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Back of Case - Playstation 2 (U.S.) Greatest Hits Edition:


    Be one of America's first paratroopers and liberate Europe in the most intense battles of WWII.

    • Drop behind enemy lines in four of the largest military operations of WWII.
    • Immerse yourself in the most realistic Medal of Honor battlefields ever.


    Contributed by Big John WV (27242) on Feb 23, 2009. - PlayStation 2 (German):
    Sei der erste Soldat hinter den feindlichen Linien! In Medal Of Honor Vanguard schliesst du dich als Corporal Frank Keegan der elitären 82nd Airborne Division an. Lande hinter den feindlichen Linien, von der Operation Husky an der Küste Siziliens bis zur Operation Varsity mitten in Deutschland, und führe die epischen Schlachten des zweiten Weltkriegs, in denen aus amerikanischen Fallschirmjägern Helden des zweiten Weltkriegs wurden. Wähle aus einer Vielzahl von individuellen, authentischen und optimierbaren Waffen die dir zur Verfügung stehen. Mit spektakulären Grafiken und gewaltigen, intensiven Schlachten wirst du in Medal of Honor Vanguard zur treibenden Kraft im Kampf um die Befreiung Europas. Features: * Realistische Schlachten des zweiten Weltkriegs: In realitätsgetreuen Begegnungen musst du deine Strategien und Reflexe auf dem Schlachtfeld unter Beweis stellen. * Der Verlauf der Schlacht liegt in deinen Händen: Presche vorwärts und stürme die Verteidigungsstellungen der Achsenmächte oder entscheide dich für den vorsichtigeren Angriff und nutze dein Präzisionsgewehr, um deine Gegner aus der Deckung heraus auszuschalten. * Brillante Grafiken: Tritt deinen Gegnern auf den grafisch atemberaubendsten Medal of Honor-Schlachtfeldern aller Zeiten entgegen. * Aufgepasst, Soldat: Deine Verbündeten versorgen dich mit den taktischen Informationen, die du benötigst, um in einem explosiven und sich stetig ändernden Kriegsgebiet zu überleben. * Komplett in Deutsch.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66787) on Feb 14, 2009.
    Run the gauntlet and parachute into war-torn Europe.

    Experience the grim reality of WWII as Frank Keegen, a corporal in the 82nd Airborne
    Division. As one of America's first paratroopers engage in battles across Europe, from
    Operation Husky in Sicily to Operation Varsity inside Nazi Germany.

    Critically acclaimed, the arrival of Medal of Honor in 1999 was one of the defining games of
    the FPS WWII genre. Since then, EA has delivered sequels and all-new stories that build
    upon the game's hallmarks of historical accuracy and authenticity. Vanguard is no
    exception, making you part of the driving force in the liberation of Europe.

    • Test your strategies and reflexes on the battlefield in real life encounters
    • Take heed of your allies who provide the tactical info you need to survive
    • Engage the enemy in the most visually stunning Medal of Honor battlefields to date

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Feb 17, 2008. - Wii:

    'Chute, then Shoot.

    Join Corporal Frank Keegan behind enemy lines.

    The appropriately-subtitled Vanguard chronicles the adventures of the 82nd Airborne Division as they paratroop behind enemy lines.

    • Realistic WWII combat: True-to-life encounters test your strategies and reflexes on the battlefield.
    • The course of the battle is in your hands: Choose to run and gun in order to storm the Axis defenses, or use your sniper rifle to carefully pick off foes from behind cover.
    • High-fidelity visuals: Engage the enemy on the most visually stunning Medal of Honor battlefields to date.
    • Listen up, soldier: Your allies provide the tactical info you need to survive in an explosive and ever-changing war zone.
    • Wii-specific innovative combat controls

    Join the ranks of the elite 82nd Airborne Division as Corporal Frank Keegan in Medal of Honor Vanguard. From Operation Husky on the shores of Sicily to the Operation Varsity airdrop inside Nazi Germany, you’ll jump behind enemy lines to fight the epic WWII battles that turned America’s first paratroopers into heroes of WWII. Choose from a variety of authentic, customizable weapons, each with distinct characteristics. Featuring spectacular graphics and all-out combat intensity, Medal of Honor Vanguard makes you the driving force in the struggle to liberate Europe.

    WWII on the Wii

    Most all-body moves (walk, crouch, lie flat, stand up) are done with the Nunchuk, while most weapons moves (aiming, shooting and throwing grenades) are accomplished with the Wii Remote. If you flick the Nunchuk left you’ll do a quick 180; quite handy when you need to escape quickly after placing an explosive charge.

    Not all the weapons moves are mapped to the Remote, however. You reload by flicking the Nunchuk right. And not all body moves are mapped to the Nunchuk: if you want to sprint, you press up on the D-pad while pressing the Nunchuk’s stick forward. (If you’re crouching or lying prone before sprinting, you’ll automatically jump to your feet, then return to your posture at the end of your sprint.)

    The Nunchuk controls take a bit of getting used to, so you may find yourself reloading when you want to turn around or vice versa. Needless to say, if you make this mistake in the heat of a firefight it may be your last. Unfortunately EA doesn’t provide alternative control schemes.

    Gritty Gameplay

    Whereas Medal of Honor: Frontline and Rising Sun spiced up the action with stealth missions, Vanguard contents itself with by-now-familiar small-squad crawls through bombed-out European villages. The only exception are the parachuting sequences in which you use your controllers to guide your descent. These are very cool, but too short (but also pretty realistic, as paratroopers make short drops into combat).

    As your squad is a bit lacking in the AI department, you’ll have to take out most of the enemy yourself. On the plus side it’s easy to see why Germany lost the war, what with the way their crack troops parade before open windows.

    Environments are very dark, even in daytime missions. Oftentimes it’s difficult to see enemies.

    Vanguard lacks the strong period flavor of Frontline (with its Saving Private Ryan-like opening sequence) and Rising Sun (in which the sailors have adorned their quarters with pin-ups). The game goes to the same musical well as previous MOH games with a symphonic score worthy of Wagner. It’s too bad that EA, which has been one of the most forward-thinking publishers when it comes to soundtracks, didn’t license any of the era’s popular music, the rights of which must be pretty cheap at this point. ‘Rum and Coca-Cola’ may lack solemnity but it’s the sort of throwaway tune that grunts actually listened to.

    Bottom Line

    From the manual typewriter used to enter your file name, to the gloomy color schemes, to the enemies scampering to and fro until you can draw a bead on them, Medal of Honor: Vanguard will be instantly recognizable to fans of the previous Medal of Honor games. Boot it up for classic reconnoiter-and-gun action.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65826) on Jun 19, 2007.