusion, the average gamer will get a few hours of fun out of this game, however for longevity and playability, this is where it starts to dwindle. It's definitely be created for the fans of the series, however for someone wanting a truly memorable and fun gaming experience, this is not the game.
IGN (Aug 04, 2009)
As a fan of G.I. Joe, I expect a videogame version to make me feel like a Real American Hero. This didn't come close. The gameplay is unexciting and the visuals uninspired. There are moments when I found myself enjoying G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but those moments didn't last long. I wish I could give this a "Yo Joe!" but all I can manage is a "Yay, I'm done with this."
NZGamer (Aug 27, 2009)
Once you've had your fun with a few nifty control mechanisms, various weapons and other pieces of movieland technology, and seen enough explosions, I'm gonna hazard a guess at you looking around for something else to play. Joe's not a totally worthless purchase, and would actually be pretty good for your ten to thirteen year olds, provided you're okay with a bit of cartoon shock and awe. If you're the kind of gamer that likes to really sink your teeth into something - and let's face it, that's most of us - then steer well clear. Go see the movie instead. It has the Eiffel Tower in it.
DS-x2 (Sep, 2009)
G.I. Joe has been around for a long and has many fans. Rise of the Cobra is an attempt to bring it to new fans in a more modern setting but I'd be very doubtful if this could do that. The game is so repetitive and unimaginative and the presentation values are considerably lower than they should be. It definitely feels just like a movie tie-in should yet we've seen more recently that good games can be made from movie licenses and one would have thought with the legacy that the cartoon had for its action, that this particular license could return to that form. As it is, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobras is a pretty bad game and even if you enjoyed the film, I wouldn't recommend buying it.
Cheat Code Central (Aug, 2009)
Any potential for the action-packed shooter fun that might actually be hidden in here somewhere to show its face is constantly tripped up at every turn, making for an unforgettable experience… in the worst possible way. Being inspired by “45 years of rich G.I. Joe history” does not immediately make the end result worthy of the G.I. Joe name. The Rise of Cobra brings that point home like nothing else. True G.I. Joe fans will want to avoid this like the plague. I almost I feel bad for the younger generation of G.I. Joe enthusiasts that are missing out on some true 80s goodness by mistaking this imposter for the real deal.
40 (Aug 12, 2009)
Ein kooperatives Actionspiel mit der bekannten Hasbro-Lizenz hätte das Potential zum Sommerhit inne gehabt, „G.I. Joe: Geheimauftrag Cobra“ ordnet sich aber leider in der unteren Hälfte der Wertungsskala ein. Denn wie dem Film fehlt auch dem Spiel der Anspruch. Mehr als ein stures Geballer mit unterdurchschnittlicher Technik wird den spielehungrigen Zockern nicht geboten. Wer im Sommerloch unbedingt neues Futter braucht, greift lieber zum letztjährigen Sommerhit „Disaster“, das mittlerweile günstig erhältlich ist und das „Joe“-Team in allen Punkten schlägt.
40 (Aug 14, 2009)
On commence à avoir l'habitude de voir des adaptations bâclées mais il faut quand même reconnaître que ce G.I. Joe : Le Réveil du Cobra tape encore plus haut que ses petits collègues. Entre une maniabilité exécrable, des dialogues inénarrables et un design discutable, il n'y aura que les amateurs de 47ème degré pour trouver leur bonheur avec ce titre.
GameSpot (Aug 05, 2009)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is full of things that make you go "hmm." Why do midlevel checkpoints update your score but not save your game, forcing you to restart from the beginning if both characters die? If you're going to steal from Gears of War, why steal the slow-walking, earpiece-cradling mission updates? The game isn't all bad; there are a few moments of fun to be had with the simple combat system. But G.I. Joe doesn't do much beyond the fundamentals, and sadly, it gets very few of them right.
Good Game (Aug 24, 2009)
There’s just no reason to play this game, especially if you liked the movie. I’m giving it 3.5/10.
Good Game (Aug 24, 2009)
And what’s with the end – it’s a short ride and then it just finishes without a fanfare and assumes you’ll go back to do all the optional missions? There might be some unlockable extra chapter that you can play by going back to do all the optionals but we had neither the time nor the inclination. And after every level the game had the audacity to rank me! I rank you! 3/10.
23 (Aug 13, 2009)
Das Beste an G.I. Joe sind die Ladebildschirme, die mit faszinierenden Fakten von den bemerkenswert langen Wartezeiten ablenken: Wusstet ihr, dass die G.I. Joe-Figur mit »Kung Fu-Grip« 1974 auf den Markt kam? Ich auch nicht! Hammer, oder? Mit spannenden Anekdoten wie dieser ist man der garantierte Knüller auf der nächsten Party, denn über das Spiel selbst sollte man besser nicht zu viele Worte verlieren. Trauriges Lizenzgeschiss der billigsten Sorte; der Sorte, von der man spätestens nach Qualitätssoftware wie Kung Fu Panda eigentlich dachte, dass sie ausgestorben sei: Furchtbare Präsentation, inakzeptable Technik, grausame Kameraführung - wäre da nicht der solide, gut umgesetzte Koop-Modus, wäre G.I. Joe ein Kandidat für den selten genutzten einstelligen Wertungsbereich. Spart euch das Geld für diesen Müll und kauft euch davon lieber eine Saturn-Konsole - auf der gab's weitaus besser aussehende Spiele.

antstream tournament