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Wii's last hurrah. krisko6 (808) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.2
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (9 votes) 4.2

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The Game Hoard (Dec 10, 2020)
While the combat in The Last Story takes some time to adjust to, once it begins to open up, it makes for an entertaining action supplement to a game that really comes out in full force with likeable characters, a deep plot, and plenty of memorable moments. Beautiful music backs interactions between interesting personalities in a world that invites your curiosity, and while it is a narrative more focused on forward action rather than side content, there are still plenty of ways to get to know the world better and have fun side excursions between the excellent plot points. The Last Story doesn’t leave the best first impression, but when it finds its stride it can provide genuine emotion and entertaining action that reveals how much more there is to this initially unassuming JRPG.
Vandal Online (Feb 19, 2012)
Uno de los mejores RPG japoneses de los últimos diez años. Innova desde los detalles más pequeños a los más importantes, con una jugabilidad con una gran personalidad propia, arrolladora, que funciona y es muy divertida. A esto se le une una épica historia, unos personajes bien construidas y con los que es fácil simpatizar, y un aroma a clásico bárbaro, gracias a su director, Sakaguchi. Imprescindible para los amantes del género y muy recomendable para quienes algún día os gustaron este tipo de juegos pero en los últimos tiempos os cansaron, por su falta de innovación y repetición de una fórmula muy manida. Nos ha hecho recordar aquellas largas tardes de invierno pegados a la consola con alguno de los Final Fantasy de la primera PlayStation, y el simple hecho de volver a vivir esa sensación ha sido impagable. Ojalá no sea la fantasía final ni la última historia de Sakaguchi por contar, y nos queden muchos juegos suyos por disfrutar.
Nintendojo (Mar 08, 2012)
All in all, The Last Story is simply a delightful game to play. With its rich, lively combat system and entertaining characters, it strikes a masterful balance between engaging gameplay and heartfelt story-telling. It isn’t perfect by any means, and it may be more linear than its Operation Rainfall counterparts, but never has linearity felt more satisfying and personal. It’s been a long time since JRPGs have felt so human and down to earth, and when the whole package is scored by Final Fantasy maestro Nobuo Uematsu, you would be doing yourself a great disservice by missing out. It may be the last story on Wii by the time it gets released in the US in June, but this is one game you won’t want to overlook.
GamingXP (Mar 17, 2012)
Das Kampfsystem macht viel Spaß, allerdings ist doch nur recht selten taktisches Vorgehen von Nöten. Schade fand ich es auch, dass ich nicht nach eigenem Belieben den Charakter wechseln konnte. Nichtsdestotrotz habe ich als Zael zu gerne die Zeit auf dem virtuellen Schlachtfeld verbracht. Wer nach einem stimmungsvollen Rollenspiel auf der Wii sucht, der wird hier fündig. Die technischen Patzer trüben zwar etwas den Spaß und es ist sehr schade, dass der erste Durchlauf nach etwa 25 Stunden endet, dennoch erhält „The Last Story“ eine klare Kaufempfehlung.
90 (Feb 25, 2012)
Wer gedacht hatte, er könnte in diesem Jahr den ein oder anderen Euro für die Wii U sparen, der wird bereits im Februar eines besseren belehrt. „The Last Story“ überzeugt vor allem dank des ausgezeichneten, innovativen Kampfsystems mit fordernden Bosskämpfen und einer fesselnden Geschichte, eingebettet in eine bodenständigen und trotzdem beeindruckende Spielwelt. Innerhalb von Minuten wird man dem Rollenspiel aus der Feder von Hironobu Sakaguchi verfallen sein und sich dann Stunden im Spiel aufhalten. Das könnte allerdings ungewollt problematisch werden, da bereits im April mit „Pandora’s Tower“ der nächste potentielle Japanokracher auf uns wartet. Und dass am Ende nur wenig Geld im Sparschwein landet, dafür dürften unter anderem auch „Mario Party 9“ und „Project Zero II: Wii Edition“ sorgen, denn Totgeglaubte leben bekanntlich länger.
Legendra (Feb 29, 2012)
The Last Story, c’est l’art de conter une histoire. Seuls les meilleurs parviennent à nous faire vivre des instants féeriques, épiques et parfois homériques avec la seule puissance de la narration, de la bande-son et de l’univers, au détriment de l’originalité. Par ailleurs, la manifeste maîtrise de Mistwalker prend forme au cœur même du jeu : le gameplay. The Last Story polarise, synthétise et assimile des années de RPG et d’action-aventure dans son système de combat hybride et délectable. Avec son mode en ligne et son post-game, le soft continuera de nous gâter et de nous faire profiter de la sagesse qui l’anime. Les quelques points noirs sont d’ordre technique, mais comme le dirait Hironobu Sakaguchi : les développeurs se préoccupent trop des graphismes en lieu et place de l’expérience de jeu.
Décadas sem dirigir um jogo, o criador de Final Fantasy fez o seu retorno como diretor desde FFV. Enredo mais tradicionalista, há vários vícios narrativos, mas soma-se aqui uma união em grupo estável. Juntos, estes mercenários conseguiram cativar, apesar de os personagens principais não serem tão imponentes quanto se imaginava. Contudo, isto não ofusca totalmente o brilho geral desta obra que se torna um dos melhores títulos disponíveis de Wii e que clama por várias sequências, com personagens diferentes, histórias diferentes, ajustes nas mecânicas inovadoras de batalha, etc. Se Sakaguchi acreditou que aquela fantasia de décadas atrás não deveria ser a final, como o título denunciava, que agora ele veja aqui que esta história não merece ser a última.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 24, 2012)
In the end, if I must compare Xenoblade (to which I awarded my first and only 5.0 score) to The Last Story, I will say that Xenoblade is more tightly designed, has a deeper cast, and surpasses The Last Story as an overall work. On the other hand, The Last Story will appeal more strongly to some gamers, especially those turned off by Xenoblade's MMORPG-style world and side quests. Both games have strong stories to tell, and which one a player prefers depends on personal taste. The Last Story is a shorter, more focused game, and does what it sets out to do very well. It's most certainly a must-buy for RPG fans, especially those who will appreciate the game's callbacks to classic fairy tales and folklore.
Game Revolution (Aug 31, 2012)
When I started playing Mistwalker's The Last Story I wasn't terribly impressed; the story seemed trite, the action simple and dull, and the environment a weird Wii-resolution copy of an Assassin's Creed city that you couldn't climb in. Then at about six hours in, I started to get a familiar feeling, something I hadn't felt in a long time. It was the same feeling I had playing Final Fantasy IV on SNES. This game is the product of a true master.
The Escapist (Aug 20, 2012)
If you like JRPGs and own a Wii, this one's a no-brainer. Action gamers looking for something a little more strategic would be wise to give it a try, too.
Even if the game manages to do a lot of things very well, there are still a few areas that could have been better. In relative terms this is a rather short Japanese RPG as it takes less than 30 hours to play through on the first run and the focus is firmly on a beautiful told story, while there isn't a lot of challenge to be found in the combat. As soon as you've grasped the combat system you will glide through most battles with ease, but regardless of this it's a game that belongs in every well stocked Wii collection.
Meristation (Feb 17, 2012)
El poseedor de Wii tiene otra cita ineludible con el JRPG este mes, tras el también extraordinario Xenoblade: Chronicles, con el que muy poco tiene que ver The Last Story realmente. Este producto es un experimento arriesgado muy bien llevado a cabo, con un resultado más eficaz de lo que sus primeras 3 o 4 horas sugieren, uno de esos títulos que parece que acaban justo en el mejor momento pero que son capaces de regalar decenas de horas si se les quiere exprimir todo el jugo, aquí también con adicional vertiente multijugador. Regreso al rol nipón y regreso a un mundo de fantasía medieval y magia que tiene tras de sí una fábula madura y con moraleja. Los tópicos de la cultura audiovisual japonesa no desaparecen, hacen adivinables muchos momentos, pero no por ello se fastidia toda la trama, sorpresiva y de narrativa ágil, como el propio juego, de lo más veloz que hayamos visto en años en un género que empieza a remontar el vuelo gracias a maravillas como ésta.
XGN (Feb 10, 2012)
Mistwalker levert met The Last Story weer een diepgaande role-playing game af die ook nog eens flink punten verdient op het gebied van innovatie. Want dat is iets waar het RPG-genre soms een tekort aan heeft. Een overtuigend verhaal, een sterk vechtsysteem en een zeer geslaagde audiovisuele presentatie, zorgen ervoor dat The Last Story een game is die RPG-liefhebbers simpelweg niet mogen missen. Het is jammer dat de game wordt geplaagd door onder andere lag tijdens grote gevechten en dat er meer had kunnen zitten in het wapen- en uitrustingssysteem, maar dit neemt nog niet weg dat The Last Story een absolute parel is in het role-playing genre. Heb je nog geen Wii? Ren dan gauw naar de winkel, want Mistwalker's nieuwste epos mag je simpelweg niet aan je voorbij laten gaan.
90 (Feb 23, 2012)
The Last Story ist nicht so extrem umfangreich wie Xenoblade Chronicles und sieht natürlich auch nicht so todschick aus wie das letzte Final Fantasy, dafür punktet Hironobu Sakaguchis neuestes Spiel aber wieder mit jeder Menge Herz. Ihr wollt immer wissen, wie es mit Zael und seinen Leuten weitergeht, ihr wollt das Schicksal von Lazulis mitbestimmen und den Geheimnissen dieser spannenden Welt auf den Grund gehen. The Last Story verbindet aufs Schönste modernen Gameplay-Luxus mit den Eigenschaften, die wir seit den 16Bit-Tagen mit einem guten Japano-Rollenspiel verbinden. Mit sympathischen Figuren, durchdachten Kämpfen und einer Handlung, die Stunde um Stunde an die Konsole fesselt.
90 (Feb 23, 2012)
The Last Story si dimostra infatti uno dei migliori RPG per Wii, sotto tutti i punti di vista. La qualità con cui tutto è stato curato non lascia infatti adito a dubbi o perplessità di sorta, aprendo le porte a un'esperienza meritevole della massima attenzione, minata solo da un comparto tecnico non sempre all'altezza della situazione. Se siete amanti del genere, non abbiate quindi timore di restare delusi dal lavoro dei Mistwalker, perché giochi come questo meritano senz'altro un posto nella vostra collezione.
90 (Feb 28, 2012)
Om det här är Sakaguchis sista fantasi vore det synnerligen sorgligt, då det är först i denna han verkar ha hittat helt tillbaks till sin toppform. Det är en snitsig, känslosam saga som berättas i ett högt tempo med starka (om än delvis arketypiska) karaktärer, moraliska tvivelaktigheter och den levereras med precision.
Cubed3 (Feb 26, 2012)
The Last Story definitely deserves to follow in the footsteps of Xenoblade Chronicles, appealing to RPG fans everywhere, tapping into what makes the classics, such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy so addictive, namely a strong focus on story with good pacing and a fluid battle mechanic that works almost flawlessly throughout the adventure. With only Final Fantasy XIII-2 as its main competition here in Europe right now, gamers should definitely be looking to snap this up instead as it proves to be far superior in almost every category. Hironobu Sakaguchi can safely say his latest creation surpasses his first ever.
GameSpot (Feb 28, 2012)
The Last Story is a fantastic game; its rich narrative straddles the line between emotionally affecting and breathtakingly action packed; its thrilling battle system is a unique, modern take on everything that has come before. And its visuals are some of the best ever seen on the Wii, pushing the system to its limits with its beautifully detailed environments and dazzling special effects (even if there's a little frame rate stutter during more complex scenes).
Gamers' Temple, The (Aug 28, 2012)
The Last Story is a great way for the Wii to go out. It is a great game on its own and reminds us of what went right and what went wrong in the years since the console's launch. The characters are endearing enough to all but erase the sour taste of the paint-by-numbers plot, and the combat is exciting and varied enough to be featured in an action game, rather than an RPG. If you really want to enjoy this one, though, you're going to need a Classic Controller. It is a small price to pay for an RPG that is fun and leaves a lasting impression. Just because you've already pre-ordered a Wii U, don't let The Last Story slip under your radar.
3D Juegos (Feb 17, 2012)
Wii llega a su final con una de sus más emocionantes aventuras. The Last Story abre una nueva senda en el género del J-RPG despojándose de su clasicismo y aportando innovaciones en forma de un sistema de combate muy dinámico, una historia profunda y un sistema de exploración lineal fragmentado en capítulos, pero transgresor y único en su especie. Sakaguchi crea el videojuego que quería, pero no uno que sepa equilibrar el ritmo entre guión y acción, siendo esta la principal razón por la que no resulte un videojuego recomendable para la mayoría, aunque sí para aquellos que no vean una mejor alternativa o, simplemente, adoren el estilo de Mistwalker.
It falls short of the classic that Sakaguchi might have hoped he had on his hands and the game will never spawn a franchise of the scale or lifespan of a Final Fantasy, but to burden it with those heavy expectations is perhaps unfair. A strong, often memorable adventure with a likeable cast and a clutch of interesting mechanics, The Last Story is a robust release in the Wii's twilight months, mostly matching its pedigree with a compelling, wistful tale of courage in the face of overwhelming odds.
GamesCollection (Jul 12, 2013)
Come ribadito nell'articolo, non si tratta di un titolo che vuole portare innovazione, bensì raccontarci una storia e farci ricordare quanto siano belli i giochi semplici e con una trama accattivante, di quanto, a volte, non sia puramente importante fare qualcosa di innovativo, introdurre nuove meccaniche di gioco, ma di essere originali ed unici, come Sakaguchi ha saputo fare con The Last Story. Nonostante gli anni il maestro non ha perso il suo tocco e seppur ci siano molte cose che potevano essere realizzate meglio, il titolo in questione risulta comunque magnifico così e migliorabile sotto ogni punto di vista per un eventuale seguito che, a detta di Sakaguchi, non è affatto utopia. Vedremo se questo seguito verrà realizzato, intanto non lasciatevi scappare uno dei migliori titoli per Nintendo Wii, perché si tratta di uno di quei giochi da provare almeno una volta nella vita... lascia il segno!
Akustisch zur starken Sorte gehörend, verzeichnet Sakaguchis The Last Story auf der grafischen Seite aber leider ein paar Mängel, die meinen Gesamteindruck etwas stören. So ist vor allem bei viel Action auf dem Bildschirm mit Rucklern zu rechnen, und auch bei der Texturqualität gäbe es Nachbesserungsbedarf. Nichtsdestoweniger macht das Abenteuer optisch über weite Strecken einen soliden Eindruck, und nebst pompösen Bauwerken durfte ich auch liebevolle kleine Details bewundern - beispielsweise stösst sich Held Zael gerne mal den Kopf am Schild seiner Lieblingstaverne in Lazulis-Stadt. Am besten gefallen hat mir neben der lebendigen Spielwelt und der so liebevollen wie emotional geladenen Geschichte aber das taktische Echtzeitkampfsystem. Fast kein Kampf spielt sich wie der andere.
GamingEvolution (Sep 02, 2012)
The Last Story is one of those games that everyone who is into RPGs should play, however its one that will only be enjoyed by those who are into JRPGs and looking for something different. When you step back and look at the overall picture, you can easily see that Hironobu Sakaguchi’s vision for The Last Story was well executed. There are indeed some areas of the game that could have used some innovation as with the combat system; however it all came together into something worthwhile. From the great localization, to the superb musical score done by Nobuo Uematsu, to the fresh breathe of air put into the combat system, The Last Story is one of Mistwalker’s finest works.
Spazio Games (Mar 02, 2012)
The Last Story si un prodotto ambizioso, che non ha paura di percorrere strade nuove, di raccontarci una storia che, una volta tanto, si interessa più al destino e alle traversie di pochi che al fato di molti, al prezzo di una libertà di movimento e di esplorazione che molti ritengono oggi un elemento inscindibile per produzioni come questa. The Last Story poggia su due cardini solidi quali un sistema di combattimento versatile e divertente e una storia che preferisce suscitare emozioni piuttosto che coinvolgerci in un evento di portata globale, e tanto basterebbe per farlo entrare nell'olimpo dei JRPG: se a questo aggiungete una lussuosa Limited Edition dedicata a noi europei, un character design che dovrebbe fare scuola e una colonna sonora di ottimo livello, appare evidente come questo sia un acquisto caldamente consigliato a chiunque ami i giochi di ruolo e possegga un Wii. Non aspettatevi un capolavoro, ma un'esperienza memorabile.
Worth Playing (Apr 05, 2012)
The Last Story bravely asks those who believe the JRPG genre has nothing left to offer to take another look. Beneath its surface, it bears little resemblance to its peers. At the same time, it's in good company as another entry on one of the most intimidating resumes in the video game business.
NGamer (Feb 16, 2012)
Lively combat and fun scenario design plaster over the narrative cracks. Not the glorious last hurrah we’d hoped for, but as fun as Wii games are going to be in a dry 2012.
85 (Feb 24, 2012)
The Last Story n'est pas le jeu que vous attendiez ? Peu importe ! Porté par un système de combat enivrant et une narration sans temps mort, le titre du papa de Final Fantasy subjugue du début à la fin dans une aventure courte, mais haletante. Quand on a envie de reprendre la partie sitôt la console éteinte, c'est qu'on est devant un grand soft, peu importe s'il est sans doute trop gourmand pour la Wii. N'ayez pas peur de sa durée de vie, il vaut largement le coup.
IGN (Feb 23, 2012)
The Last Story has no significant shortcomings apart from a slight lack of verve; it’s not the JRPG revolution that Xenoblade Chronicles was, and its setting and story remain within safe territory, but great characterisation and an excellent, innovative battle system keep it interesting from the very first chapter to the last minutes. The quality of the localisation is superb, and that great combat makes it more exciting to play on a minute-to-minute basis than any other game of its sort. It’s a game worthy of its pedigree, then, and sits comfortably alongside Lost Odyssey as Mistwalker’s best work.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 31, 2012)
Uit geliefde clichés en doordachte vernieuwingen heeft Hironobu Sakaguchi een JRPG gebrouwen die herinneringen oproept aan de hoogdagen van het genre. Hopelijk is The Last Story niet zijn laatste.
GameTrailers (Aug 23, 2012)
The Last Story employs some bold mechanisms in an attempt to chart new territory. If not for a few undercooked components like the multiplayer, it would stand among the best on the Wii. Still, it’s a strong RPG in its own right, excelling precisely where you’d expect such a game to. The Wii could have done much worse for a bookend to its storied history.
NZGamer (Mar 11, 2012)
The Last Story is a very good game, and is designed to appeal to the teenage market. The doe-eyed heroes and heroines wear fashion conscious armor and wield impossibly big swords. If you like the Japanese adventure genre you should definitely add this to your collection.
BeefJack (Mar 14, 2012)
The Last Story is a glorious homage to the traditional RPG, but with enough modern twists where it matters to offer a compelling reason to dig out your Wii just once more.
82 (Apr 12, 2012)
(J)RPG-fan or not, The Last Story succeeds in building an immersive story and keep you clustered by completely immersing you in the atmosphere. Despite all the clichés that were poured over this game, it does succeed to be original in some way and not feel milked. Even better: you sometimes just forget that this is a JRPG. The combat system could be a bit more challenging and there are some beauty errors preent, but overall Sakaguchi again delivers a great product. The spiritual father of the Final Fantasy series shows again that when he puts his shoulders under something, there are only few who can match him.
RPG Site (Feb 27, 2012)
In a time when the genre that Final Fantasy helped to define in the West appears to be faltering it's reassuring to see that series' creator deliver an experience that's reassuringly familiar but also bravely and brilliantly different - and definitely worth your time.
Co-Optimus (Aug 29, 2012)
Who knows? Maybe the next generation will give us a great co-op JRPG. Games like Demons/Dark Souls and the Monster Hunter series show promise, but for those of us who prefer a little more story in our JRPGs need to wait a little longer. However, if you’re looking to play a solid single player Japanese RPG, The Last Story is well worth checking out. The likeable cast and engaging story, as well as the novelty of it being a major Wii release in 2012 make it an easy recommendation.
GamerGen (Mar 05, 2012)
Pour conclure, The Last Story est un opus à ne pas louper pour les amateurs de J-RPG. Une histoire passionnante, bien qu'un peu courte (une trentaine d'heures pour arriver au bout), mais le mode multijoueur rallonge cette durée de vie. D'ailleurs, une fois le jeu terminé, il vous sera possible de recommencer une nouvelle partie en conservant vos équipements et objets de la partie précédente. La plupart des ennemis auront le même niveau que vous et vous trouverez de meilleurs trésors.
80 (Aug 13, 2012)
The Last Story is far from a flawless game. It some regards, it barely attempts to try anything new and plays it safe. At the same time, we are presented with a beautifully crafted world, a very fun group of characters, and a dynamic battle system that is at the heart of this game. It may take a while to grow on you, but once it does, you’ll find yourself completely entranced.
GamezGeneration (Mar 15, 2012)
The Last Story ist für mich persönlich eine Enttäuschung auf hohem Niveau. Vom Dreamteam Hironobu Sakaguchi und Nobuo Uematsu, die gemeinsam die Final-Fantasy-Reihe begründet und groß gemacht haben, habe ich mir einfach mehr erwartet. Die Story ist für ein Spiel, dass sich The Last Story nennt, geradezu banal und stereotyp. Das Kampfsystem ist ok, aber die nervigen Bosskämpfe machen insbesondere dadurch, dass die Mitstreiter ihre Tipps nicht für sich behalten können, auf Dauer keinen Spaß. Nach 20 Stunden hat man die oft grau und blass wirkende Welt hinter sich gelassen. Trotz Großmeister Uematsu ist mir kein einziges Musikstück in Erinnerung geblieben. The Last Story ist ein gutes Japano-RPG, aber noch nicht mal ansatzweise auf einer Stufe mit dem letztjährigen Rollenspielkracher Xenoblade Chronicles, dass das Genre revolutioniert hat. Rollenspielfans sollten sich The Last Story dennoch auf jeden Fall zulegen, denn es erwartet sie ein gutes Spiel – aber auch nicht mehr.
That said, it's a pretty linear experience, and the action begins to border on repetitive midway through. Players not invested in the narrative may find it difficult to see the game through to the end. Regardless, it's a welcome entry in a genre that has been sorely underrepresented on Nintendo's little white box.
80 (Feb 26, 2012)
De vormgeving van The Last Story doet vermoeden dat het om een stereotype Japans rollenspel gaat, maar verkijk je hier niet op. Het is in wezen een vlot en gedurfd actiespel dat slechts in specifieke tussenstukken en door het klassieke verhaal neigt naar een RPG. Deze insteek verrast, zorgt voor een heerlijke flow en is bijzonder eigentijds.
Games TM (Aug 10, 2012)
In the end, The Last Story is an engaging and refreshingly svelte JRPG, but one that offers mere hints at where the genre may go from here rather than the new blueprint it could have been.
Joystiq (Aug 15, 2012)
The overall impression of The Last Story is that of a design team that had grown a bit restive in designing traditional role-playing games and wanted to try something new. What they've come up with manages to be original yet pleasingly familiar. It's elements are very well-executed, though some of the more elaborate encounters can really make the Wii chug. I suspect that experienced role-playing fans will find it a bit on the easy side, but The Last Story nevertheless has plenty of merit, and is certainly one of the better Wii games ever made. If this is the new, more experimental side of Sakaguchi, then count me among those eager for more.
NintendoWorldReport (Aug 27, 2012)
While my review may seem overly positive, the game’s small number of flaws are incredibly frustrating at times. That said, if you feel you can look past a few missed opportunities and a flawed but fun combat system, I can’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy The Last Story. Just don’t expect it to be as genre defining as previous Sakaguchi titles.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Feb 29, 2012)
The Last Story är verkligen inte det bästa Hironobu Sakaguchi gjort. Stundtals är det väldigt ojämnt men ändå borde inte det hindra något fan av rollspel, väst som öst, att njuta i fulla drag för vad det är. Ett kärleksbrev till en genre som efter många svåra år återigen blivit något att bry sig om igen. Och en bekräftelse på att Sakaguchi borde låta detta bli allt annat än hans sista historia.
Gamereactor (Norway) (Feb 23, 2012)
Med The Last Story får Wii-eiere det rollespillet de sårt har ventet på i en sterkt rollespillpreget spillvinter. Man får et lettlært spill det er lett å like, og enhver Wii-eier med tjue timer til gode bør ta en kikk på dette.
The Guardian (Feb 24, 2012)
The Japanese RPG may have suffered heavy blows at the hands of Western RPGs such as Skyrim and Fable, but The Last Story does much to demonstrate there's still life and innovation in the form. That this game should come from one of the genre's progenitors is testament to a creative spark that still fires even after all these years.
80 (Feb 23, 2012)
Easily Mistwalker's best game so far and another sure sign that, with a bold enough creator, Japanese role-players can be just as exciting and innovative as their Western counterparts.
80 (Apr 13, 2012)
Krásný příběh a kompaktní hratelnost mírně kazí drobné technické chyby a nižší obtížnost. Díky absenci grindu, dynamickému bojovému systému a snadné stravitelnosti celého mixu se ale jedná o ideální japonské RPG pro začátečníky i hráče, kteří si chtějí odpočinout od náročných a dlouhých her a užít si hlavně příběh.
GameOver (Greece) (Mar 02, 2012)
Το Last Story είναι ένα πολύ καλό παιχνίδι, που προτείνεται τόσο στους φίλους των JRPGs όσο και σε όσους δεν έχουν ιδιαίτερη εμπειρία με το είδος μιας και είναι αρκετά διαφορετικό και προσιτό. Ο νέος τίτλος του Sagakuchi είναι πανέξυπνος σχεδιαστικά και άρτια δομημένος, όμως, το πρόβλημα βρίσκεται στα στοιχεία που η Mistwalker παράβλεψε. Όσοι αναζητούν από τα παιχνίδια ελευθερία, επιλογές και εξερεύνηση, καλύτερα να κοιτάξουν αλλού. Επίσης, η διάρκεια του τίτλου είναι σχετικά μικρή και το multiplayer δε βοηθάει ιδιαίτερα στην αντοχή του στο χρόνο. Γενικότερα, δίνεται η εντύπωση πως αν η Mistwalker είχε μεγαλύτερο budget και συμπλήρωνε τα κομμάτια του "παζλ" που λείπουν, τότε θα μιλούσαμε για ένα αριστούργημα. Ως έχει, το Last Story παραμένει μία πολύ καλή πρόταση για φίλους του είδους και μη.
80 (Feb 29, 2012)
The Last Story è un progetto forse perfino troppo ambizioso che cerca di distinguersi in tutti i campi senza riuscirci veramente in nessuno di essi. L'aspetto più deludente è probabilmente quello tecnico, un tripudio grafico che crolla sotto il peso di un superficiale tentativo di mostrare i muscoli dell'hardware Nintendo. Ma intendiamoci, The Last Story non è assolutamente un brutto gioco: semplicemente, non è il grande ritorno che ci si aspettava dal Gooch e la sua cricca. Affrontarlo come se fosse un jRPG di stampo classico è l'errore più grande che si possa fare, come dimostrano anche la sua breve durata e l'ibrido battle-system. Resta comunque uno dei migliori titoli disponibili per Nintendo Wii, seppur clamorosamente inferiore all'eccezionale Xenoblade Chronicles di Monolith Soft che, zitto zitto, riesce a fare tutto quello che vorrebbe Sakaguchi e anche meglio.
Videogameszone (Feb 24, 2012)
Ich mag Action in Rollenspielen nur, solange das Gameplay nicht darunter leidet. Bei The Last Story ist dies allerdings (in einem erträglichen Rahmen) der Fall, weswegen das neue Japano-RPG im direkten Vergleich mit Xenoblade den Kürzeren zieht. Doch genug gemosert: The Last Story ist ein gutes Rollenspiel, das vor allem durch seine erstklassige Technik und die wunderschöne Atmosphäre punktet. Ich werde es auf jeden Fall durchspielen!
80 (Feb 23, 2012)
La volontà di raccontare una storia è evidente, e la cura riposta in ogni aspetto della narrazione lo testimonia. Si sarebbe potuto fare altrimenti, sicuramente, ma non sta a noi decidere come un game designer come Sakaguchi debba trasmettere qualcosa a chi usufruisce della sua opera. Quello che invece possiamo fare è evidenziare come alcuni elementi del gameplay siano stati oggettivamente trascurati (ad esempio il level design, che non lascia alcun ambito di manovra), mentre altri siano eccellenti (il sistema di combattimento intrigante e versatile). Se poi vi aggiungiamo dei valori produzione elevatissimi abbiamo un prodotto di tutto rispetto, a suo modo storico, ma che siamo consapevoli potrà non essere apprezzato pienamente da tutti. A costoro possiamo solo suggerire di provare ad abbandonare i pregiudizi riguardo la forma del loro oggetto dei desideri, per lasciarsi catturare dalla romantica bellezza di un’ultima, sognante, storia.
80 (Feb 28, 2012)
Med The Last Story demonstrerer Hironobu Sakaguchi, hvorfor han er blandt branchens mest respekterede spilkreatører. Et begavet spil, der takket være sit dragende narrativ og særegne univers formår at stikke ud blandt den øvrige konkurrence. Nuvel, med en simplificeret og til tider repetitiv spilmekanik lader Sakaguchi rollespilentusiasterne en smule i stikken, men det ændrer ikke ved, at der er noget særligt fortryllende over The Last Story. En af de sjældne titler, der gør indtryk og hænger ved i lang tid efter.
80 (Mar 07, 2012)
The Last Story é bastante forte em termos narrativos. Vai apelar ao mais íntimo de cada jogador e o sistema de combate acrescenta boas transformações na direção de um imediatismo reclamado pelos fãs de jrpgs. Fica, porém, um pouco aquém da dimensão de Xenoblade, o jRPG da geração que em todos os pontos esteve sempre perto da perfeição. Faltou mais alguma ambição a The Last Story. O jogo vive demasiado para a narrativa e não concede tantas chances de exploração à margem da narrativa. De resto, apela sim ao coração dos jogadores e é a melhor aventura que vão encontrar de Sakaguchi para a atual geração de consolas. Uma aventura inesquecível.
80 (Mar 02, 2012)
Na een twintigtal uur is de laatste noot uit dit verhaal gezongen, maar je hebt wel een boeiende beleving achter de rug, eentje die consistent een goede indruk nalaat. Deze typische jRPG biedt wat innovatie aan om het geheel boeiend te houden, maar zal vooral herinnerd worden omwille van de weg die je met je team bewandelde. Een knap wapenfeit van Sakaguchi die deze keer niet over de naam, faam en budget van een Final Fantasy beschikt.
MMGN (Mar 14, 2012)
The best thing about The Last Story is that it’s nothing like Xenoblade Chronicles. You get a totally different adventure, which was never originally intended to land in Australia that is, if anything, more tailored towards the action-focused simplified RPGs that the average Westerner seems to enjoy. The story is entertaining, and the deep characterisation will reel you in. The combat may be too simple for some, but for those who just want to play through the adventure without a steep learning curve, it’s a positive take on the JRPG genre.
N-Europe (Mar 10, 2012)
An homage to the old coated in a shine that stands it proud alongside the new. We’d welcome a sequel to tighten up the odd area, but if this ends up being Sakaguchi’s last story, he can ride into the sunset in considerable glory.
80 (Mar 01, 2012)
The Last Story demonstrates that there is still life and innovation left in the form of the Japanese RPG, despite the constant crowing of naysayers to the contrary. While it does lacks the sense of wonder evoked by some other recent JRPGs on the system, and it also begs for the character empathy akin found in others, its interesting setting, colorful character designs and interesting battle system make it a quest that is more than worth undertaking for any fan of video gaming. Naming conventions aside, hopefully The Last Story isn't the final tale to be woven by the talented creators at Mistwalker studios.
RPGamer (Mar 07, 2012)
Despite criticisms that it doesn't bring JRPGs to the next level in the same way as Xenoblade, there is still a lot going in favour of the The Last Story. The battle system is one of the most enjoyable in recent times, with an excellent level of depth, and the story, characters, and excellent localization all play their part raising the game. The Last Story's preferred focus on combat and characters puts it far enough apart from Xenoblade, with its focus on exploration and the wider world that there's more than enough space for both games to carve out their own identities and stand proudly together.
Nintendo Life (Feb 21, 2012)
The Last Story is, in many ways, a significant achievement on Wii. With gameplay that is both simplified and complex, solid controls, attractive presentation, online multiplayer and a touching, well-paced plot, this title can be considered as a definitive entry in its genre. Technical problems with the performance, in particular regular and punishing drops in frame rate, unfortunately drag the experience back. When the game engine performs it's terrific, but too often it struggles and significantly impacts your ability to control the action. The Last Story's many strengths, however, ensure that it's a story that can't be missed.
80 (Feb 20, 2012)
Although it can't quite live up to Monolith's last astonishing reinvention of the JRPG, The Last Story offers highlights of its own. Full of gags, bawdy humour and pratfalls (what other game gives you the chance to shoot bananas at the feet of citizens for comic relief?) it's got charm to spare. Unlike Sakaguchi's biggest hit, The Last Story's title is more likely to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it represents compelling proof that there's still life in the old JRPG yet.
Edge (Feb 27, 2012)
Contradictions abound, not least a variation in quality. The ceaseless banter and chatter between your party goes a long way towards creating a lifelike world – until the next stilted, robotic animation. A glimpse of the sun bursting through the clouds, or blossom floating on the wind, will make your spirits soar – until a grainy wall texture or jarring camera jerk brings them back to the ground with a bump. The combat system manages to combine frantic action with a decent amount of tactics and strategy; yet it’s also easy just to stumble through it. For an RPG, The Last Story is short and too easy, but also trimmed of the superfluities of many of its brethren. But for all its inconsistencies, complexities, inadequacies and oddities, The Last Story offers an entrancing and seamless flow of interesting experiences. And surely that, in the final reckoning, is what counts.
78 (Mar 02, 2012)
Zumindest kann das neue Abenteuer von Hironobu Sakaguchi nicht an seinen großen Erfolgs anschließen. Dazu fehlt der Geschichte um Zael vor allem die wichtige Freiheit: Der junge Held darf weder abseits der Handlung seine Welt erkunden noch kann er seine Fähigkeiten nach eigenem Gutdünken entfalten. Der Ablauf ist strikt vorgegeben, während überraschend wenige Kämpfe von vielen Ladepausen und Filmszenen unterbrochen werden. Und weil Sakaguchi die rasante Action zu sehr in den Vordergrund rückt, kommt auch das taktische Gefecht etwas kurz. Der Geschichte tut hingegen die ruhige Erzählweise gut, bei der glaubwürdige Figuren im Mittelpunkt stehen – schade, dass selbst Altmeister Sakaguchi zu tief in die Klischeekiste greift und manche Szene mit der Erklärung einer plötzlichen Wendung zerredet. Die Schwäche ist vielsagend: Manchmal sucht The Last Story einen frischen Weg und findet ihn. Manchmal vergisst es aber wichtige Tugenden eines großes Abenteuers.
RPGFan (Aug 27, 2012)
(1) The Last Story is a decent RPG, but nothing to be excited about. A dull story and uninteresting characters mar a unique combat system and solid gameplay. The graphics are great and the music is solid, but there's just not enough oomph in the game for me to recommend it very highly. Across the 20 hours it took me to beat it, I only had a handful of genuinely fun moments. (2) The Last Story centers around just that – the story. Those looking for an entertaining action RPG should look elsewhere, but those who want to feel as if they're sitting amongst real friends who fight for the good of the people may find a temporary escape here. Couple this with a healthy helping of good visuals, terrific voice acting, engrossing music, and a strong sense of atmosphere, and The Last Story is a worthwhile purchase.
gamrReview (Mar 14, 2012)
So, in the end, I'm afraid I'd have to say that The Last Story does not live up to the bar set by its Operation Rainfall predecessor, but it's still a good time regardless. A fast-paced and usually fun battle system, and some interesting additions in the form of online multiplayer, are counteracted by an overly short main story and lackluster visuals. I hope Sakaguchi continues on, because if The Last Story is true to its name then it would be a comparatively disappointing end to his career.
ZTGameDomain (Aug 21, 2012)
Overall, The Last Story is a game that evoked mixed emotions, swinging from hate to pure captivation at the unique approach to storytelling. It’s a game that does many things right and just as many things wrong. MISTWALKER even went through the trouble to create a multiplayer mode using the battle system, however this just felt like an afterthought and another failed attempt to attract a western audience. The Last Story is an unpolished gem for your Nintendo Wii, If you are a hardcore RPG gamer then you might enjoy this, but it isn’t for everyone. Now, about that sequel to Lost Odyssey…
Inside Gaming (Aug 24, 2012)
Certain aspects of The Last Story are timeless. The game’s cast and story is one of the best in all of gaming. Unfortunately, deep-cutting performance issues and clunky controls trash up what could otherwise be a profound experience. Lovers of dark fantasy and charming characters should play Last Story without a second thought, but a gamer used to modern-day levels of production value and polish won’t easily set those expectations aside.
God is a Geek (Mar 09, 2012)
The Last Story had me tearing my hair out trying to come up with a final verdict. Its roots are there, and it’s clear to see that it fits in snugly with the other RPG’s. However it tries to subtly differ itself from the pack with unneeded features and gimmicky add-ons, but that doesn’t take away from the fact a strong, deep, involving RPG wonder lies beneath glitter and tassles, and it isn’t too hard to find it either. The Last Story is a good game, but it definitely could have done without a few of the extra bells and whistles stuck on. That and any other console other than the Wii would have increased this games potential tenfold.
While The Last Story is a solid offering from Japanese RPG legend Hironobu Sakaguchi, the boilerplate storytelling, familiar tropes, and lack of meaningful exploration make it feel like it could have been so much more.
GamesRadar (Aug 21, 2012)
The Last Story is by no means a perfect game. However, the good here far outweighs the game’s shortcomings, and, unlike RPGs that are bloated with fetch quests and tiring level-grinding, everything here is absolutely in service of the game’s story. It isn't worth spoiling the story's climax and twists here, but, rest assured: The narrative has as many wrinkles as the combat. The Last Story might not be the last word on anything in the genre, but it is a memorable and special game while it lasts.
70 (Feb 22, 2012)
The Last Story no va a pasar a la historia porque aunque resulta un esfuerzo considerable por aportar ideas nuevas, algo que siempre se agradece, cae víctima de su propia ambición. A un sistema de combate muy trabajado y una trama variada se unen problemas técnicos y una historia muy manida y en ocasiones presuntuosa que esconde lo mismo de siempre. Los fans de los JRPG y del estilo Mistwalker encontrarán aquí la horma de su zapato, pero no el colofón final que esperaban.
70 (UK) (Feb 23, 2012)
The Last Story is born from the same desire to reinvent the genre that both Final Fantasy 13 and Xenoblade Chronicles sprung from, but in sacrificing complexity to serve narrative, it seems that Sakaguchi has arrived at the same place as his former employers. It's a familiar mix of wonder and frustration, and it's eclipsed by Monolith's more intoxicating vision of the JRPG's future. The end result is a tale that's worth hearing out, but hard to hold dear.
Darkstation (Mar 15, 2012)
By the end it can be hard to care, even if the plot is far more interesting. Couple the mediocre story with the less than fulfilling gameplay, and you have an experience that drags to begin with in both story and gameplay, discouraging you from progressing, but once it picks up pace it is far more enjoyable and worth the trudge.
Hey Poor Player (Sep 22, 2012)
The Last Story is a tale only worth telling to the extremely loyal fans of Sakaguchi’s work, of which I am not one. For the rest of us, it’s best to commend it for what it does do well and leave it there.
Gamekult (Feb 23, 2012)
Même si Hironobu Sakaguchi loupe ici l'occasion de produire le jeu PS2 dont on aurait tant rêvé, il nous rassure en revanche sur sa vigueur et son ouverture d'esprit. En s'inspirant de ses goûts, des tendances, de ce qui a marché, il propose une ligne beaucoup moins risquée, quelque part entre Assassin's Creed, FF XII et FF XIII. On pourra reprocher à cette aventure d'être bien trop courte (moins de vingt heures !), trop économe dans ses moyens et techniquement complètement dépassée. Si la victoire se jouait aux points, The Last Story serait K.-O. debout. Mais il s'en dégage une fraicheur enthousiaste qui fera plaisir à voir à tous les fans de RPG dont le jeûne se prolonge de manière inquiétante. Qu'ils soient rassurés. Malgré ses touchantes maladresses, il y a plus d'envie dans ces couloirs narratifs que dans tous les RPG HD réunis. Paradoxalement, seuls ceux de la Wii le dominent encore, mais ce n'est que partie remise.
60 (Feb 24, 2012)
On ne peut pas dire que The Last Story soit LE jeu de rôle de la Wii. Plus destiné à des personnes voulant s'essayer tranquillement au RPG qu’aux fans inconditionnels du genre, ce titre ne brille pas par son originalité ou sa difficulté. Cependant, bien agencé avec des graphismes assez jolis, des cinématiques impressionnantes et une ambiance sonore au rendez-vous, on trouvera son compte lors des combats omniprésents, même si l’on ne se cassera pas la tête avec les énigmes inexistantes, et l'on pourra être touché par les histoires plus ou moins creusées des différents personnages. The Last Story se voudra par contre frustrant pour ceux qui attendent un vrai RPG poussé et profond sur Wii. Reportons nos espoirs sur le plus sombre Pandora's Tower qui sortira au mois d'avril.
Factornews (Mar 20, 2012)
The Last Story est une expérience ambivalente. Projet surdimensionné pour la Wii, accumulant les petits défauts, et laissant en fin de bouche un puissant goût d’inachevé, le jeu suscite l’indulgence grâce à son dynamisme général, l’aspect défouloir des combats, et les quelques moments de bravoure de l’histoire.
Game Informer Magazine (Aug 14, 2012)
The Last Story is the latest project from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, and industry luminary Nobuo Uematsu composed the soundtrack. Previous collaborations involving these two legends have resulted in titles like Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, and Blue Dragon. I had high hopes for this Wii-exclusive RPG. Given its pedigree, I never imagined that it would fail to meet the low bar set by dozens of middling entries in the genre.
G4 TV: X-Play (Aug 22, 2012)
The Last Story is indeed a bit of a swansong for the Nintendo Wii, its successor arriving in mere months. It has its moments, but also does it slip; personal preference here will swing the game largely in one direction or another. If you’re okay with things you’ve seen before, with being shuttled from one location to the next, you’ll weather the story and enjoy the dynamic battles on display. If not, well…the Wii U is just around the corner.
60 (Mar 27, 2012)
Zdařilé japonské RPG, které zabaví na dvacet hodin. Jestliže vlastníte pouze Wii a hitovky minulého roku už jste dohráli, není v současnosti lepší hry. V opačném případě mohu The Last Story doporučit jen fanouškům žánru nebo obdivovatelům Hironobu Sakaguchi osobně, kteří nemají problém se zjednodušeným herním systémem.
60 (Feb 23, 2012)
Très écrit, The Last Story a bien du mal à exprimer ses ambitions surdimensionnées sur une Wii vieillissante. Derrière sa mise en scène appuyée, ce RPG s’avère au final assez linéaire… et trop court. Les parties en ligne et le New Game + ne changeront pas grand-chose à l’affaire, si ce n’est rallonger fort artificiellement la durée de vie. Heureusement le Game Design ne manque pas de bonnes idées, en particulier les combats, plutôt réussis. Ceux-ci portent le sceau étincelant de Sakaguchi San, pas encore prêt à rendre les armes visiblement, et c’est déjà pas mal…
Game Critics (Aug 28, 2012)
The Last Story feels like a JRPG that took incomplete notes as it tried to learn from Western design. The simplistic implementation of massively multiplayer online (MMO) combat motifs makes battles boring or frustrating. The character customizability, though wonderful, is purely cosmetic, never really extending into the play or storytelling. Worst of all, the gameplay and story might as well be two ships passing in the night. While Zael confronts the game's real antagonists in cutscenes, the player simply sits on the sidelines. In games, that's the last way you should try to tell a story.
50 (Mar 09, 2012)
Klarer du å se forbi den forutsigbare historien og de flate personlighetene sitter du igjen med et greit action-rollespill med god lengde og et spennende kampsystem. Noe drømmeprosjekt er det absolutt ikke, men hvis du har savnet et skikkelig rollespill til Nintendo Wii kan The Last Story være et helt greit kjøp.
Destructoid (Aug 14, 2012)
Am I glad The Last Story finally made its way to North America? Yes. I am glad the closure is there, and I am glad for those who actually manage to enjoy this. I am not glad, however, that my experience was tainted by one of the most poorly implemented, unkempt combat systems to ever darken an RPG, and that Mistwalker couldn't even deliver the otherwise solid story without letting unwarranted "features" get in the way. I am not glad that The Last Story is, ultimately, a sub-standard experience from a studio that is capable of so much better than this. If The Last Story is the Wii's swan song, it is a miserable dirge, full of regret and remorse.