GoldenEye 007 Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Title Screen
Entering my name
Main Menu
The game starts at Mi6 during a training exercise.
Ahh, the classic PP9 returns
The Goldeneye update uses modern day designs, as seen here with ADS (Aim Down Sights)
The trusty silencer returns for stealth kills
The story is told mainly through cutscenes like this, similar to Call of Duty
HOLY CRAP. Nostalgia overload
Bond makes his way to the mission
Meet's not Sean Bean, but hey, It could've been worse
Preparing to eliminate two enemies with the new take down ability
And he is out! Brutal
As you can see, sprinting is now available
This really is a remarkable recreation of the Nintendo 64 Dam level
..oh yeah there's also a cool infrared scope segment thrown in for good measure..
Familiar nods to the original game.
Inside the nerve gas facility.
Recreating the plane jump in the movie.
Lots of contextual button mashing in the game.
Looking for information at a nightclub.
Reimagined introduction to Xenia Onatopp.
Using your smartphone to locate an informant.
Redesigned Zhukovsky character.
Fighting out of Barcelona.
Arms fair in Dubai
The Janus syndicate is trying to steal an EMP hardened helicopter.
Infiltrating snowy Siberia.
The Goldeneye has been fired.
The Goldeneye bunker is far larger than the film or first game.
Captured and interrogated by Russian security.
Fighting out of military HQ.
The tank chase is a little more elaborate this time.
Plus much more action.
Crash landed in Nigeria.
On foot through the jungle.
New look for Natalya.
Don't worry! You'll still have to protect Natalya while she hacks the Goldeneye! Yay!
"007 Classic" difficulty brings back non-recharging health and collectable body armour.
Golden gun, Oddjob, Jaws... yep, it's Goldeneye multiplayer!