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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Screenshots (Wii)

User Screenshots

Wii version

Part of the introduction sequence
Title screen
The game begins in this little village.
Trouble arrives; don't touch that deadly purple fog...
Being attacked by a giant spider!
Point the Wii remote at the screen to aim.
Fighting a deadly enemy...
Exploring Death Mountain while transformed into a wolf.
While a wolf you can use your enhanced senses to locate things.
Use the lamp to find your way through dark passageways.
Link rides his horse through the countryside...
Uh oh, trouble coming! (Link during a cutscene)
Visiting the Goron mines...
Entering the lava filled mines...
Light has been restored to this area...
Hmm, I seem to have picked up a scent; wonder where it leads?
Exploring the twilight in wolf form.