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90 (Jul 22, 2009)
Whether you’re 8, 18 or 80, Let’s Tap has got you covered with something you’re bound to enjoy on your own or with friends or family.
IGN UK (Jun 16, 2009)
It might seem slight, if not slightly ridiculous, but there's something utterly joyous about Let's Tap – from its deliriously captivating aesthetic (frankly worth the asking price alone) and stripped down arcade fundamentals to its immediately accessible, and surprisingly robust, control scheme. All of which add up to make one of the most downright entertaining and refreshing party experiences available on the Wii. No, it's not a game that's going to keep you enthralled for hours at a time but it's been expertly honed for occasional impromptu multiplayer giggles – and given the sub-20-quid price point in most retail outlets, you can hardly ask for more.
UOL Jogos (Jul 14, 2009)
Depois de anos de talento contestado pela participação em "Sonic the Hedgehog" e um estúdio improdutivo, Yuji Naka demonstra versatilidade em "Let's Tap", apresentado uma forma criativa e eficiente de se utilizar o sensor de movimentos do Wii Remote. A experiência de jogo é divertida e variada, principalmente quando mais amigos se juntam à brincadeira, mas pena que isso tudo venha ao custo de um conteúdo tão raso.
80 (Jun 29, 2009)
As far as social Wii games go, Let's Tap is a great addition to the immense stable already available for the console and more than worth a punt. Bold, colourful and smile-inducing, it's a work of unique tapping genius, which is definitely something you don't hear everyday.
Edge (Feb 22, 2009)
And how many other visualisers could you say that about? Let’s Tap isn’t merely innovative, it’s an original concept applied over five distinct types of game that works extremely well. Bubble Voyager feels a little slight, and there will be those who grumble about Visualiser being counted as a game mode at all, but taken as a whole Let’s Tap offers a multiplayer experience that’s fresh, rewarding, and open to anyone who can tap a surface. Who knows? It might even tempt granny away from the bowling.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Jun 17, 2009)
Ultimately Let's Tap success is based around the longevity and value of the title. It's possible to run through all 16 events of Tap Runner and gain gold in an afternoon, so the appeal like much of Naka-san's work relies on whether you find beating times and scores appealing in the long-term or trying to discover just how incessant Endless Voyage actually is. It also succeeds as a multiplayer game and one that dares to bridge the gap between core and casual gamers; both of whom should find something to love about Let's Tap. Thankfully SEGA Europe has realised that the structure of the game and its value for money is important and priced the game at the unmissable price of £24.99 - like we said before, we'd honestly pay this for Tap Runner alone.
80 (UK) (Feb 04, 2009)
Of Let's Tap's five offerings, one is essential, two more are excellent, and all are inspired examples of minimalist and creative game design. We can only hope that decision to present five perfectly-rounded little slices of action rather than a grab-bag of duds, filler and occasional flashes of brilliance will inspire other developers to do this same. This sits alongside Wii Sports as one of the few worthwhile and interesting mini-game compilations in existence, and as a multiplayer classic for the platform. Can we have it in Europe please, SEGA?
GamePro (US) (Jun 15, 2009)
Still, the control scheme is interesting and unique enough that I think some Wii owners will dig it. The novelty wore off pretty quickly for me but some of you might find it charming enough to play through all of the modes multiple times; multiplayer also holds some potential and I can easily see people tapping together at Wii parties. And if you want a silver lining, the technology is damn solid and proven, so here's hoping that other developers take notes and find other innovative uses for it.
N-Europe (Jun 24, 2009)
Prope proves a simple concept can go a very long way, and while the experience won't last forever it's a game you'll remember. Pure fun.
So, it's a mixed bag, made worse by the fact that the tap controls aren't always 100% accurate. The mini-games are all pretty shallow and were it not for the unique control scheme you probably wouldn't look at any of them twice. Having said that, there's something rather endearing about its genuinely clever core idea, stylish visuals and fresh, innovative spirit. Let's Tap is essentially a sexy look-at-me plaything, and as such it'll win many wry smiles, even if it doesn't hang around in your Wii for long.
75 (Jun 19, 2009)
Si la vue de la moindre touche vous donne des boutons et que cette affection étrange vous a tenu éloigné des jeux vidéo, vous trouverez peut-être votre bonheur avec Let's Tap. En effet les cinq mini-jeux de ce party-game exploitent une prise en main bien particulière : il s'agit de poser sa Wiimote sur une boîte en carton et de tapoter sur cette dernière. Voilà certainement de quoi animer vos soirées en découvrant ce titre entre amis.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Jul 02, 2009)
C'est beau, amusant et original, mais c'est court, trop court! Si vous aimez jouer entre amis, cotisez vous! Croyez nous ça vaut le coup d'essayer, vous passerez de bons, mais courts, moments.
That Gaming Site (Jun 28, 2009)
Prope have managed to come up with an original concept and a suitable piece of software to show off their new method of play. It might not be perfect but at a discount price, Let's Tap is definitely worth a look.
Alors bien sûr, son contenu pourra paraître un peu léger. C'est un fait mais ce défaut sera vite oublié, si vous êtes attiré par des jeux avec une belle personnalité et si vous aimez tenter de nouvelles expériences de gameplay. Vendu à un prix très raisonnable et dans une édition limitée très jolie chez nous, n'hésitez pas à devenir vous aussi un tapoteur, surtout si vous aimez profiter de vos jeux à plusieurs. Yuji Naka et son nouveau studio ont en tout cas l'envie d'expérimenter des choses plutôt que de tomber dans le classicisme ambiant. Les joueurs ouverts d'esprit apprécieront. Let's Tap est un bon premier jet (un peu) bancal mais aussi très prometteur pour la suite.
70 (Jul 10, 2009)
Let’s Tap in other words is for people that like a unique presentation, are curious how you can play games by tapping a cardboard box, or that are looking for Tap Runner as alternative for Wii Sports, Guitar Hero or Singstar when friends come round to visit
GameSpot UK (Jun 19, 2009)
Let's Tap certainly offers a different way to play, but the games don't completely mesh with the control scheme and, with the exception of Rhythm Tap, could have worked every bit as well with a more conventional control setup. It's still an interesting collection of games, and while it would benefit from more variety and a more solid rhythm mode, it's generally fun to tap along to, especially with companions. Combine that with the budget price, and Let's Tap is a good value for the money, thanks to its amusing premise, striking visuals, and stimulating multiplayer action.
DarkZero (Jan 05, 2009)
Nevertheless, it is possible the game could become a cult hit down the line, much like what happen with the Ouendan series a few years back, as there is certainly enough interesting content on show to pique the interest of a few people in the west. At the very least, the game’s main theme is one of the most catchy heard in years, that has to be worth a few plaudits.
Cheat Code Central (Jun, 2009)
Unfortunately, this is where our tapping journey ends. Although Let's Tap has some really great ideas, my main problem with this title is that there just isn't enough to it. Unfortunately, with just four games and a visualizer, the game feels more like a tech or gameplay demo rather than a full-fledged game. If there were more modes or methods of play, I could really get behind Let's Tap, as it is a lot of fun, and the tapping mechanism works very well (with the right box, of course.). As it stands, however, Let's Tap is a title that is a whole lot of fun for about three or four hours. Then you'll probably put it on the shelf, put away your box, and never tap again. But, for those few hours, you're pretty much guaranteed a good time.
GameZone (Jun 23, 2009)
Let's Tap is one of those games that had the potential for greatness but ultimately couldn't achieve anything above a Wii remote feature we didn't know existed.
JeuxActu (Jul 03, 2009)
Certainement l’une des plus belles trouvailles de jouabilité depuis l’existence de la Wii, Let’s Tap se laisse découvrir avec un certain enchantement. C’est d’autant plus vrai à plusieurs où le titre de Yuji Naka révèle son véritable potentiel. Malheureusement, le jeu souffre d’un manque flagrant de mini-jeux, réduit au nombre de cinq, dont deux d’entre eux peinent à convaincre. L’intérêt s’en retrouve forcément plus limité que prévu et démontre qu’une idée de génie doit être également accompagné d’un contenu consistant. On ne crachera pas non plus sur le concept novateur qui permettra d’ouvrir d’autres façons de jouer sur Wii.
Games TM (Feb 19, 2009)
It's certainly encouraging to see Yuji Naka returning to the sort of original experimental projects that helped carve his reputation in the Nineties, and we'd happily take this over anything Sonic Team has produced in the last eight years, but we can't help wishing that Let's Tap had a little more longevity.
Gamekult (Jun 22, 2009)
Jouer sans toucher à la Wiimote, tel est le pari osé de Let's Tap sur une console qui a fait d'une manette à secouer un de ses fers de lance. Si les cinq épreuves proposées ne sont pas toutes aussi réussies, il faut reconnaître le talent du studio Prope pour avoir su réunir une maniabilité originale à base de tapotements sur une boîte où l'on aura posé la télécommande à "plat ventre", une bande-son entraînante et des mini-jeux sympathiques. Certaines disciplines offrent bien une marge de progression consistante et quelques bonus à débloquer, mais on aura effectivement vite fait le tour des cinq modes en solo. Heureusement, la convivialité et la compétition des parties à plusieurs compensent généralement ce léger manque de corps. Le véritable problème de Let's Tap reste en fait la reconnaissance inégale de la force et de la vitesse des vibrations. Un défaut qui n'empêche cependant pas de s'amuser lors de petites sessions de tapping.
60 (Jul 10, 2009)
Pour une première production, on espérait de Prope un peu plus d'ambition. Non que le minimalisme visuel du titre joue en sa défaveur, bien au contraire, mais l'intérêt de la moitié des épreuves s'évanouit beaucoup trop vite. En comparaison d'un Chu Chu Rocket - party game tout aussi minimaliste voire plus et pourtant incomparablement plus drôle - Let's Tap fait figure de tentative inachevée. Dommage car les bonnes idées sont légion et quelques épreuves retiendront à coup sûr votre attention. Quant à la forme, ses atours rétros et colorés autant que sa bande-son sautillante ont de quoi réjouir. Un premier jet très imparfait heureusement proposé à 30 euros.
60 (Jun 18, 2009)
So should you invest in the novelty that is Let's Tap? If you're after a quirky multiplayer game that won't break the bank, then it's probably worth a shot, but if you generally play alone or want more substance from your games you'll likely feel a bit short changed. With more mini-games to take advantage of the tap mechanic Let's Tap could have been a must have party game, but it's just too light on content to whole heartedly recommend.
60 (Jun 18, 2009)
Let’s Tap biedt geen diepe gameplay die je lang bezighoudt, maar wel vermaak. Dat komt vooral omdat het zo’n originele manier is om een game te besturen. Je zult na een paar dagen spelen Let’s Tap dan ook sporadisch uit de kast willen halen wanneer wat vrienden langskomen, om te laten zien wat die gekke game-ontwikkelaars nu weer hebben verzonnen. Origineel en functioneel, maar een echte game is het nog niet.
1UP (Jun 16, 2009)
Seemingly because of the simple interface, however, none of the individual minigames held my attention for more than 30 minutes. Rest assured I continued on with them anyway, mostly so I could say that I did in this sentence to avoid being accused of not giving the game a fair chance, but I had more fun figuring out how each of the games worked than I did actually playing them. Sega seems to have recognized this and counterpointed it with a $30 price tag, but my interest lived and died with experimenting with how the interface worked. It's a fun novelty to play with in short bursts, and I'm sure I'll return to it a few times in the future, but probably only for 10-15 minutes at a time.
GameTrailers (Jun 22, 2009)
Let's TAP is an interesting experiment that doesn't quite hold up in the long run. It's worth trying out for novelty's sake, but the short list of games and unreliable controls leave it feeling like an overly expensive tech demo.
The strangest thing of all on Let’s Tap is the Visualizer. This is essentially a glorified screensaver that lets you launch fireworks, splash some water around, bounce balls, or splatter paint and ink on a canvas. That’s it. I simply can’t imagine anyone trying this mode for more than five minutes unless they were on illicit drugs. Perhaps you could say the same for the entirety of Let’s Tap.
47 (Jun 22, 2009)
Es gibt kein spielerisches Ziel, keine witzige Handlung, nicht einmal unterhaltsame Comicszenen. Man wird auch nicht gefordert, der Umfang ist mit vier mageren Minispielen ein Witz, die ungewöhnliche Steuerung funktioniert nur mit deutlichen Einschränkungen, "online" ist für die Entwickler um Sonic-Schöpfer Yuji Naka ein Fremdwort und selbst der Mehrspieler-Wettkampf ist lediglich ein paar Minuten lang witzig: Let's Tap ist eine Mikrospielsammlung, die selbst als WiiWare-Veröffentlichung nur wegen der interessanten Steuerung auffallen würde! Dabei hatte Nintendo doch schon vor vier Jahren bewiesen, dass man mit einer sehr ähnlichen Steuerung ein klasse Jump&Run entwickeln kann - Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat war innovativ und spielerisch ausgeklügelt... Doch allen Einschränkungen zum Trotz, macht auch Segas "Trommeln" Laune. Es ist nämlich einfach verblüffend anders, und so lange es fehlerfrei funktioniert, spornt das Tippen sogar richtig an.
40 (Jul 17, 2009)
Bancal à plusieurs niveaux, le titre n'offre que des mini-jeux dont la médiocrité vient casser l'enthousiasme engendré par cette manière si différente de jouer et qui, pourtant, m'attirait franchement au départ. Si entre potes la curiosité vous permettra de jouer quelques heures avec plaisir (surtout grâce à Tap Runner), en solo en revanche, l'intérêt du titre est quasiment nul. Dommage, c'était original...

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