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80 (UK) (Jan 18, 2009)
Once again, you're a suave spy infiltrating the high-tech base of Professor Elvin Atombender. It's a bit of a platform game, in that you have to carefully navigate each room, using elevators to evade the robotic sentries, but also a puzzler in which you have to crack a series of numerical conundrums to access the next area. It's clever, quirky and effortlessly stylish. What more could you want for 500 Points?
Nintendo Life (Dec 13, 2008)
Impossible Mission II is a solid update of a classic game, with plenty of worthwhile additions and tweaks, but there's a slight sense that the purity of the game has been lost, that it doesn't need all these bells and whistles when there's such compelling core gameplay. However, that core gameplay is still present in the newer game, and is still just as compelling; the original title is a more immediate and solid gaming experience, but the sequel is more polished, more varied and possibly more fun to play. Take your pick.