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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations, special editions and non-story DLC items. 3.6
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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Medal of Honor Vanguard is an above-average shooter made better with the use of Wii controls. After playing the Wii version, I never wanted to go back to the Dual-Shock analog stick on the PlayStation 2 version of Vanguard. It feels natural, it plays well and it's fun. The last I checked, video games were meant to be fun to play, not just good to look at. Vanguard succeeds in that department, even though it's not a sore on the eye either. I hope that EA puts the time, money and manpower into making a Wii-exclusive Medal of Honor that does an even better job of putting the system to its max potential in graphics, game design with longer missions and online play. Don't overlook this game just because it's another World War II shooter. Medal of Honor Vanguard deserves your attention.
Game Infowire (Aug 20, 2007)
Bottom line: if you've got a Wii and you like World War II shooters, this is a good purchase for you. The graphics are pretty good for the Wii, the voice acting is good, and the controls are solid enough that you'll enjoy yourself (though your fascist enemies probably won't have such a good time).
70 (Apr 17, 2007)
So the final question. Is it better than Call of Duty 3? From my point of view, no. Simply because of its style-over-substance approach, inherent in the beautiful presentation overlaying slightly above average gameplay and not-quite-right controls. But, and here's where I roll out my reviewers cliche handbook, fans of the genre looking for more really will enjoy the game.
67 (Apr 15, 2007)
Medal Of Honor Vanguard kann den Abwärtstrend der Serie nicht stoppen. Das Vorkämpfen von Stellung zu Stellung ist durchaus unterhaltsam, mutet aber im Vergleich zu Krachern wie Call Of Duty 2 und 3 etwas verstaubt an. Die Auseinandersetzungen fallen deutlich weniger dynamisch und spannend aus als bei der Konkurrenz. Zusätzlich wird die Action von vielen kleinen Mankos wie der mangelnden KI der Kameraden, den engen, monotonen Levels sowie der unscharfen Grafik geschmälert. Ausgerechnet auf dem Wii kommen noch technische Probleme wie Slowdowns und grobe Farbabstufungen dazu. Immerhin macht das Zielen dank der recht ordentlichen Wii-Steuerung auf der Nintendo-Konsole einen Deut mehr Spaß als mit dem konventionellen PlayStation 2-Controller. Wer nur einen Wii besitzt und sich durch den Zweiten Weltkrieg ballern möchte, kann sich den Kauf mangels hochwertiger Alternativen also trotzdem überlegen.
Nintendo Front (Jul 24, 2007)
Der Spieleinstieg ist ein Garant für den Erfolg eines Spiels. Diesen Satz hat sich EA anscheinend eingeprägt und präsentiert Medal Of Honor Vanguard zu Beginn sehr imposant und atmosphärisch. Allerdings erwartet einen dann ein alltäglicher WWII-Shooter der einem zwar die ein oder andere Stunde Spaß bringen kann, dann aber im absoluten Mittelmaß versinkt. Grafisch setzt das Spiel keine Maßstäbe, sondern zeigt eher wie man es nicht machen sollte. Durch die strikt lineare Levelstruktur fehlen dazu jegliche Ansätze für Strategie oder Taktik. Wo das Spiel punkten kann ist beim Sound, beim Leveldesign und bei der Steuerung. Allerdings ist hier auch noch reichlich Platz für Optimierungen.
GameSpy (Mar 30, 2007)
When it's all said and done, Medal of Honor Vanguard is a title that is proof that many developers have taken their best and brightest ideas over to newer consoles and have rehashed yet another game for systems that can supply the horsepower of the PS3 or 360. For the Wii, it's not as mediocre as Red Steel, but it doesn't seem like it's significantly better than what the distinctly average Call of Duty 3. While we can't judge games that aren't out yet, we have a feeling that the first great FPS for the Wii will be coming down the pipe later this year. On PS2, there's really nothing here that gamers haven't seen elsewhere, and frankly, if they've never played a Medal of Honor game, they'd be better off picking up the compilation pack that contains much better installments of the series. Vanguard isn't terrible on either system, but it doesn't break enough new ground for us to recommend it to anyone except hardcore fans and completists.
Nintendo Life (May 23, 2007)
Sadly Medal of Honor is not going to be remembered as a stand out Wii title. But if it is remembered at all it should be for these ingenious aspects of the game, rather than its mediocre graphics, or even its serviceable musical score. With it getting a little longer in the tooth, you may even be able to pick it up for a bargain price.
UOL Jogos (Apr 13, 2007)
"Medal of Honor Vanguard" se despe de todas as firulas e experimentos dos antecessores e volta a ser "básico". A essência ainda é boa, mas é prejudicada por alguns deslizes, como a dificuldade em saber se o tiro vai ou não acertar o oponente. O estilo cru também acabou prejudicando a edição para o Wii, já que a base é a versão para o PlayStation 2. Os fãs da Nintendo não tem muitas alternativas para reviver a Segunda Guerra: ficam entre "Vanguard" e "Call of Duty 3". Já os usuários da Sony têm uma rica biblioteca da tríade "Brothers in Arms", "Call of Duty" e o próprio "Medal of Honor".
Video Game Talk (Jun 23, 2007)
While the game is mildly entertaining to the WWII buff and Wii-mote fanatic, the limited campaign length and brain-dead A.I. puts a damper on an otherwise decent shooter. Gamers will blow through the single player campaign in a matter of hours and the multiplayer capabilities are hamstringed by Nintendo’s lack of online multiplayer. Wii owners should make an attempt to check this title out for a rental period, but obviously avoid a full priced retail purchase.
60 (Mar 28, 2007)
Medal Of Honor : Avant-Garde est un FPS solide qui se contente de regrouper des mécanismes de jeu certes efficaces, mais maintes fois revus. Si Electronic Arts redresse un peu la barre avec cet épisode, il serait maintenant temps d'offrir un nouveau souffle à la série. Pour des nouveautés, je ne saurais que trop vous conseiller de vous orienter vers le futur Medal Of Honor : Airborne.
Medal of Honor Vanguard is disappointing in many ways. There's no originality here, the AI isn't up to scratch and it doesn't offer anything we haven't seen many times before. The controls on the Wii version are OK but don't improve upon the traditional control scheme that the PlayStation 2 employs which is both surprising and disappointing.
SFT (Apr, 2007)
Mit Frank Keegan, einem Mitglied der 82nd Airborne Division, springen Sie im Zweiten Weltkrieg mit dem Fallschirm ab und bewältigen hinter den feindlichen Linien Missionen. Die Qualität der Optik ist gut, aber zwei eklatante Mängel beeinträchtigen den Spielspaß enorm: Gegnerische und verbündete Soldaten verhalten sich dumm wie Stroh und laufen wie Zielscheiben hin und her. Zudem kommt es immer wieder zu unschönen Grafikfehlern, bei denen Soldaten sogar in Wänden stecken bleiben können.
GameSpot (Mar 28, 2007)
With so many World War II games already on the market, just being average isn't enough anymore. In many ways, Medal of Honor: Vanguard isn't even average; it does too many simple things poorly and does nothing particularly well. There's really no reason to pick it up on the PlayStation 2, and thanks to a higher price tag for the Wii version, there's very little reason to buy it for the Wii, either.
Video Game Generation (Aug 02, 2007)
While the game isn’t terrible, we’re at a point where just being not terrible makes this game just another WWII FPS pushed into a market overflowing with average ones already. While this is probably worth renting, it’s not really something I can say is a better rental than any of the many other very similar games out there, and you’re probably better off just picking up an older WWII game out of the bargain bin, as you might not even notice the difference.
50 (Apr 04, 2007)
Was soll man da noch großartig sagen? Kurz zusammengefasst: Medal of Honor: Vanguard ist zu kurz, bietet wenig Abwechslung, kaum Neuerungen und unterdurchschnittliche Grafik. Solche Dinge machen das Spiel leider nur zu einer lieblos wirkenden Umsetzung für Nintendos Konsole. Trotz seiner Mankos bereiten die Gefechte an sich durchaus Spaß, aber alleine dafür 55 Euro investieren? So dumm sollte wirklich niemand sein. Electronic Arts' einstiges Zugpferd ist deutlich ins Stolpern geraten. Meine Hoffnungen ruhen auf Medal of Honor: Airborne, das der Serie hoffentlich dringend nötiges neues Leben einhaucht. Vanguard ist jedenfalls NUR für beinharte Fans interessant.
JustPressPlay (Feb 06, 2008)
Medal of Honor: Vanguard is EA\'s first attempt at developing the series on the Wii, so a certain amount of error was to be expected, but major bugs should have definitely been worked out during QA testing. There are about eight hours of somewhat-fun game play here, but given the weak multiplayer offerings, there is virtually no replayability. If you want a few hours of decent gaming for your enjoyment, MoH:V for the Wii would make a good rental, but given the brief game play and lack of replay value, it certainly doesn\'t merit a purchase.
FZ (Apr 10, 2007)
Eftersom Nintendo Wiis hårdvarukraft är undermålig med dagens mått mätt och onlinestödet ett skämt kretsar allt i slutändan kring hur du upplever styrningen. En för stor tilltro till att rörelser med kontrollen automatiskt producerar lyckoframkallande endorfiner är livsfarlig. Likaså ett dåligt genomförande av styrschemat, speldesignern som valde att låta nunchuckryck sköta ett par viktiga funktioner borde avskedas omedelbart. Kontentan är att Medal of Honor: Vanguard är godkänd underhållning i andravärldskrigsförpackning. Förväntar du dig inga innovationer i spelupplägg och grafik lär du säkert ha ett dussintals trevliga timmar framför dig.
Game Revolution (Apr 26, 2007)
I was all riled up for some paratrooping, but after a few hours in the French marshes I’d forgotten what I signed up for. I want to see the recruitment contract again - no wait - I think I’d like to jump out of a plane. Medal of Honor: Vanguard is ultimately a bland, thankless and unconvincing entry in the annals of WWII games. Retreat!
40 (UK) (Mar 30, 2007)
Medal of Honor Vanguard gives us the worst kind of deja vu - bringing back memories of the dreadful games which were dumped unceremoniously onto the DS in the first year of its life, when publishers thought they could get away with putting weak ports of existing franchises onto the handheld. This is no different. EA has shoe-horned a PS2 game onto the Wii with little thought for what the platform is actually meant to do, and lo and behold - the result is a distinctly below average, derivative, boring and badly implemented mess. It won't hurt your Wii to gather dust for a while longer. Avoid this game.
If Vanguard is any indication, EA is hoping that Medal of Honor has a little bit more nerd cred left that can be turned into dollars. Sure, the upcoming MoH: Airborne for next-gen consoles might revitalize this sagging series, but this entry in the franchise is a perfect example of what gaming purists hate about the EA/Activision publishing model. There is nothing at all here to recommend, unless you just can’t get enough of clearing bombed-out houses of Nazis and doing the old MG-42 fish-in-a-barrel dance.