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If you can successfully nab a copy you are in for a treat. Make that 3 treats. Kaddy B. (796) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Cubed3 (Feb 07, 2010)
With three brilliant games that challenge and exhilarate the player, the Metroid Prime Trilogy package is a masterpiece filled with with pristine graphics, an in-depth storyline, and non-stop exploration and action . To top it off, it is all brought to life by Wii controls that just give it the edge over its predecessors. It's one of the best games that can be purchased for the system; it caters for everybody's needs, and then some.
NintendoWorldReport (Aug 24, 2009)
Metroid Prime Trilogy is a must-own compilation for fans of the series and newcomers alike. All three of the games are still immensely fun, and the various updates made to the first two games make them even more enjoyable. If you have yet to experience the Metroid Prime trilogy, do not hesitate in purchasing this game. It's easily one of the best offerings on Wii.
Nintendo Life (Aug 25, 2009)
Retro has done a bang-up job in creating a polished compilation of their brand of Metroid games, which are considered some of the best adventures around. If you haven’t experienced Tallon IV, Aether or become corrupt, you owe it to yourself to get on this, and veterans can still find enough thrills and upgrades to make Trilogy a worthwhile endeavor. The core games may not have changed at all, but the beefed up visuals and agile controls makes the experience feel new to old-comers, and the tight presentation is icing on an already delicious cake. If you’ve passed on the Prime series until now, your excuses for doing so have dwindled considerably.
Game Shark (Sep 20, 2009)
Truly, every Wii gamer should take a look at this package. Each game is good enough to stand alone for the asking price – packaging all three together was a rare and wonderful move on Nintendo’s part. I have to admit, I was highly skeptical about the “New Play Control” initiative, thinking it a nickel-and-diming scheme to get more money for old games, but Trilogy proves otherwise. Now, the only truly great Gamecube game missing from the lineup is Zelda: Wind Waker – let’s get on that, shall we, Nintendo?
Even if you've played it before, we urge you to give it another chance - the stunning skyscapes of Elysia are well worth another look, and after playing Prime and Echoes, you might start to appreciate its pacing better, and just how much prettier it looks. The two GameCube games are hardly ugly, but they're firmly put in the shade by Corruption's terrific, ultra-smooth and detailed visuals. It's telling just how much you miss some of Samus' abilities when you go back to the older games, and while the bosses and storyline aren't much cop, at its best it's every bit as atmospheric. Venture onto the GFS Valhalla, and it's very much squeaky bum time.
Retro Gamer (Oct 06, 2009)
Yes, it's effectively the same three games as before, but don't let that put you off. This is a fantastic overhaul that even makes us love Echoes. An achievement if ever there was one.
92 (Sep 19, 2009)
As essential to the Nintendo Wii as The Orange Box is to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Metroid Prime: Trilogy oozes Phazon-imbued class at every turn and is, without doubt, the console's definitive FPS package. If you've never sampled the universe of Samus Aran, then now's the time to crawl out from beneath the rock you've been living under in order to get better acquainted with the all-action bounty hunter. And, if you're a long-serving close personal friend, honour that friendship by adding Metroid Prime: Trilogy to your collection anyway.
Once again, Nintendo has proven they know how to pay homage to both their hardcore fans and core franchises that make them who they are. This is evident with the recently released Metroid Prime Trilogy which offers three highly regarded titles at the same price point as any other single Wii game making it a tremendous value. From the packaging, including the steel case and included artbook, to the game content itself, there is a lot offered here. It is safe to say that a wide range of people, including casual gamers, collectors of gaming memorabilia to those who are just fans of the series or those who are being introduced to the Metroid Franchise for the very first time, should pick up the Metroid Prime Trilogy title as not only does it offer a lot of ‘stuff’, the gaming experience is great too.
90 (UK) (Sep 08, 2009)
Laid end-to-end, you're looking at maybe as much as 100 hours of top-quality entertainment in Metroid Prime Trilogy. Although it's hardly been spoken of as a high-priority release by Nintendo, this could well be the finest single product it has released for the Wii. For all its quirks, Metroid Prime remains a landmark action series, and as such, owning it ought to be mandatory.
90 (Sep 26, 2009)
Nintendo hat es mal wieder geschafft, einige ältere Spiele in neuem Glanz beziehungsweise in diesem Fall mit neuer Steuerung auf der Wii zu veröffentlichen. Dabei bleibt weder die Spielbarkeit noch der Spielspaß auf der Strecke und somit setzt sich die „Metroid Prime Trilogy” einmal mehr ohne großartige Probleme an die Genrespitze im Actionsektor. Einzig die etwas lahme Ausstattung der als Sammleredition bezeichneten Spielebox enttäuscht.
GameSpy (Aug 24, 2009)
The Metroid Prime series was pretty fantastic on its own, and now that all three titles have been brought together with some much-appreciated control improvements, it's one of the best titles (and certainly one of the best values) on the Wii. The new controls really do provide a good excuse for fans to double-dip, and if you've never experienced Samus' adventures before, this is the perfect opportunity.
GamesRadar (Aug 14, 2009)
Three outstanding games (two of which are vastly enhanced with dead-on motion controls) available for the price of one. We can’t imagine a better deal on Wii this year.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Sep 07, 2009)
En sak är då säker. Nu pensionerar jag mina gamla exemplar av spelen. Som jag skrev när jag recenserade Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (och jag citerar): det här är helt klart den mest naturliga och intuitiva förstapersonskontrollen på konsol. Det enda som behövs är några välgjorda, påkostade förstapersonsspel och i brist på nya så går det utmärkt med gamla. Har du inte spelat Prime-serien förut så är det banne mig dags nu. Och har du gjort det... så har du säkert hunnit glömma hur de var vid det här laget, plus att Wii-kontrollen gör dem som nya. Två eller tre Metroid-spel till priset av ett, oavsett. Något så prisvärt och med så mycket spelglädje i ett paket har jag inte sett sedan The Orange Box. Spring och köp, genast!
IGN (Aug 21, 2009)
I've spent this entire review raving about Trilogy -- and for good reason. So what's the catch? Actually, there's just one, and it's obvious: If you've played all these games before, you'll find some fabulous enhancements waiting, but the actual content is still roughly the same. You'll have to decide if the special edition set and the promise of new widescreen modes and Wii controls for the first two titles in the series is enough for you. For me, there's no question that the compilation is worth every penny. If, by some lucky twist of fate, you fall into the category of Wii owners who have never played any of the Prime games before, Nintendo has with Trilogy delivered you a box set of holy proportions. For a bargain price, you will receive 80-plus hours of the best adventuring found on any home consoles in a decade. And the craziest part is that Retro's artists are so good that the Prime titles they released back in 2002 still look better than the majority of Wii efforts.
87 (Sep 27, 2009)
Those that want to know all details of the games might do best to read the original reviews of Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Prime 3, but those that prefer to play instead of reading text on a screen can rest easy and know that they'll have hours and hours of unique gameplay and absolute creative quality when buying this.
80 (Sep 09, 2009)
Il supporto alla modalità widescreen 16:9, il sistema di medaglie ispirato agli Obiettivi 360, i controlli aggiornati ed un leggero ribilanciamento di alcuni passaggi (specie nelle parti più cervellotiche e complesse del mirabile Echoes) sono le frecce all'arco di Metroid Prime Trilogy. Un'offerta che alcuni non potranno proprio rifiutare: imperdibile per i fanatici e consigliatissima per chi si fosse sciaguratamente perso una delle saghe più incredibili della storia del medium, questa conpilation rimane comunque evitabile per i vecchi possessori del Cubetto delle meraviglie.
80 (Sep 07, 2009)
Metroid Prime Trilogy est une compilation à ne pas manquer pour qui souhaite (re)découvrir l'ensemble de la saga dans les meilleures conditions possibles, mais elle manque cruellement de bonus dignes de ce nom pour mériter pleinement son titre de « collector ». Les trois épisodes, regroupés sur un seul disque, sont proposés à un prix très attractif, mais la seule véritable nouveauté réside dans l'optimisation du gameplay des deux premiers volets. Si vous possédez toujours les versions originales sur GameCube et Wii, vous devrez donc y regarder à deux fois avant de vous laisser tenter. Dans le cas inverse, foncez sans hésiter !
Gamekult (Sep 04, 2009)
Ce triple combo aux allures imparables reste néanmoins très radin en nouveautés pour attirer les joueurs qui auraient déjà bouclé ces aventures par le passé. La maniabilité propre aux manettes Wii s'adapte ainsi très bien aux deux premiers volets, mais sans les bouleverser outre mesure. De plus, l'unité de ces trois titres pourra potentiellement passer pour de la redondance avec quelques redites, longueurs et allers-retours qui sauteront peut-être plus aux yeux dans ces conditions particulières. Mais les qualités de ces trois jeux font tout de même facilement oublier ces accrocs et promettent de très longues heures d'exploration labyrinthique et de combats acharnés. Leur réalisation n'a en plus pas grand-chose à envier aux standards actuels sur Wii avec sa fluidité, sa direction artistique soignée et des décors magnifiques. Bref, même si aucun contenu inédit ne s'invite à cette fête, Metroid Prime Trilogy n'en reste pas moins incontournable.
JeuxActu (Sep 12, 2009)
Si vous faites partie de cette tranche de joueurs qui avez manqué les deux premiers épisodes de la série Metroid Prime sur GameCube et qui ne possédez en aucun cas l’opus Corruption, alors Metroid Prime Trilogy est un achat indispensable. Toujours aussi qualitatifs en matière de réalisation et de gameplay, ces trois épisodes tombent plutôt à pic puisque la rentrée sur Wii fait office de disette pour les gamers avertis. Quant aux autres, ceux qui possèdent déjà les volets sur GameCube, mieux réfléchir à deux fois avant de faire usage de sa carte bleue. (Sep 17, 2009)
Kein anderes Spiel hat den Schritt von der zweiten in die dritte Dimension so hervorragend überstanden - es gibt keinen Grund für enttäuschte 2D-Nostalgie, wenn man in diese 3D-Evolution abtaucht. Kurzum: Wer noch nie als Samus Aran unterwegs war, sollte sofort in den Power Suit schlüpfen und diese Sammleredition mit knapp 80 Stunden ausgezeichneter Unterhaltung kaufen. Schade ist nur, dass sich das Bonusmaterial für Kenner in Grenzen hält. Und warum gibt es kein Making-of oder ein hübscheres Artbook? Der Edition liegt nur ein schmales Farbfaltgebilde mit kleiner Schrift und ein paar Skizzen bei.