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Michael Jackson: The Experience is fun but just knowing how much more could have been done ultimately is disappointing.
70 (UK) (Dec 02, 2010)
Yes, Ubisoft could have done an awful lot more to pad out the product with archive material and so on, but what matters ultimately is whether it's fun to play. And on that score, two decades after my first virtual encounter, he may no longer be a system-seller, but Jacko's still got all the right moves.
Nintendo Life (Nov 24, 2010)
Michael Jackson: The Experience is indeed a good way to dance along to your favourite King of Pop routines, but that's really about it. While there's enough fun to be had with the iconic routines to please fearless fans, there's a disappointing lack of extras to elevate this beyond anything more than a glorified Michael Jackson track pack for Just Dance. It'll rock with you, just don't expect anything more.
Cubed3 (Dec 14, 2010)
Aside from the niggles in the tutorial and bonus content, the game is certainly a fitting tribute to Michael Jackson’s iconic moves and illustrious pop career. The choreography is accurate and enjoyable for the most part, and the additional crew and duet modes help those wall-clingers leap to the stage and give it a go. If you’re a fan it’s certainly worth considering, if you aren’t there’s still a handful of hits that might appeal. All in all Michael Jackson: The Experience is a decent package and a fitting tribute to the King of Pop, though we would expect a larger amount of content to sweeten the deal.
Game Chronicles (Jan 18, 2011)
At $40 MSRP, I would have to recommend most hardcore gamers to pass on Michael Jackson: The Experience. It is a great novelty to bring out at parties, but otherwise it is a shallow game that does not do much to keep gamers wanting for more. Still, it is technically solid – fitting right in with the Just Dance franchise from which it was built – and if you long for a little more Michael Jackson in your life then The Experience will fit the bill. I just wish that Michael were alive to reap the rewards of his hard work rather than the folks who are making a living off of his name and likeness.
GameSpot (Dec 10, 2010)
Since it lacks a career mode, sensible unlockables, or even any music videos, this isn't so much an "experience" as it's a simplistic dance offering. Nevertheless, despite the bare-bones package, there's lots of fun to be had performing the excellently choreographed dance routines, which perfectly capture the Michael Jackson vibe. Getting a group of friends to play with you makes the experience even better, particularly with large group routines such as in "Thriller." Most of Michael's biggest hits are included, and lapsed fans will get nostalgic seeing the classic moves and songs. While the motion controls aren't terribly accurate, they don't massively detract from the fun. Michael Jackson: The Experience isn't going to set the world of dancing games on fire, but if you're a fan of the king of pop, it's certainly worthwhile to don your white rhinestone glove for it.
God is a Geek (Jan 13, 2011)
The lack of content included within Michael Jackson: The Experience is a fact which is quite difficult to comprehend, especially when you consider the title is based on the most iconic artist in the history of music. It’s actually quite disappointing, because the game itself (played solo or with family/friends) is so much fun.
Gamekult (Nov 25, 2010)
C'est vrai que le gameplay de Just Dance est loin d'offrir la fiabilité que l'on souhaiterait pour un jeu de danse Michael Jackson. On n'aurait pas non plus refusé un contenu plus fourni pour un jeu-hommage au défunt roi de la Pop. Mais ne faisons pas la fine bouche : avec une play-list pareille, et le soin tout particulier accordé aux chorégraphies, on retrouve l'essentiel de la musique de MJ. Ceux qui n'ont pas vraiment d'affinités avec l'artiste passeront évidemment leur chemin, mais pour les autres, voilà assurément l'un des jeux de danse incontournables de la Wii, surtout à plusieurs.
60 (Nov 25, 2010)
Michael Jackson : The Experience est un Just Dance appliqué au catalogue du Roi de la Pop. Une recette forcément gagnante, pour les grands fans comme pour le grand public, qui appréciera de s'amurer entre amis à reproduire ces incroyables chorégraphies. Les 27 morceaux sélectionnés ont été bien choisis, il ne manque pas de hits majeurs, mais le jeu manque tout de même un peu de challenge, de variété et de petits "cadeaux" pour les fans. La "Dance School", qui n'est finalement qu'un enchaînement de bêtes vidéo, déçoit pas mal aussi : on aurait adoré prendre des cours un peu plus interactifs !
55 (Nov 25, 2010)
Malgré son gameplay accrocheur, Michael Jackson se montre beaucoup trop avare en termes de contenu pour satisfaire les amateurs de jeux de danse. Quant aux fans du Roi de la Pop, ils pourront aller se faire cuire un oeuf vu qu'aucun clip de ce dernier n'a été inclus dans The Experience !
Brash Games (Mar 04, 2011)
Unfortunately, Michael Jackson: The Experience is a very poor game that is hard to recommend to even the most avid Jacko fan. It would be a much more fulfilling experience to simply play a Michael Jackson ‘best of’ album and dance unaided with friends.