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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (17 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Worth Playing (Mar 24, 2009)
This is exactly the game the mature, hardcore Wii crowd has been craving, and it's just too bad that Nintendo is too busy making the next Wii Play, Wii Fit or Wii Music to put more resources into projects like this. In any case, kudos should be paid to both Sega and Platinum Games, as they have teamed up to bring us a title that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Just don't hold your heads too high; that makes it too easy to lop them off with a chainsaw. If you happen to be a Wii owner over the age of 17 looking for a terrific hardcore title, this is the one. Go buy MadWorld right now.
AusGamers (Mar 24, 2009)
MadWorld is that rare breed of game that not only pays artistic respect to the directorial advancement of games as art, but marries the concept with pop-culture and videogaming as a far-rooted [old] school of interaction. It's a triumph on many levels, and if everything else it set out to do wasn't ardent enough, Platinum Games' decision to cap it off with some of the most violent action you'll ever experience tells me these guys are the future of game development. This is a Wii game your grandparents, kids or spouses will likely never get, let alone enjoy playing. MadWorld is strictly hardcore gaming at its most artistic, relevant, enjoyable and cool. An absolute must play.
1UP (Mar 10, 2009)
MadWorld is not a perfect game, and for some it might be a tad on the short side (five-to-six hours). But I had a blast on this roller coaster through a unique world. The immersive combat (aided by shockingly-fun Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls) would not have been as enjoyable if played on a traditional gamepad. Despite my early skepticism on the decision to bring this game exclusively to the Wii, I don't think the experience would be nearly as interesting on either HD console. The design constraints of Nintendo's system forced the developers at Platinum Games to be creative, and they followed through on their creativity by putting together a thoroughly enjoyable brawler with just the right amount of the ultra-violence.
Nintendo Life (Mar 23, 2009)
MadWorld will probably only appeal to a small selection of current Wii owners, however those that understand what Platinum Games is all about will revel in the delight that is MadWorld. Sure, the developers have delivered an extremely graphically violent action game on Nintendo's "family" console but they've done it with overwhelming style. If you've been at all interested in what this game has to offer we recommend that you buy it, now.
90 (Apr 11, 2009)
Even with the pathetic multiplayer, Madworld shines in almost everything else. Slick graphics, unending brutality, and a decent storyline keep you going for more kills and getting to that number one ranking. Madworld is very deserving of the Mature rating, but there's more to this game than the violence. No wait, violence is the game.
Blend Games (Mar 22, 2009)
MadWorld isn’t perfect, and I think a sequel for it would be a damn shame, as the gimmick could only really work once. All the same, it’s a damn great game and a must-own title if you own a Wii and are mature enough to play it. It’s funny, it’s bloody, and it’s freaking hilarious. What else could you want from a Wii title? And yes, I checked the box twice, and this really IS a Nintnedo game. Who knew? I didn’t know they had it in them.
Purojuegos (2009)
En definitiva, MadWorld es lo que prometía ser, un juego hardcore en Wii como pocos. Un hermano bastante mas violento de No More Heroes con el cual pasaremos unas cuantas horas sacándonos las ganas de violencia en la Wii... para que después no digan que en esta consola los juegos para adultos brillan por su ausencia.... MadWorld brilla con luz propia.
Mad World is bloody, vulgar, and a ridiculous amount of fun. The game will put a smile on your face and make you laugh out more then once. Platinum Games have proven their credibility as one of the very best developers in Japan with this title. They have also created the best use of Wii motion controls in a game yet and set the bar so high, its likely only Platinum Games themselves will be able to surpass it. If your 17 or older you owe it to yourself to buy this game as its one of the best showcase titles for the Wii.
IGN (Mar 09, 2009)
I realize that not everybody will find MadWorld's unique visual and aural presentation appealing, but to me, the game is an instant collector's item and a Wii showpiece, not just for its amazing style, but for its label-busting content. Anybody who says Nintendo's console is just for kids will see things very differently after a few chainsaw- induced mutilations.
IGN UK (Mar 09, 2009)
Plenty will gravitate toward MadWorld simply for its more controversial elements. However, its relatively singular obsession with multiplier point progression is likely to repel anyone expecting pure action thrills, particularly given the core game's length. It’s a game that’s ‘hardcore’ in more ways than mere gratuitous excess and its combo-based core will be most appreciated by those with a score-obsessed arcade mentality. Control issues hamper fluidity but there’s no denying that, with some investment, MadWorld rewards in huge doses, delivering an incredibly visceral experience that's as stunningly unique and obscenely entertaining as it is just plain obscene.
IGN Australia (Mar 24, 2009)
MadWorld is a breath of fresh air on the Wii. Yes, it stands out on the system because it’s ridiculously violent and over-the-top in every way, but that’s not the reason to play it. And that’s not the reason it’s refreshing. This is a game you have to own because it presents its brutal killing, incessant swearing and bleak world with such humour and such style. It’s tongue-in-cheek the whole way, and at times quite hilarious. Great fun, too.
85 (Apr 15, 2009)
The game may be short but it is satisfying to see all your hard work culminate in blasting a boss into oblivion or playing a game of skull golf. The game is not for the kids in the slightest but it shows that there is place on the Wii for those adults that are used to playing Halo or Dead Rising. Platinum Games has set the bar pretty high with their first effort, let’s hope that their next title holds up to that.
GamesCollection (Jun 03, 2010)
MW non è per tutti: è breve, difficile verso gli ultimi livelli e con un bassissimo grado di rigiocabilità. Perchè consigliarlo allora? Perchè ne vale la pena. E' come un film che vi stupirà e rimarrà a lungo nelle vostre menti. Unico nel suo genere, araldo di un genere inesistente, MW fa quello che un tempo facevano tutti i videogame: diverte e basta. E lo fa alla grande, con quel tocco di stile che non guasta mai.
85 (Mar 20, 2009)
There's no denying that MadWorld is effortlessly, deliriously fun. The OTT, unashamedly brutal mutilation never grows tired, which will encourage you to return to the game even after you've aced the initial play-through of the story. There's a glut of DeathWatch Challenges to complete that encourage even greater acts of atrocious carnage and the ever-present lure of improving your score, so you'll be playing for weeks, experimenting with new ways to build up massive combos. Essentially, you'll come for the violence, stay for the grisly finishing moves and addictive gameplay. Either way, MadWorld is massively rewarding, startlingly unique and unapologetically bloody. In other words, it's the perfect antithesis to almost every other Wii title out there and as such demands your undivided attention.
Valhalla (May 22, 2009)
Tytuł od Platinum to ukłon w stronę fanów komiksów i arkadowych bijatyk, przyprawiony ostro-krwistym sosem komiksowej brutalności w stylu Lobo i Punishera. Charakterny jak diabli, za miłość odwzajemni się tym samym. Nietuzinkowa fabuła, doskonała realizacja i bezprecedensowa oprawa przeważają znacznie nad miodnym, choć powtarzalnym systemem gry. MadWorld to pozycja obowiązkowa dla każdego pełnoletniego posiadacza Wii. Co lepiej odstresuje po ciężkim dniu w robocie, od warkotu piły spalinowej zanurzonej w czaszce mierzącego 4 metry mutanta?
Great fun in short bursts, MadWorld is a quality title with buckets of gore, style and humour.
85 (Mar 23, 2009)
A ne pas mettre entre toutes les mains, Madworld s’adresse à un public adulte, friand de bons beat them all à l’ancienne, d’humour noir et de jeux gores. Si la Wii empêche Platinum Games d’approfondir son sujet (palette de mouvement peu étendue, quelques freezes d’écran), ils l’exploitent à fond grâce à un scénario intéressant, une action ultra violente et une interaction poussée avec le décor. Dommage que le mode deux joueurs n’offre de partager que les mini jeux débloqués au cours de l’histoire. Malgré cela, ce ne sont que pinailleries que de s’attarder sur les défauts du soft de SEGA, foncez chez votre revendeur sans plus attendre.
85 (Mar 17, 2009)
Violent et politiquement incorrect, MadWorld est sans conteste réservé à un public averti. Passée cette recommandation d'usage, les joueurs à la recherche d'un bon défouloir trouveront là de quoi canaliser leur énergie destructrice sans faire de mal à une mouche. Le jeu est certes relativement court, mais ses qualités graphiques et son ambiance travaillée sauront séduire les amateurs d'action.
GamersNET (Apr 03, 2009)
MadWorld is een wrede parel voor de Wii. Hoewel er kanttekeningen te maken zijn bij de visuele stijl en de ietwat eenzijdige verzameling moves van Jack, is de game gewoon goed. De besturing is simpel gehouden en dat is een grote plus. Andere Wii-games uit mijn collectie hebben al aangetoond dat een overmaat aan moves nog veel lastiger is om te leren besturen. Het verhaal is aardig maar niet bijzonder en over het algemeen is de gameplay gewoon heel hard slachten en moorden. Voor de een wellicht te oppervlakkig en simpel, maar voor liefhebbers van uitzonderlijke graphics, veel bloed en vooral meer dan genoeg zaagvoer is dit een verplichte koop.
Game Revolution (Mar 26, 2009)
I haven't seen something like this really come along for the Wii very often, or for a Nintendo console in general. I hope this changes the thought process of Nintendo consoles being considered just for “casual” players and kids, like No More Heroes, Killer 7 (for the Gamecube) and Conker's Bad Fur Day (for the N64) have tried before. There is some potential here to show the world that the big N has changed with the times, and while wants everybody to be able to have fun with their little white box, that it really can be a mature gaming platform, and able to show the competition some grown-up fight.
80 (Mar 20, 2009)
Reste que Madworld est un titre aux qualités non seulement multiples, mais rares sur Wii, et qui a bien plus à offrir qu'un simple rollercoaster de massacres au visuel aussi tranchant que la tronçonneuse de son héros à la voix graveleuse. C'est un titre au game design affûté et efficace, et si vers la fin, il peut s'avérer répétitif ou frustrant, si son humour est aussi peu subtil que son goût est douteux, il est une occasion en or de dépoussiérer nos Wii et de se défouler un bon coup en découvrant un titre à nul autre pareil.
GameSpy (Mar 10, 2009)
Make no mistake, MadWorld isn't just a re-warmed beat 'em up with a painted-on coat of nihilism. It's got an entertaining story that skewers our reality show-obsessed culture, equal-opportunity offensive humor that could make a Marine blush, and a dazzling visual style. It evokes the better elements of early '90s brawlers and updates them with a sensibility tailor-made for the Wii. It's got some annoyances -- a game of this nature is bound to get repetitive, some of the mini-games are duds, and the camera can become genuinely irritating at times -- but generally, MadWorld offers plenty of blood-spattered fun.
Gaming since 198x (Mar 30, 2009)
MadWorld avait tout pour sauver la Wii du néant ludique dans lequel elle se trouve, de l'action qui pourra vous faire rigoler pour de vrai, des idées saugrenues et visuellement plaisantes, un style qui même si repompé reste original et agréable, mais les défauts de maniabilité et de camera ainsi que l'affichage basse résolution qui fait pleurer les yeux risquent fort d'envoyer les plus courageux refaire des vrais gibs qui font kriiikrouukraaoo sur Quake. Mais ne soyons pas chien, pour la Wii, ce jeu est tout simplement légendaire, je l'ai donc noté dans le contexte, bisous.
Factornews (May 05, 2009)
S'il vous restait encore quelque neurones après avoir bouclé House of the Dead : Overkill, Sega se charge de leur faire la peau avec cette nouvelle perle sur Wii. Le trip est un peu court mais particulièrement intense et amusant. MadWorld n'est pas un chef d'oeuvre qui figurera au pantheon du jeu vidéo mais c'est un sacré bon défouloir qui mérite de figurer dans votre ludothèque Wii.
True Game Headz (Mar 12, 2009)
After digesting this long review, it’s quite hard to judge “MadWorld.” On the pro side, it is one of the most unique beat ‘em ups with an incredible comic book look which is complimented by great writing. On the con side, there isn’t a whole lot of content outside of the short storyline; this is as bare bones as you can get for an acceptable modern game. The question remains: Is “MadWorld” for you? As I said before, if you enjoy short arcade-style games like “Contra” or “Metal Slug” and didn’t mind paying the full price for a Wii game, then go get it. But if you’re the type that wants a ton of different game modes, options, and online play, this may be more of a rental.
Vgames (Mar 20, 2009)
המשחק מציע, גם אם לזמן קצר, אפשרות להתנתק מהמציאות ולהוציא קיטור בדרך מוטרפת במיוחד. אם אתם בגיל המתאים- ההנאה מובטחת. אבל אם אתם הופכים לרוצחים פסיכופתיים בעקבות המשחק הזה, אני לא אחראי. אל תנסו לחפש אותי. בדיוק עברתי דירה.
Thunderbolt Games (Mar 18, 2009)
MadWorld has a lot going for it. It’s got an intriguing story that examines the violence and excesses of our society. The combat is brutal and bloody, but it’s also incredibly fun. There’s something alluring (if not utterly perverse) about mowing down hapless foes with a chainsaw, all while being cheered on by the viewers. With so many weapons, objects, and environmental hazards to use, you’ll find plenty of ways prolong the suffering of your enemies. Despite the occasional slowdown issues, the levels are incredibly stylish and make the experience far more interesting than if it were depicted with realistic imagery. Unfortunately, MadWorld falls short of its potential. The camera and targeting mechanics are bad, almost game-ruining awful. What really kills this game’s appeal is its brevity; since you can beat this in only a few hours, the high price tag might not be justified. However, it’s still one of the most fun, entertaining, and unique titles on the Wii.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Mar 19, 2009)
Och som serieälskare kan jag inte annat än jubla. Det här är riktigt bra serierutor som kommit till liv i ett spel som trots flera nyskapande inslag är rysligt old school. Det är våld det är tänkt att man skratta åt snarare än förfasas över och jag myser när Jack kommer på nya stenhårda repliker att leverera med iskall ackuratess. Det i kombination med den iögonfallande svart/vita grafiken och kopiösa mängder illrött blod gör att jag älskar Mad World och glatt förbiser petitesser som det faktum att spelupplägget i grunden är monotont och att kameran sannerligen inte är den bästa.
GameSpot (Mar 11, 2009)
Even if you need to replay certain sections, the experience is over in five hours or so. It's a tempting repeat visit, however, not just to beat your high score or try the unlockable difficulty, but to discover new and satisfying ways to fry your foes. Although MadWorld has its inconsistencies, adrenaline junkies will relish its visual design and steady deluge of savage death and dismemberment.
Gaming Target (Aug 25, 2009)
MadWorld is an astounding visual and auditory achievement that really shows off the "power" of the Wii. While the story is patched together and inspired by dozens of other movies and games, it's engaging enough that you'll want to know just what kind of a mad, mad world Jack is living in. But the repetitiveness of the action will ensure that once you put MadWorld down, you may not pick it up again. But it demands to be picked up at least once by all Wii owners (of Mature age) who love action games or unique games in general.
70 (UK) (Mar 10, 2009)
Still, as a piece of violent spectacle MadWorld is unrivalled. The creativity of PlatinumGames in providing ever more unlikely and delicious ways to kill and maim Jack's antagonists boggles and delights the mind at some deep, base level. And so, no matter how much the schoolboy-humour commentary grates, no matter how repetitive the bits in between the set-pieces start to feel and no matter how frustrating the later levels become, MadWorld provides a rush of blood to the head almost as often as it provides a rush of blood to the pavement.
The good side to all of this is that PlatinumGames clearly has the Wii’s intricacies under their control. For a game with such fast action, I had little difficulty maintaining control outside of a couple of directional swings being misread. I just wish all of this fast, responsive action meant something. I enjoyed MadWorld when it was fresh, but it’s so sad that I can’t enjoy it more just as I’ve gotten to know it.
Good Game (Apr 06, 2009)
Yeah the novelty of taking out thugs wears off quick, but if you kinda approach it with the right mood, not THINK about it too much, and just treat it like an Arnie movie, it can be pretty good, I'm giving it 7.
Good Game (Apr 06, 2009)
Well I'll admit to having some fun with Mad World, but it's mindless fun. And like No More Heroes, it can get a bit grindy. You should walk into it knowing you're playing for the boss fights. I'm giving it 7.
Game 2.0 (Mar 31, 2009)
Ομολογώ ότι το ΜadWorld με προβλημάτισε αρκετά. Από την μία έχουμε έναν εξαιρετικό συνδυασμό στιλ και χιούμορ, από την άλλη μία επαναλαμβανόμενη εμπειρία που εκτός αυτού, είναι και αρκετά μικρή σε διάρκεια. Το πρόβλημα που αναφέραμε σχετικά με τις μαύρες μπάρες στο πάνω και κάτω μέρος της οθόνης, είναι ένα ακόμα μελανό σημείο ενός κατά τα άλλα καλού τίτλου. Αν θέλετε κάτι πραγματικά διαφορετικό στο Wii σας και βαρεθήκατε να παίζετε No More Heroes εδώ και έναν χρόνο, τότε το MadWorld αποτελεί μία μοναδική ευκαιρία για σας.
Game Positive (Mar 18, 2009)
For all of the improvements it makes over a game like No More Heroes, MadWorld could have used some of the former's slow-paced adventuring aspects. The initial shocking appeal ends as quickly the game itself. It's great to have such a visually appealing and mature-themed title on the Wii, but MadWorld is too brief and a bit too shallow to justify a purchase. It's definitely worth a rental; just make sure there aren't any kids around when you play it.
70 (Mar 19, 2009)
On a console devoid of anything even approaching a game like MadWorld there's no question that SEGA's blood-soaked brawler will find an audience. It's easy to play and enjoy what developer Platinum Games has created, but it's impossible to overlook the numerous design flaws. High production values and a superb art style can only take a game so far, and the gameplay on offer here, while fun, can't take it that step further.
Gamekult (Mar 20, 2009)
Baffe est un mot trop faible pour décrire le choc esthétique et la sensation de violence extraordinaire qui émanent de MadWorld. Jeu marteau dans tous les sens du terme, le premier titre de Platinum Games écrit son nom en lettres de sang sur les mains du joueur et les composants de la Wii, parfois en manque de souffle pour retranscrire une telle débauche visuelle, un tel souffle ardent dans son catalogue parfois pantouflard. Passé le camouflet initial, on a quand même le temps de reprendre un peu ses esprits pour repérer les quelques ficelles défaillantes, les rouages un peu grippés et le peu de recyclage de cette expérience courte et intense. Cela ne l'empêche pas d'être un beat'em all jouissif, crade et rondement mené qui laissera à n'en pas douter son empreinte dans le monde du jeu vidéo. Si Bayonetta se révèle du même tonneau, 2009 sera une sacrée cuvée pour Atsushi Inaba et ses copains.
Gamestyle (Apr 19, 2009)
What MadWorld has in style it lacks in substance. Despite not being a particularly lengthy game it seems like PlatinumGames ran out of ideas quite soon after the first few levels. Enjoyable at first, it soon degenerates in a constant battle to the end as you perform the same death moves time after time with very little variety needed. Why do anything else when throwing them into a meat grinder earns the most points? Despite not living up to our expectations (and having terrible sales figures) we hope this doesn’t scare developers into not trying anything different with the Wii. After all, we’ve had quite enough of mini-game collections and licensed tat.
Giant Bomb (Mar 19, 2009)
It makes an amazing first impression, and it has a consistently great sense of style. But once I started digging deeper, I hit bottom fast, and the spell was broken. If you're the type of person who can appreciate style-over-substance games, you'll probably love it. But once I figured out what was really going on in MadWorld, it felt pretty thin.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 22, 2010)
MadWorld gets credit for originality, but once the novelty wears off the rampant violence gets boring in a hurry.