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Written by  :  Pagen HD (151)
Written on  :  Apr 07, 2013
Platform  :  Wii
Rating  :  3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars

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One of these rooms is going to break you.

The Good

Nice graphics. Interconnected world for exploration (Metroid and Braid fans will find this particularly satisfying). Horseback fighting. Very long single player campaign. It took me 20 hours to get to "Chapter 6" (Zelda has a guide that's divided into 22 chapters). Good production values -- everything flows well and smoothly.

The Wii Remote + Nunchuck controls are especially praise-worthy. The controls work, with at least a dozen moves that feel quite natural. Or it would have worked, if the level design had been more forgiving. But the Japanese who designed the levels (dungeons) had issues, and they decided to take it out on the players -- See the next section.

The Bad

Zelda games have ALWAYS been hard. In the past it was the boss fights that were hard. Now it's the camera angles.

Exploration has always been futile in Zelda games too. It has never been reasonable or sane to beat a Zelda game without reading guides. Twilight Princess required me to read a guide, or even two guides, basically everytime I entered a new room. There are tiny, tiny items or switches that you are unlikely to see at all, but have to interact with, in order to proceed. So, even with a guide, you don't complete your quests easily.

Almost every room in Twilight Princess is a test of your endurance. One of these rooms is going to break you, and you'll just give up. I made it to Chapter 6 (the Goron Mines). It's a dungeon with lava everywhere. It's so easy to die in this dungeon. After I finally got to the third room, I saved my game and turned the Wii console off. The next time I loaded my game, I was back at the entrance!? That's it. I quit.

The Bottom Line

Just know what it isn't. It isn't a game you can play through casually. It isn't a game you can play through with some dedication. If you decide to play Twilight Princess, you have to be really devoted. It's hard work. There is only one difficulty. You have no choice. Honestly, I found most of my textbooks (college and graduate level, mind you) to be much easier and friendlier, after I played Twilight Princess.

It is also not like the old top-down Zeldas. In A Link to the Past for example, you could see the whole map very early in the game, and you could go very far and you could go in any direction. Twilight Princess is a lot more linear. You're limited to go to only a few places, or only one place, at a given time.