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    Stranded on a mysterious island filled with lush forests, a sunken ship, ancient ruins, and an active volcano, with the help of a trusty pet and a new friend, you must find a way off the island or make it your home.

    Picture1: Survive the harshness of island living with must-have skills such as fishing, making fire, hunting and more

    Picture2:: More than 30 fun-filled mini-games to play alone or with a friend

    Picture3: Dependable pets help you survive on the island and provide loads of entertainment

    Contributed by Evilhead (1182) on Jul 11, 2014. (UK):
    Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked for Wii offers an all-new adventure and a new way to survive being stranded on a desert island. Retaining the self sufficiency theme that runs throughout the series, the Wii game centres on a rich boy Aidan and a waitress called Lucy who are forced to abandon their luxury liner when a fire breaks out. Thrown into the mix are petty thieves Gord and Fiona, who also wash up on the beach, and an uneasy alliance is formed as these different characters are forced to unite to survive; only to discover that they're not the first ones on their new found island...

    Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked adds new depth to the series, as the fight for survival is given added realism via the use of the Nunchuk and Wii Remote controllers. Everything from making a fire, to hunting food and setting traps must be mastered, while exploration of the island gains additional detail via the use of switchable first and third-person views.

    Also new to the Wii game are the addition of pets. Both Aidan and Lucy are washed ashore with their respective animals, and their skills prove essential on the island. Aidan is reunited with Hobo the Monkey, who hangs on his backpack and is useful for retrieving food from high places, while Lucy's faithful Collie, Max, has a sharp sense of smell and can dig up useful items for use later.

    With multiple endings, a wealth of sub games, and a twisting plot that allows the game to be played as either Aidan, Lucy or Gord and Fiona, before the foursome eventually join forces, Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked brings its desert paradise to vibrant life through its varied gameplay and clever and adaptable control system.

    Contributed by yenruoj_tsegnol_eht (!!ihsoy) (2630) on Sep 11, 2012.