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atari kombinera

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.0
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.4
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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TheSixthAxis (Feb 24, 2011)
So once again I find myself being totally bewitched by a platform game on the Wii. Whilst perhaps not surpassing the latest Donkey Kong game, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is certainly sitting there at the peak of platform gaming. Even the most ardent platform hater will find something to like here, be it the level design or the fact that in co-op you can curl your partner up in a ball and chuck them off a ledge – it really does cater for all.
Giant Bomb (Oct 16, 2010)
Nintendo and Good-Feel stab straight at the cute center of your brain in this adorable and addictive platformer.
The Escapist (Nov 21, 2010)
Before I tell you why you simply must play Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii), let's get something out of the way: This game is cute. Industrial strength endearing. The kind of adorable that even makes chubby puppies say "Awwwww." Kirby's Epic Yarn makes grown men giggle like babies being tickled. If you are that kind of gamer who would rather die than risk being seen playing a game lacking headshots, your inclination will be to give Kirby a wide berth, but don't. As kid-friendly as it might look, Epic Yarn is one of the most delightfully fun gaming experiences you can have this year and a must-have for anyone with a Wii. Yes, even you, tough guy. Especially you.
Destructoid (Oct 17, 2010)
Kirby's Epic Yarn is an absolute delight. Oozing cuteness at every turn, from the wonderful animation to the gorgeous music, this is a game that should have pride of place in any game collection. It's a simple little title, free of high-tech gimmickry and gritty realism. It's a good old-fashioned platformer that manages to be endlessly rewarding and only disappoints in that more incentive to succeed would have truly perfected the title. Even without that, the fun is its own reward, and Kirby's Epic Yarn stands as one of the very best Wii games of the year.
Game Informer Magazine (Nov 15, 2010)
Honestly, the only crowd that I can imagine not enjoying Kirby is jaded gamers who are too cool for something so whimsical. Maybe they didn’t grow up with the equally family-friendly Nintendo games of the ‘80s and ‘90s, or maybe they’ve just forgotten their roots amidst the constant flow of first-person shooters and gory action games. Whatever the case, they’re missing out on a colorful, unique game that reminds me of why I fell in love with gaming back on my NES: imagination, challenge, and fun.
That Gaming Site (Oct 30, 2010)
Epic Yarn's adorable charm and fantastic design more than makes up for its two or three minor annoyances, wrapping things up into one almost perfect package.
1UP (Oct 14, 2010)
Even with the deviations from what you might expect from the plucky pink puff, Epic Yarn most assuredly feels like a Kirby game; you have solid platforming, off-the-charts cuteness, and even throwbacks to familiar Dream Land characters and settings. And with the collectibles, minigames, and medals, what would otherwise be a short outing has a lot of replayability. Put simply, Kirby's Epic Yarn is a game everyone can enjoy.
Nintendo Insider (Mar 03, 2011)
Despite its simplicity, Kirby's Epic Yarn amounts to one of the most beautifully crafted experiences to have graced the industry.
Retroage (Mar 03, 2012)
Nie jestem w stanie wyrazić jak wielkim szacunkiem darzę Nintendo za to, że nie boi się wypuścić takich tytułów jak Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Familijnej pozycji, którą można odpalić kilkuletniemu dziecku bez obawy, że utraci ono swą niewinność słuchając „fucków” czy zabijając grupę niewinnych cyfrowych żyć jednym wciśnięciem klawisza. To tytuł ukierunkowany w stronę kooperatywnej rozgrywki, w której starszy, doświadczony gracz, będzie nadzorował poczynania swego pupila, świetnie się przy tym bawiąc. Niektóre z końcowych wyzwań odznaczają się dość znacznym poziomem trudności i nie wyobrażam sobie by kilkuletnie dziecko samo poradziło sobie z ich ukończeniem. Stanowią one dobry pretekst, by po tym jak już uśpimy naszą pociechę melodyjną kołysanką na dobranoc, odpalić po cichu konsolę i oporowo żyłować rekordy w jednej z dostępnych, trudniejszych mini-gierek. Moim zdaniem tak zbalansowana rozgrywka to strzał w dziesiątkę.
God is a Geek (Mar 29, 2011)
Kirby has been reborn here, no questions asked, and has soundly inhaled all of his previous games over the years and defecated them out of his cutesy, constantly smiling little body. This is the best platform game on the Wii that doesn’t involve a certain plumber, and almost certainly the most universally appealing one to grace the platform to date.
Cheat Happens (Oct 26, 2010)
If there were more sequels and franchises that took risks like Kirby's Epic Yarn, the video game industry would be a far more interesting one. Kirby's latest adventure is a cute, fun filled romp that no one should ignore. Sure, it's a bit easy at times and there are a few control issues to be found, but that's all excusable when you're talking about one of the most fun games of the year.
Meristation (Feb 21, 2011)
Kirby's Epic Yarn es un regalo para la vista, música para los oídos. Puede que los problemas de control en determinados aspectos pasen factura, que su bajo nivel de dificultad sea un punto en contra demasiado poderoso para los más sibaritas en este sentido. No cabe ninguna duda, sin embargo, de que en el mercado actual es difícil encontrar una obra con una personalidad tan protuberante como esta. Distinto, irreverente y divertido. Encantador antídoto para el aburrimiento ahora que los juegos ‘adultos' están a la orden del día. Es hora de comenzar a tejer una nueva historia.
Fragland.net (Mar 25, 2011)
Kirby's Epic Yarn is without a doubt a reason to take off the dust from your Nintendo Wii. The new gameplay makes Kirby hip again and the game has everything you expect, whether it's good controls, a new environment or visual beauty. The comeback if Kirby suits young and old and you just can't let this one pass by
Joystiq (Oct 15, 2010)
Honestly, the lack of difficulty didn't bother me. I spent around 10 lovely hours exploring the intricately detailed, painfully cute Patch Land in co-op, and came away feeling, well, lovely. Kirby's Epic Yarn makes a convincing case for the idea that we don't have to be challenged every single time we play a video game. Occasionally, it's enough to be happy.
GameSpy (Oct 18, 2010)
In my heart of hearts, I wish the game had been longer, though I have no doubt we'll be seeing a sequel to this little stealth masterpiece (hopefully sooner and not later). Kirby's Epic Yarn is, at its quilted heart, an enjoyable 2D platformer that anyone who understands the language of fun can pick up and play, and it has an aesthetic that you can marvel at -- stress-free -- from beginning to end. That makes me happy, and I can't ask for much more.
IGN (Oct 15, 2010)
Kirby's Epic Yarn is a fantastic game that might skew a little younger than experienced gamers might be comfortable with, but the subtle level challenges and the incredibly creative art direction is well worth the experience. This is an amazing looking game that embraces traditional platforming designs in fresh new ways.
Kirby’s Epic Yarn is one of the most enjoyable platformers out there. While some may balk at its ease, it does offer more of a challenge for those who come into it with an open mind. Nearly everything about the game, from the stunning graphics, to the sharp controls are about as perfectly executed as one could hope. The music isn’t all fantastic, but most of it is, and winds up being a very minor blemish in an otherwise stellar game.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 01, 2010)
Kirby's Epic Yarn is a wonderful surprise. Brilliantly crafted to take the player on a fantastic voyage into a world of patchwork, you will easily fall in love with Kirby's attitude and yarn-inspired esthetics. In solo player or co-op with a friend, Kirby's Epic Yarn is one Wii title you won't want to pass up. Quality, kid-friendly Wii games don't come along every day, so I cannot stress enough, how awesome Kirby's Epic Yarn is.
¿Un juego de Kirby que no está hecho por Hal Laboratory? La respuesta fácil sería decir que seguro que no está a la altura del resto de la serie, pero por fortuna este no es el caso. Good Feel ha hecho un trabajo encomiable y le ha dado personalidad a su juego para devolver a uno de los personajes más entrañables de Nintendo al sitio del que nunca tendría que haber desaparecido, ya que desde los tiempos de Nintendo 64 no lo veíamos en una consola de sobremesa en su género preferido.
4Players.de (Dec 16, 2010)
Ein klarer Wertungssprenger also, zückt schon mal die dreistelligen Noten? Nein, leider nicht, denn so liebevoll und ansprechend Kirby ist, so erschreckend anspruchslos ist es auch: Es ist (wie die meisten anderen Abenteuer der Reihe) von vorne bis hinten für eine sehr junge bzw. jung gebliebene Zielgruppe entwickelt - wirklich furchtbar leicht, man könnte es problemlos als den Anti-Donkey Kong bezeichnen! Okay, wenn man wirklich alle Boni finden möchte, muss man teilweise gut suchen. Aber es gibt außer dem Verlust der Edelsteine keinerlei Motivation zur Vorsicht, selbst die Bossgegner sind in erster Linie Schmuckstücke und weniger ernsthafte Bedrohung. All das macht Epic Yarn zum optimalen Spiel zusammen mit der Familie oder für den entspannten Feierabend. Wer eine Herausforderung sucht, der findet sie bei Donkey Kong Country Returns. Hier gibt es nur zuckersüße Leichtigkeit.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 01, 2011)
Kirby is terug, en hoe! Door zijn sterke visuele stijl en gevarieerde gameplay mag deze game terecht een aanrader voor jong en oud worden genoemd. Super(s)tof gewoon!
Random Access (Mar 06, 2018)
Despite not having the gameplay of other Kirby platformers, Kirby's Epic Yarn is a tight platformer, a gorgeous game overall, and a must-have for Wii owners. Despite it looking soft or too "kiddy" with its fabric aesthestic or being too easy because you can never truly die, Kirby's Epic Yarn is a game that can be enjoyed by all and probably should be.
Hooked Gamers (Nov 04, 2010)
Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a fantastic return for our favorite pink ball. It is stunning, has amazing levels and worlds, creative gameplay and is a platformer anyone can enjoy. But it does have its problems. An utterly awful story, repetitive gameplay towards the end and the fact that it is ridiculously easy and will not pose any challenge to anyone only serve to bring it down. Kirby is all about having fun and enjoying the scenery as you go along. If you are a Nintendo fan, you should play this game. This is the reboot Kirby was waiting for, it might not be “EPIC” but it certainly is good.
GameSpot (Oct 15, 2010)
Kirby's Epic Yarn makes it clear from the get-go that it is an adorable game that will put a smile on your face through its outstanding visual design, but the delights go much deeper than the delectable aesthetics. Clever levels with varied objectives make it a blast to play, and though the main story is way too easy, there are at least challenging minigames to unlock for those who want to test their reflexes. A few control issues and lack of punishment shouldn't keep you away from this great platformer. It takes quite a few hours to pass every stage and find every secret, and every moment you spend in this world is an utter delight. Kirby's Epic Yarn is a great platformer that goes far beyond its eye-catching visuals to deliver an irresistible adventure that's difficult to put down.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 29, 2011)
It manages to take a lot of familiar concepts and present them in a way that seems completely fresh and original.
The A.V. Club (Oct 25, 2010)
Kirby’s Epic Yarn is aimed at kids, and the result is a low-stakes, relaxing, almost soothing breed of adventure. Drawbacks aside, adults should consult their doctors about a prescription of Epic Yarn instead of Prozac.
Games TM (Dec 23, 2010)
Nintendo has all too often repeated its wish to put smiles on as many faces as possible, and Kirby's Epic Yarn is arguably the most successful exponent of that mantra. In that respect at least, it's a total success.
Gameblog.fr (Feb 28, 2011)
Au-delà de son extrême facilité et de son level-design soigné mais peu innovant, Kirby : Au fil de l'aventure s'impose comme une salvatrice bouffée d'air frais. Sa réalisation et son ambiance enchanteresses offrent un voyage délicieux dans le royaume de Dreamland. Si les plus jeunes peuvent foncer les yeux fermés, les aficionados de la plate-forme pourront regretter un challenge limité. Ceux qui parviendront à mettre de côté la naïveté générale du titre, découvriront alors un titre reposant, au gameplay raffiné. Un jeu aussi rassurant et touchant qu'un pull tricoté par grand-mère. Un titre qui se regarde avec le coeur...
RetroManiac (Apr, 2011)
Kirby’s Epic Yarn quizás no es un juego que haya quedado bordado. Su escasa dificultad puede ser un handicap importante para muchos, aunque suple esa carencia con un gran diseño artístico y esa característica magia que atesoran algunos grandes juegos de Nintendo.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Nov 01, 2010)
Little Nemo, however, was a notoriously challenging game (even by the standards of the NES era), while Kirby's Epic Yarn rolls out its embroidered welcome mat to every calibre of player. That ultra-accessibility does mean that there are points where the game flirts with monotony, as the basic push-and-pull of the action doesn't evolve too much from start to finish. The flip side is that practically anyone can pore over every stitch of Patch World – and it's a visual masterpiece that will reward the attention.
Kirby vous invite dans un environnement très enchanteur. Les défis sont bien loin d'être effrayants et même les boss rencontrés peine à se montrer sévère. Les développeurs usent de beaucoup d'originalité dans le level-design et c'est sans doute ici le point fort du titre. Cependant, on regrettera sa trop grande simplicité et son côté réservé aux plus jeunes.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Feb 21, 2011)
Kirby's Epic Yarn kommer garanterat att få dig att dra på smilbanden, och det av flera anledningar. Den unika världens visuella stil är en, musiken en annan och de regelbundna överraskningarna i gameplay ytterligare en. Vilken skepnad Kirby kommer att få i nästa spel återstår att se, själv tycker jag konceptet mycket väl skulle hålla för en uppföljare. Det är helt enkelt en glädje att få skriva det: garn är episkt.
GamePro (US) (Oct 15, 2010)
Even if you challenge yourself, the game can still be too easy. But the absence of deadly obstacles and death-defying tricks makes Kirby's newest adventure almost calming while still being fun and, as always, ridiculously adorable.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 05, 2010)
That goes for Kirby’s Epic Yarn as a whole. It might not seem like much; it’s a 2D platformer that only takes about seven hours to beat. Its seldom-used motion-based sections seem tacked on. But it’s got everything else where it counts, and it runs with them. The stages are superbly designed; the need to master all of Kirby’s moves and the wide assortment of power-ups offer tons of variety. The game might not be difficult, but the sheer amount of effort required to get perfect ratings on the individual levels and unlock all the extra content is staggering. Given all of the mini-games and superb soundtrack, however, you’ll have all the incentive you need to go for a full completion. Even if you’re not, you can still take the time to enjoy the superb artistic work that goes into the levels. These factors are what make the game so memorable. If anything, Kirby’s Epic Yarn definitely lives up to its name.
Jeuxvideo.com (Feb 22, 2011)
Kirby au Fil de l'Aventure est un bon jeu, au design original et soigné comme on aimerait en voir plus souvent. Par contre, il ne fait aucun doute qu'il est adapté à une certaine catégorie de joueurs qui n'aiment pas la difficulté et il s'approche parfois plus d'une balade dans un environnement aux couleurs abondantes qu'à un véritable jeu de plates-formes à embûches. Les habitués des Kirby risquent donc d'être surpris, la série nous ayant habitués à plus de challenge par le passé contrairement aux idées reçues. Bref, réflechissez bien au type de joueur que vous êtes avant de vous l'acheter.
Factornews (Jan 07, 2011)
Si l'absence de challenge ne vous dérange pas, donnez une chance à ce Kirby Au Fil de l'Aventure. Il propose un univers vraiment envoutant et un cachet particulier. Derrière son aspect enfantin se cache un level design et un gameplay soignés qui prennent encore plus de saveur à deux.
Level (Sweden) (Feb, 2010)
För egen del är den hemtrevliga stämningen fullt tillräcklig för att jag ska vilja stanna kvar i Yarn Land. Som plattformsäventyr betraktat må Kirby's Epic Yarn vara en bagatell, men det har den trivsammaste spelvärld jag överhuvudtaget kan tänka mig, och när det kommer till Kirby är det egentligen viktigare än något annat.
Gamekult (Feb 23, 2011)
Parfaitement calibré pour les jeunes enfants et les parties en famille, Kirby : Au Fil de l'Aventure fait indéniablement partie des titres que tout le monde pourra terminer sans véritable effort, surtout à deux, mais qui garde tout de même quelques surprises en stock pour les joueurs qui voudront tout débloquer. Beau à en pleurer, mignon jusqu'à l'extrême et absolument naturel à prendre en main, le jeu de Good-Feel est un jeu de plate-forme à la cool qui mise avant tout sur sa réalisation et sa variété de situations pour distraire son public. Les joueurs plus exigeants apprécieront aussi son gameplay parfaitement huilé, mais regretteront l'absence de mort et le manque général de défi, même pour un Kirby. Encore plus court et facile en ligne droite que Wario Land : The Shake Dimension du même développeur, Au Fil de l'Aventure n'est même pas aussi exigeant sur ses objectifs annexes, pourtant la seule once de challenge du titre.

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