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78 (Nov 13, 2009)
Jambo Safari is a game aimed at children and it does show, I played it and to be honest didn’t really find much to keep me entertained, however my little daughter seemed to have great fun driving the jeep around and looking at the animals and given the games target audience it seems that it’s done its job.
9lives (Nov 23, 2009)
Jambo Safari is een leuk en ideaal spel voor kinderen van drie tot twaalf jaar om op een opvoedkundige en speelse manier kennis te maken met de Afrikaanse dierenwereld. Familieleden en vrienden zullen zich een aantal uurtjes kunnen amuseren met de voorhanden zijnde minigames. De herspeelbaarheid voor de laatste doelgroep is vrij laag te noemen en het grafisch ondermaatse Jambo Safari is dus eerder een game voor jonge kinderen of fervente liefhebbers van het Afrikaanse dierenrijk.
60 (Dec 18, 2009)
Una conversione "arcade perfect" di Jambo! Safari si sarebbe posta come un prodotto limitato, adatto solo ai nostalgici del coin-op SEGA; dunque ben venga l'intenzione di trasformare l'esperienza di gioco in qualcosa di più ampio e variegato. Se però ciò significa cambiare completamente il target d'utenza, sfornando un titolo per giovanissimi privo dello spessore originario, è chiaro che il risultato finale sarà tutt'altro che apprezzabile. Contornata da minigame in multiplayer che lasciano il tempo che trovano, la modalità single player offre certamente un buon numero di missioni di carattere differente, ma le sessioni di inseguimento hanno perso gran parte del loro fascino per via dello scarso livello di sfida e per un sistema di controllo impreciso e mal congegnato. I videogiocatori più giovani potrebbero trovare interessante quest'ultima fatica di SEGA, tutti gli altri farebbero meglio a guardare altrove...
60 (UK) (Nov 16, 2009)
As you would say, drumbeater: yes. You and I didn't throw endless 50 pence pieces (or "quarters" in your case) into the Jambo! Safari machine because we wanted to learn about the difference between the Side Striped Jackal and the Black Backed Jackal. In fact we could have probably worked that out ourselves. Why does it have to be all about animal welfare now? Why is it perfectly acceptable for games to let you shoot drug dealers in the eyes or blow up innocent civilians in airports, but not throw a giant cage over an angry rhino? Why, SEGA, why?
A forgettable safari experience due to its dull and unchallenging gameplay. Unless you’re looking at getting this for your child then there’s nothing that will hold your interest for long.
N-Europe (Jan 27, 2010)
SEGA bring a well-liked arcade classic onto Wii adding in a ton of new content. Shame then that the new content is actually the weakest part - the true fun here lies in the game's arcade roots.
Teletext (Nov, 2009)
Not the fast action arcade game you might remember, but a low budget animal-fancying sim for girls.
Cubed3 (Jan 30, 2010)
The arcade mode of the game is enjoyable and so is caring for the animals that you capture, but it can get very repetitive when trying to unlock everything that the game has to offer. The easy mode is labelled as 3+ but I find it difficult to believe that a child under the age of 5 or 6 could comfortably play this game alone due to the large amount of reading involved. Overall, it's a bit lacking, but this is a nice original game that could feasibly keep the family entertained for part of a rainy day.
Nintendo Life (Nov 25, 2009)
As an arcade experience Jambo! Safari was a decent bit of fun; attempting to expand it into a home game hasn't been that great a success. Poor decisions in the wardrobe department, tedious animal treatment sections, useless "party games" and bad QA take a lot away from what could have been a pretty fun game to play with your kids.